The Deity of War – Chapter 91

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

By mistake we posted Chapter 91 as Chapter 90 previously, Please check chapter 90 before continuing further 🙁 … Chapter 92 will also be released today.. Sorry

Chapter 91: A Man Should Have the Resolve to Kill


Qi Ying immediately realized that something was wrong. All of a sudden, a massive burst of power came crashing down from above, causing his makeshift underground cave to collapse.


Dust and debris flew in all directions, and Qi Ying quickly sprang into the air.

Bam bam bam!

He was immediately targeted by countless attacks.

He activated his Golden Blood Armor, creating a True Energy Protective Barrier, and at the same time, he lashed out with his Blood Drop Zhan Lu Sword.


Most of the attacks were nullified, but the powerful resulting shockwaves still sent him flying.

Only then did Qi Ying get a good look at his surroundings; there were about thirty warriors, most of whom were from the Duan family. Nearby, within a distance of several hundred feet, there was an armor-clad young man with a terrifying aura.

He was another Spirit Martial Stage warrior!


Qi Ying immediately identified what he had to do.

However, no one was going to let him get away.

Qi Ying was just about to flee the scene, when a burst of pain suddenly speared through his calf. He looked down to discover that a red Blood Wolf projection had sunk its teeth through his True Energy Protective Barrier, and bitten into his left calf!

That thing was a Battle Spirit!

“Piss off!”

Qi Ying knew that he was in a lot of danger, and he immediately aimed a punch into the Blood Wolf projection’s head with his left fist, upon which the Battle Spirit’s fangs loosened.

“Get him!”

“Don’t let him get away again!”

The Duan family warriors converged toward him.

“He’s mine!”

A voice suddenly rang out up above!

A streak of golden light streaked through the air like a shooting star; it was Feng Hemu!

Duan Lang’s expression darkened. “Commander Feng! Let’s take down Qi Ying together! I guarantee that I will give you enough of his badges for you to enter the Yun Xiao Academy!”

Feng Hemu replied with a mocking smile, “Do I look like an idiot?”


A golden fist projection came crashing down, blasting many Duan family warriors into the air.

“Stupid c*nt!”

Duan Lang cursed Feng Hemu as he turned to Tian Shou and yelled, “Commander Tian, hold off Feng Hemu! We’ll take care of Qi Ying!”

Feng Hemu was undoubtedly a very troublesome character to deal with, and he definitely wouldn’t give up until he secured enough badges.

In comparison, Qi Ying was at the end of the road!

There was nowhere for him to run!

Tian Shou rose into the air, and opposed Feng Hemu. “Brother Feng, stop!”

“Anyone who stands in my way will die!”

Feng Hemu had been thoroughly infuriated by the scrambling Qi Ying, and his rage was further compounded by the sight of his rival in the army rising up to face him. He was unable to repress his anger any longer, and unleashed another golden fist projection.

Dark Tier Low-Rank battle technique, Diamond Shattering Fist! 


Tian Shou’s expression remained unchanged as he unleashed a punch of his own.


Both of them were at the First Spirit Martial Stage, and they were about on par in terms of combat prowess, so a decisive result would not be reached in their battle anytime soon.


“Get him!”

“Kill him!” 

Duan Lang led the thirty or so Duan family warriors in pursuit of Qi Ying.

“If you don’t want to let me live, then don’t blame me for not holding back!”

Qi Ying didn’t want to kill anyone. He always tried to spare the colosseum beasts he had fought in the past, and he was even more averse to killing people.

However, in that harsh tournament, it was either kill or be killed.

He had no choice!

Qi Ying sliced open his finger with his sword, and circulated his True Energy to force out a drop of blood essence that was almost closer to purple than red. The blood essence dripped down from his fingertip, and merged into his Blood Drop Zhan Lu Sword.


A layer of red light appeared over its blade, and the sword itself was trembling slightly.

Flowing Shadow Strike!


Qi Ying’s body transformed into five black shadows, four of which acted as a diversion, while his true body approached a warrior from the Duan family. His Blood Drop Zhan Lu Sword swept through the air, unleashing a red sword projection.


The sword sliced through his opponent’s forearm with unstoppable force, before cutting his body in half like a hot knife through butter, even though he was wearing a suit of Yellow Tier Intermediate-Rank armor.

Blood splattered all over Qi Ying, making him appear even more sinister.


“Qi Ying just killed someone!”

It was the first time everyone had seen Qi Ying take someone’s life, and some of them collapsed to the ground in horror at the sight of the comrade who had been sliced into two.

“Get him!”

Duan Lang snarled.

There was no going back!

They had sacrificed too much and failure wasn’t an option!

The warriors from the county army were clearly much more accustomed to death than others, and they remained completely unfazed as they continued to rush toward Qi Ying.

All of them surrounded him with spears in their hands, and thrust their weapons toward him from all directions!

Qi Ying gritted his teeth and fought fire with fire. Even though he preferred to use his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff, a staff was simply not lethal enough in a battle of life and death. In comparison, it was much easier for him to kill his enemies with a sword.

He circulated his True Energy at the fastest rate he was capable of, and extracted another drop of the Blood Moon Plasma before merging it with his body.


His blood was ignited as his power and speed were enhanced drastically!


Qi Ying caught one of the spears with his left hand, and swung it with all his might, sending its wielder flying through the air. At the same time, he lashed out with his sword in his right hand, and the sword projection that burst forth instantly decapitated one of his assailants.

Another warrior charged toward him, and he sprang up before sending his left hand crashing down upon that warrior’s head. He tightened his grip, and the head exploded like a watermelon between his fingers.

Many of the Duan family warriors were paralyzed with fear upon seeing that.

‘What violent killing methods!’ 

Meanwhile, Qi Ying had leaped up high once again!



His sword rose and fell.

One Duan family warrior after another fell to his sword and left hand before they could even react. Seven Duan family warriors had fallen in the blink of an eye, and their bodies laid on the ground as blood flowed like a river.

Duan Lang’s heart jolted in shock and his hand involuntarily loosened around his sword.

He had never seen anyone kill with such brutal efficiency, even in the county army!

There were no superfluous movements whatsoever, and every single attack was fast and vicious to the extreme. It was as if Qi Ying were not a man, but a killing machine instead!


A few of the Duan family warriors broke down in horror, and fled for their lives.

Qi Ying raised his sword and charged toward his remaining opponents!


Heads and arms flew into the air, and a few more bodies fell to the ground.

The Duan family warriors were running around like headless chickens. Duan Lang was the only one who managed to keep a cool head, and he engaged Qi Ying in battle as he roared, “Help me, Commander Tian!” However, Qi Ying was clearly trying to avoid him, as he rushed toward a group of Duan family warriors in another direction.

He truly was like a machine as he swung his Blood Drop Zhan Lu Sword over and over again, severing at least one body part with each and every stroke. Blood gushed forth like geysers, staining Qi Ying’s disheveled hair, tattered robes, and shiny silver glove.

At that moment, he recalled a bizarre poem he had once seen. 

A man should have the resolve to kill, and to kill mercilessly he must!

An immortal legacy is built upon mountains of bodies.

Lions and tigers reign supreme, but who takes pity on the deer?

The weak will always fall to the strong, with whom reason lies is but a moot point.

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