The Deity of War – Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Spirit Soul Pill

“Tian Shou!”

Duan Lang yelled.

Tian Shou was one of the eight commanders of the Celestial River County Army, and he was also the youngest among the eight!

His cultivation base was the same as Feng Hemu’s, at the First Spirit Martial Stage. However, he was more powerful than Feng Hemu as he had already awakened his Battle Spirit. He was the undisputed number one prodigy in the entire county army, and he was second in combat prowess only to Commander Wei Jianshan.

Tian Shou jumped down from the tree he was situated on with a smile on his face, “Deputy General Duan, how may I be of service?”

Duan Lang’s eyes narrowed. “Commander Tian, I presume you already have enough badges, right? I saw many dead warriors on my way here, and their injuries could only have been inflicted by you.”

“I would be cautious and not make baseless assumptions if I were you…” Tian Shou raised an eyebrow and retorted, “Besides, whether I have enough badges or not has nothing to do with you!”

Duan Lang shook his head and continued, “Let’s cut the chit-chat. I trust that Commander Tian already knows that a little brat has escaped with our Duan family’s badges!”

Tian Shou chuckled, “That’s interesting. I thought the badges in the tournament belonged to whoever was carrying them! What makes them your Duan family’s badges?”

Duan Lang’s expression darkened slightly, but he quickly put on a smile. “There’s no need for you to insult me, Commander Tian… I actually want to negotiate a deal with you.”

“What is it?”

“I would like you to catch that brat for me and recover my badges…”

“What are you giving me in return?”

Tian Shou’s eyes narrowed.

“I’m willing to offer the treasured Spirit Soul Pill in my Duan family’s possession! I’ve always heard that Commander Tian’s Battle Spirit has immense potential, and the Spirit Soul Pill is a priceless treasure that can enhance the quality of one’s Battle Spirit… Back in the day, our family leader, Duan Xilai, was able to enhance his Black Tiger Battle Spirit to a Black Winged Tiger Battle Spirit, through the use of a Spirit Soul Pill!”

“Haha!” Tian Shou burst into laughter, “Who are you trying to kid? You can get the Spirit Soul Pill? You’re only the third most important young warrior in your family!”

“Duan Jinhong is dead, and Duan Gucheng is as good as dead! I am now the number one young warrior of the Duan family! As long as I can secure enough badges and enter the Yun Xiao Academy, all of the Duan family’s resources will be mine to give out as I please! I… I can sign a blood contract with you. If you help me secure the badges, I will give you the Spirit Soul Pill. If I go back on my word, I will suffer backlash from the blood contract… I trust that it won’t be difficult for Commander Tian to take down Qi Ying!”

Tian Shou’s expression finally became more serious. He was clearly very interested in the Spirit Soul Pill, and he asked, “Really?”

Duan Lang nodded and replied, “Yes! For sure!”

He then pulled out a sheet of paper that was inscribed full of mystical symbols from his spatial ring. “Now then, let’s sign the contract!”

Tian Shou agreed to strike a deal with Duan Lang in the end.

A Spirit Soul Pill simply provided too much temptation to him.

He had always been confident that his aptitude and power would win him a spot to enter the Yun Xiao Academy.

However, the quality of his Battle Spirit was a constant concern on his mind.

There was a vast disparity between high-quality and low-quality Battle Spirits! In fact, it could be said that the quality of one’s Battle Spirit determined where their upper limit in cultivation laid.

Spirit Soul Pills were one of the very few pills that could enhance the quality of one’s Battle Spirit. Due to the fact that an extremely special process was necessary to refine those pills, they were exceedingly rare, and difficult to come across. 

“Heh, hunting him down will be no issue whatsoever…”

A confident smile appeared on Tian Shou’s face.

A ball of red Spiritual Energy emerged from one of his hands, and the shadow of a beast gradually surfaced within.


A crimson wolf projection was soon revealed.

It was his Battle Spirit, the Blood Demon Wolf!

Even though they were both beast-type Battle Spirits, the Blood Demon Wolf was significantly inferior to the Black Tiger Battle Spirit. It did nothing to enhance Tian Shou’s power, and could only assist him in battle. That was the main reason why Tian Shou was so desperate to improve the quality of his Battle Spirit.

However, there was one rare skill that his Battle Spirit possessed; the ability to track people based on their aura!

Through the use of that special ability, the Blood Demon Wolf could accurately locate the aura of a warrior or a beast in a radius of close to five kilometers.

After summoning his Battle Spirit, Tian Shou’s tracking abilities were not inferior to most powerful Dark Tier beasts.

Tian Shou already had twenty-six badges, so a place in the top ten was ensured. He had managed to collect so many badges as his Blood Demon Wolf Battle Spirit helped him track down stragglers, thereby allowing him to prey on those lone warriors, taking both their badges and their lives.

However, it was time to consider his future after making it into the Yun Xiao Academy, and his top priority was to enhance his Battle Spirit!

The Blood Demon Wolf lowered its red nose to the ground.

Soon, Tian Shou let loose a loud cry, “Found him! Let’s go!”

He then set off in pursuit of his Blood Demon Wolf, which had already shot forth like an arrow.


Duan Lang set off a flare to summon all of the other Duan family warriors to him.

He was not going to let Qi Ying get away again!

Qi Ying was feeling quite safe and secure. He had quickly dug a hole beside a tall tree, and had hidden himself underground. The opening to the hole was very well-obscured, and unless his pursuers physically dug into the ground, they would be unable to find him.

He counted the badges he had and found that he had secured thirty-three badges from Duan Gucheng! He also had nine that he had acquired earlier.

With a total of forty-two badges, he was guaranteed a spot in the Yun Xiao Academy.

“Phew… I had to fight for these badges with my life!”

Even though he was safe in his makeshift underground bunker, he still had a hint of fear lingering in his heart. It would be impossible to not be nervous when confronted by so many warriors.

Thankfully, he had finally managed to escape from there.

There were less than two hours left until dusk. He would only have to keep hiding until then, and everything would be over!

After becoming a disciple of the Yun Xiao Academy, even the four major families would be unable to threaten him. Furthermore, he would be able to significantly close down the gap between himself and Qin Susu.

‘Mother Yu would be very happy to go and live in the capital as well, right?’ 

Qi Ying heaved a sigh of contentment, and swallowed an entire vial of Energy Explosion Pills that he had pulled out of Duan Gucheng’s spatial ring. He then laid down comfortably in his hole, and waited as time passed by. However, before long, a burst of rumbling suddenly erupted from nearby.

‘That sounds like a lot of people… Are they looking for me?’

Qi Ying immediately began to get anxious again.

Even though he had made himself a great hiding spot, there was still no guarantee that no one would be able to find him.

The rumbling drew closer and closer.

Qi Ying was also getting more and more nervous.

Right at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded from above.

“He’s hiding underground!”

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