The Deity of War – Chapter 89

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 89: A Slide

All of a sudden, Qi Ying tore open Duan Gucheng’s robes right before everyone’s eyes, revealing a bunch of shiny badges within. There were at least twenty badges in that pile, and everyone’s eyes glowed with a scorching light upon seeing them. Some of the warriors couldn’t hold themselves back any longer, and they instantly threw themselves at Qi Ying.

However, they were still too slow in the end, as Qi Ying seemed to have been prepared for that response. He kicked Duan Gucheng aside like a dead dog, plucking his spatial ring off his finger before doing so. Duan Gucheng’s body flew through the air, and crashed straight into one of the oncoming warriors.

Qi Ying swept his sleeves through the air, and gathered all of the badges in his arms in the blink of an eye before jumping off the cliff!


“He jumped?!”

All of the warriors on top of the cliff were stunned.

Duan Lang, Sun Changyu and the others began to hurl abuse at Qi Ying.


“What the f*ck is he doing?!”

No one even took a glance at Duan Gucheng.

Even Feng Hemu didn’t dare to jump off the cliff after Qi Ying.

He was a Spirit Martial Stage warrior, but he was only at the first stage, and if he were to suffer a lapse in his control over his Spiritual Energy, the fall of over a thousand feet would still very likely kill him!

All of the spectators outside of the hunting grounds were dumbfounded.

Qi Ying was willing to sacrifice himself rather than concede?

What a foolish decision!

However, right at that moment, an even more astonishing turn of events unfolded.

All of the warriors on the cliff were looking down to search for Qi Ying’s whereabouts. If they could find his body, then the large clump of badges he was carrying would surely be nearby.


Crack crack crack!

The sounds of rocks cracking and shattering rang out.

Everyone abruptly discovered that someone was sliding down the near-vertical cliff face. He had his left hand clawing at the rock face, and purple True Energy burst forth relentlessly, crushing the rocks between his fingers. As a result, he was able to control his descent at an even yet still lightning-fast pace.

‘We’ve been had!’

That was the first thought that sprang into everyone’s minds.

He wasn’t sacrificing himself; he was trying to get away!

The cliff had become a slide for him!

“Get him!”

A bunch of warriors quickly ran down the mountain. At the same time, there were also a few who stabbed their weapons into the sheer rock face, and emulated Qi Ying as they slid down the cliff. Meanwhile, Feng Hemu stepped onto the near-vertical cliff face, and golden Spiritual Energy converged toward the soles of his feet, allowing him to sprint down as if he were running on flat land.

The spectators outside the hunting grounds could also see what Qi Ying was doing through the screens’ feed, and all of them had erupted into an uproar.

What a daring yet effective plan!

Qi Ying couldn’t care less about everyone’s reactions. The entirety of his attention was focused on keeping himself alive.

It wasn’t the first time he had slid down a cliff in that manner. Back when he was on the Nameless Mountain, he had learned that trick from the crafty monkeys there. The only reason why he didn’t immediately employ that tactic after reaching the cliff, was because the situation was too tense, and he had completely forgotten about that option.

In addition, he wasn’t even a warrior during his time on the Nameless Mountain, so sliding down a cliff was a lot easier and less perilous than it had been for him in the past.

It only took him about twenty seconds to travel a distance of close to a thousand feet, before reaching the ground.

“Get back here! Hand over your badges!”

Before he even had a chance to catch his breath, Feng Hemu’s thunderous voice erupted from behind him.

‘I would be a stupid c*nt if I did that!’

Qi Ying immediately activated his Feather Tread Boots and rushed ahead like a bolt of lightning!


He took a split second to find the right direction, before charging into the forest that he had come from.


Feng Hemu trailed along in hot pursuit.

The entire hunting ground had erupted!

“Qi Ying has at least thirty badges on him! Anyone who takes his badges will be guaranteed a spot in the Yun Xiao Academy!”


“Find Qi Ying and take his badges!”

Not only were the three major families and Feng Hemu giving chase, all of the participants that were still alive had joined in on the pursuit. Over forty warriors had perished throughout the course of the tournament, and the remaining two hundred of them were all frantically searching for Qi Ying.

He had thirty badges!

Even twenty badges gave one a great chance of securing a spot in the Yun Xiao Academy.

The only ones who had that many badges were direct lineal descendants of the three major families, or the Spirit Martial Stage warriors. However, trying to take badges from them would be like trying to pluck a fang from a tiger’s mouth. In comparison, facing Qi Ying was a much more appealing option.

Even those who didn’t have any personal grudges against him were trying to hunt him down for his badges!

If he didn’t have any badges, then no one aside from the warriors from the three major families would pay any attention to him.

However, it became a completely different story when he had thirty badges!

Who didn’t want to go to the Yun Xiao Academy?

The competition was far too fierce for anyone to ignore a rogue Energy Martial Stage warrior carrying thirty badges!

Qi Ying finally managed to rush into the forest before Feng Hemu caught up to him. The forest wasn’t very large in area, but the trees there were very tall and densely-packed. They were a lot more concentrated than the trees on the mountain, so it was a far more ideal location for someone to hide in. After entering the forest, he was like a fish in water as that was the environment he was most familiar with!


Feng Hemu’s footsteps faltered as he arrived at the forest.

Qi Ying had completely disappeared.

Even after unleashing his divine sense, he was still unable to ascertain Qi Ying’s location.


Feng Hemu decided to find his prey through the use of brute force, and rammed his fist into a massive hundred-feet tall tree.


The tree was instantly felled.

“Where are you going to hide if I destroy this entire forest?”

Feng Hemu raised his golden sword, and unleashed powerful sword projections, toppling one tree after another.

At that moment, the other warriors had also reached the forest.

All of them followed in Feng Hemu’s example and began felling trees as well.

If they were unfamiliar with the forest environment, then they would just have to eradicate the forest and force Qi Ying out from his hiding spot!


Bam bam!

Trees were being cut at a terrifying rate as over two hundred warriors searched frantically for Qi Ying.

Duan Lang felt as if he were about to go insane!

Most of the badges secured by the Duan family were being carried by Duan Gucheng. He knew that Qi Ying hadn’t just stolen twenty badges from Duan Gucheng; it was thirty-three instead!

Even after Duan Gucheng’s cultivation potential had been severely damaged, the Duan family still held him in higher regard than Duan Lang.

The rest of the Duan family only had fourteen badges in total, and even if they gave them all to Duan Lang, it may still have been insufficient to grant him a spot in the top ten!


No one wanted to find Qi Ying more than Duan Lang. Just as he was attacking trees with his sword like a madman, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in his field of vision.

Upon seeing that man, Duan Lang knew that his opportunity had arrived!

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