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The Deity of War – Chapter 86 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 86

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 86: Bullsh*t

Feng Hemu’s words irked both Duan Lang and Qi Ying.

‘What am I to you? A f*cking rabbit?’ 

Gusts of cold wind blew past, sweeping up Qi Ying’s hair.


He brought out his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff, and gripped it tightly in his hands.

He knew that she was looking down at him from above.

He couldn’t disappoint her!

Qi Ying scanned his cold gaze around at the hundred or so warriors surrounding him, then up at Duan Lang and Feng Hemu, who were locked in a confrontation in mid-air.

So what if they had more people with higher cultivation bases?

It wasn’t like he hadn’t killed more powerful enemies in the past!

Feng Hemu glared at Duan Lang, hoping to force him to concede, thereby leaving the nine badges to him. What were nine badges to them anyway? The Duan family had to have several dozens of badges already, which was most likely enough for two of their members to secure spots in the top ten. But to Feng Hemu, those nine badges were extremely important!

Just as Feng Hemu was about to intimidate Duan Lang with a display of power, a commotion suddenly erupted down below!


A black shadow dove into the crowd at an extremely fast speed.

Feng Hemu’s eyes widened in shock. “What?”


Everyone on the mountain’s summit was also flabbergasted.

Outside the hunting ground, the spectators’ mouths gaped open as they stared at the screens before them.

In the air above, the five supervisors were momentarily stunned.

Qi Ying was launching an attack against a group of warriors that vastly outnumbered him!

Wasn’t that suicidal?!

However, Qi Ying didn’t think that. Instead, his thought process was that taking on a bunch of warriors at once, was at least easier than taking on a Spirit Martial Stage warrior. Perhaps he would be able to take an important figure hostage, and get himself out of the sticky situation he was in.


Qi Ying transformed into a black shadow and pierced into the crowd.


“Get him!”

A bunch of warriors roared as they gathered around Qi Ying.

Sword projections, saber projections, spear projections… All types of battle techniques fell upon him in a torrential downpour.

Qi Ying spun his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff like a windmill, creating a makeshift shield that kept all of the oncoming attacks at bay. His Golden Blood Armor was also completely activated, creating a red defensive barrier around him, providing an additional layer of protection. At the same time, he also unleashed his movement techniques to their maximum, thereby allowing him to traverse through the throngs of people like an agile fish through water.


Bam bam!

Explosions of True Energy erupted.

Qi Ying sent a few warriors flying before diving into another group of people!

Bam bam bam!

A few more collisions ensued.

Ironically, a mass brawl was quite favorable for Qi Ying!

Regardless of what happened, only a maximum of four or five people could attack him at once.

If the rest of warriors wanted to attack, they would only be hitting their allies.

Furthermore, with such a large crowd gathered, everyone was getting in one another’s way. None of them were able to unleash their movement techniques, and their speed was also greatly hampered.

In contrast, Qi Ying was able to perform to the best of his abilities, unleashing his speed and power to his heart’s content.

The advantages of a staff became quite apparent in such a chaotic battle.

He swung his staff like an insane warrior, sweeping aside all of the surrounding assailants, regardless of how many there were.


Qi Ying became more and more excited as the battle wore on, and he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

What a satisfying feeling!

His rage had been building the entire time as he was being hunted down, and it was finally time for him to retaliate!

None of the Seventh or Ninth Energy Martial Stage warriors could handle Qi Ying’s ferocious attacks. He was simply too strong, and even a glancing blow from his staff could result in broken bones. As such, they couldn’t rush at him by force, and nor could they adopt any strategy to outwit him… No one could find a way to bring him down.

Just as Qi Ying was having the time of his life.


A massive shockwave suddenly erupted.


All of the enemies around Qi Ying were flung into the distance.

Qi Ying was also sent flying, but he managed to arrest his momentum by driving his staff in the ground.

At that moment. 


Feng Hemu flew over and aimed a devastating punch at him.

He couldn’t stand idly any longer.

He couldn’t allow anyone else to take his prey!

He had been oppressed for so many years. At the academy, he was bullied by Duan Jinhong, and after joining the army, he was constantly being pushed around by Duan Lang. Even a bunch of trash like Duan Gucheng and Sun Changyu were trying to steal his prey!

He had to act!

‘He’s mine and no one can steal him from me!’

Feng Hemu had been building up fury and frustration toward the three major families for many years, and he was going to vent those negative emotions on Qi Ying.

‘I’m taking your badges and your life!’


A layer of golden Spiritual Energy enveloped Feng Hemu’s fist, which hurtled directly toward Qi Ying’s face.

Dark Tier Low-Rank battle technique, Diamond Shattering Fist!

Qi Ying had only just raised his head when discovered a golden fist crashing toward him like a shooting star. The attack was so fearsome, that it was almost comparable in power to an attack from Duan Hongxue’s Black Tiger Battle Spirit.

Furthermore, there was no way for him to evade!

Qi Ying immediately raised his left hand and retaliated with a punch of his own.

At the same time, he frantically injected a vast amount of True Energy into his left shoulder, while another wisp of True Energy extracted a drop of blood from the Blood Moon in his dantian!


The plasma from the Blood Moon fused into his body, making him feel as if he were on fire.

His power was instantly elevated to an extremely fearsome level!


Qi Ying’s left fist clashed violently with Feng Hemu’s right.

Enormous power swept forth in the form of shockwaves.

Qi Ying felt as if a shooting star really had crashed into his fist, and his entire body was involuntarily forced back, even as the Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff in his right hand carved a deep line into the ground.


Feng Hemu suddenly let loose a cry of pain as he rushed back in retreat. He looked at his right hand and drew a sharp breath.

His right hand was stained with blood, and the Yellow Tier High-Rank fingerless metal glove he was wearing had been shattered! The metal shards from the glove had pierced into his right hand, sending waves of pain running through his arm.


Everyone was astonished by that turn of events.

What the hell?

A First Spirit Martial Stage warrior traded a punch with a Fifth Energy Martial Stage warrior, and the former was wounded while the latter was only forced back a little?


Duan Lang, Sun Changyu, Duan Gucheng, and the others were well and truly stunned.

‘Just how powerful was Qi Ying?’

‘Fifth Energy Martial Stage?’


Meanwhile, Qi Ying wasn’t feeling great either. His blood and energy were churning in his body, and his left arm was throbbing with pain. Thankfully, he had become a lot more powerful since his clash with Duan Hongxue. Furthermore, the Golden Blood Armor’s defensive and buffering effects ensured that no bones were broken. Thus, he was completely fine aside from a bit of overexertion.

Additionally, a fantastic opportunity had arisen!

Just as everyone was caught in a stunned stupor, Qi Ying activated his Feather Tread Boots and unleashed his Flowing Shadow Strike, as he shot forth like lightning toward Duan Gucheng, who was several dozens of feet away. His staff then swept through the air with unstoppable force, striking Duan Gucheng in the knee.

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