The Deity of War – Chapter 8

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 8: Master Thirteen of the Celestial River County

The Demonic Blood Wolf was a completely different beast when compared to a Blood Wolf. The disparity in power was like that of realms between Energy Martial Stage warriors. Following a transformation from Blood Wolf to Demonic Blood Wolf, its power would soar several levels, thereby allowing it to even unleash a “Blood Wolf Blast”, which was comparable to a Yellow Tier High-Rank battle technique. Following this drastic increase in power, the Demonic Blood Wolf would be capable of slaughtering a bunch of Strength Martial Stage warriors in seconds.

The incident that had taken place a few days ago was instigated by none other than a Demonic Blood Wolf and it had almost resulted in a huge calamity.

But now, this Blood Wolf had also gone berserk?


The Demonic Blood Wolf rose arching its back; Qi Ying was thrown into the distance by this action.

“Crap! He’s going to lose!”

“F*ck, how is a Strength Martial Stage little brat going to fight a Demonic Blood Wolf? My three hundred crystals are as good as gone!”

All of the spectators who were cursing their luck were those who had placed bets on the Nameless Warrior.

Of course, there were also some who were a little sympathetic toward the Nameless Warrior. “Poor guy. He was about to secure victory, but now, it’s all over for him. There’s only a less than one percent chance of a Blood Wolf going berserk! How unfortunate.”

In contrast, An Ruyi sat up on the edge of her seat and focused her attention on the battle with even greater intensity. ‘Show me if you’re that person or not!’

In the corner of the Colosseum, several shadowy figures cackled with glee.

Within the cage.


The Demonic Blood Wolf leaped into the air and pounced toward Qi Ying, who was yet to stabilize himself after being hurled off the Blood Wolf’s back. It swept its powerful paw through the air and Qi Ying was knocked flying before crashing into the battle cage with a dull thump.


A ball of red light suddenly materialized within the Demonic Blood Wolf’s mouth.

“It’s the Blood Wolf Blast!”

“Sigh, that Nameless Warrior is dead for sure now!”

All of the spectators had resigned themselves to this inevitable result. A Blood Wolf Blast was capable of severely wounding even a Fourth Energy Martial Stage warrior. This Nameless Warrior didn’t even appear to have reached the Spirit Martial Stage yet, so he was most likely going to be completely pulverized!


The Blood Wolf Blast only took a second to materialize before it was launched.

Right at that moment, Qi Ying raised his left hand.


The Blood Wolf Blast struck his left hand and the black leather glove was instantly reduced to dust, revealing the unsightly black hand underneath. The Blood Wolf Blast also exploded right as it came into contact with his left hand, creating a spectacular fireworks display.

Qi Ying suddenly stood up. He dug his feet into the ground before leaping into the sky like a graceful falcon. His left hand formed a claw as he reached for the Blood Wolf, which was rooted to the spot after launching that Blood Wolf Blast.

His black left hand fell with unerring accuracy upon the Blood Wolf’s throat.


The sound of bones being crushed erupted as blood gushed forth from the Blood Wolf’s throat, instantly drenching Qi Ying in blood.


A collective gasp rang out across the spectator stands.

Qi Ying had completed that series of actions with extreme speed and grace, to the extent that many spectators missed what had happened after taking their eyes off the action for a split second. Thus, they were naturally quite flabbergasted by the scene that was presented to them.

However, those who had seen what Qi Ying had done were even more astonished.

He had just crushed a Blood Wolf Blast with his bare hand! There was no lack of Energy Martial Stage warriors in the spectator stands; they all knew that only a Seventh Spirit Martial Stage warrior or a warrior who had refined his body to an insane degree would be able to accomplish this!

The Nameless Warrior was definitely a powerful warrior who had hidden his true power. At the very least, he must have been a Fifth or Sixth Energy Martial Stage warrior.

“It’s him! The Nameless Warrior is most definitely the person who saved me that day!”

An Ruyi was extremely animated.

The motion with which the Nameless Warrior had crushed the Blood Wolf Blast with his left hand was identical to that of her mysterious savior.

She had to know who this person was!

After that, a predictable series of events took place. Even though a Demonic Blood Wolf was a Yellow Tier Fourth Rank beast, its throat had been severed and it would only be about a dozen seconds before it died. Thus, it soon fell to the ground and spasmed for a while before falling completely still.

“He won!”

“Wow! The Nameless Warrior is so powerful!”

Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap!

All of the excited spectators burst into raucous cheers and enthusiastic applause. Qi Ying brought his palms together and bowed to the Demonic Blood Wolf on the ground. “I have nothing against you, brother. It’s just that we were pitted together in a battle of life and death and I killed you out of necessity. Thank you and farewell. I’ll be sure to light some incense for you tonight!”

Qi Ying strode out from the battle cage before putting on his cloak and silver glove again in the waiting area. He then made his way over to the Colosseum’s administration office, but he felt a few intense gazes scrutinizing him in the corridor. He turned to discover that a few of the administrators were looking at him, but they immediately turned and left after he turned to meet their gaze.

At this moment, the female administrator with the long, wavy curls made her way over and appraised Qi Ying with a complex expression. “Little brother, Master Thirteen would like to see you.”


“Please come with me.”

Qi Ying followed her up a set of stairs and after many twists and turns, they arrived in a room with antiquated decor and over a hundred pieces of calligraphy hanging from the walls.

A middle-aged man in white robes stood before a desk and made a series of rapid motions with the calligraphy brush in his hand.

After a short few seconds, a series of graceful characters appeared on the paper laid out on the desk.


The paper was flung into the air and landed in the female administrator’s hands.

The middle-aged man picked up a white jade wine flagon before taking a sip of wine. “Frame that and offer it to the Celestial River Winery for a flagon of eighty-year-old Celestial River Wine.”


The female administrator exited the room with the sheet of paper in her hands.

Qi Ying knew that this person was Master Thirteen. He was an extremely renowned figure in the Celestial River County and the boss of the Colosseum. Even though he was the head of the Celestial River County’s underworld, he appeared to be a graceful and refined gentleman; at the same time, he was an alcoholic who regarded wine to be as important as his life.

The middle-aged man put down the wine flagon but didn’t look at Qi Ying. Instead, he began to work on another sheet of paper while speaking in what appeared to be an almost absentminded manner. “Qi Ying, a citizen of the Nameless City. You were born with a deformed left hand and taken to Nameless City by a woman named Xuan Yu. You are one of the best hunters of Nameless City, as well as a student of the Falcon Fist master Feng Tianying. You possess prodigious strength and a left hand that is as hard as steel, thereby enabling you to tear normal beasts apart even when you weren’t a warrior.”

“Two months ago, a phenomenon took place on the Nameless Mountain, heralding the appearance of a mutant beast. The three prominent families consisting of the Qin, Chu, and Yan families deployed large numbers of elite warriors to capture this mutant beast.”

“However, the hunting party was ambushed by the mutant beast and suffered severe casualties. They disappeared for three days before returning to the Nameless City and no one knew where they went during that time. You arrived at the Celestial River County fifty-four days ago and enrolled in the Celestial River Academy forty-seven days ago as a Sixth Energy Martial Stage warrior.”

The Master Thirteen threw his calligraphy brush aside and raised his head to appraise Qi Ying with a smile. “Was I mistaken in any of those details?”


A sheet of paper fluttered onto the ground and a woman seemed to have been drawn onto the paper.

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