The Deity of War – Chapter 92

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 92: Casting Votes

Qi Ying’s fear toward his pursuers was completely wiped away.

It was either kill or be killed, so what else could he do?

A man should have the resolve to kill, and to kill mercilessly he must!


Qi Ying suddenly became extremely calm and collected. His insanity had drained away, and was replaced by eerie composure. He strode forward confidently, and with each swing of his sword, with each strike of his claws, another life was harvested.

Qi Ying was killing Duan family warriors as if he were chopping up vegetables.

No one stood a chance against the cold-blooded god of slaughter he had become.

Bodies of Duan family warriors littered the path upon which he walked.

All of a sudden, Qi Ying was struck by a sense of dizziness, and he grabbed one of his assailants, whose life force was yet to completely fizzle out. His left hand then immediately began to leech energy from that victim.


After having every last shred of energy sucked away, the warrior was finally dead, and Qi Ying tossed him aside.

He appraised the Duan family warriors around him with a cold expression. Barely any of them were still alive, and the dumbfounded Duan Lang, Feng Hemu, and Tian Shou were the only ones left standing.

More warriors began to arrive in quick succession. Sun Changyu, Sun Zhi Xing, An Shaoping and the others all rushed to the scene. They were also shocked beyond belief by what they saw.

‘Did Qi Ying kill all of those people?!’ 

All of the people that had surrounded Qi Ying were the so-called prodigies, who wouldn’t even have taken a second glance at him before the tournament. However, they were all trembling uncontrollably with fear, and Qi Ying found that to be quite amusing. A sense of exhilaration swelled up in his heart, and he roared, “My head is right here; who wants it?!”

Everyone instinctively recoiled.

Who would dare to engage him in battle?

Duan Lang looked around at all of the dead warriors on the ground, and he knew that it was completely over for the Duan family. 

‘No! So what if the Duan family is screwed? I must secure a spot to the Yun Xiao Academy!’

A burst of killing intent flashed through his eyes, and he yelled at all of the surrounding warriors. “Get him, everyone! He’s about to run out of True Energy very soon! If we attack him all at once, he’ll be forced to surrender… He has over forty badges!”

Duan Lang was trying to spur everyone on so they could act as cannon fodder for him!

However, to his surprise, all of the other warriors turned to him as if they were looking at a retard.

A Wang family warrior scoffed, “Stupid c*nt! Your Duan family is already screwed, and you’re still trying to drag us down with you? Whoever’s feeling suicidal can have a go, but I ain’t doing anything!”


Duan Lang’s face was flushed with rage, and he wanted to refute him, but his words got stuck in his throat at the sight of condescending looks everyone was aiming at him.


Qi Ying raised his sword and approached Duan Lang as he said in a cold voice, “Isn’t your Duan family constantly trying to kill me? Come on then! I’m right here!”

Duan Lang took a couple of involuntary steps backward. “St-, stay away from me… Commander Tian, Commander Tian, kill him!”


Tian Shou aimed a disdainful glare at the cowardly Duan Lang, before turning to Feng Hemu and proposing, “Brother Feng, let’s kill this kid! We’ll split his badges fifty-fifty, what do you say? You’ll definitely be able to make it into the top ten if we succeed!”


Feng Hemu nodded.

Neither of them wanted to admit it, but in reality, both of them were shuddering internally at the sight of Qi Ying’s killing spree.

His speed and power were simply astonishing, and it looked as if he were born to kill!

His killing methods were even more exemplary than the techniques taught to them in the army!

As such, both of them were quite averse to facing him in a one-on-one battle.



The two of them drew their weapons and strode toward Qi Ying.

Outside the hunting grounds.

The spectators were completely silent as they stared at the screens before them.

Members of the Duan family who had stayed behind all wore thunderous expressions.

All of the elite young warriors of the Duan family had perished with the exception of Duan Lang!

That was an extremely heavy blow from which the Duan family may not be able to recover.

The prosperity of a family didn’t depend on how wealthy they were. Instead, the key laid in the potential of their younger generation. Only with bright young prospects that could develop into future powerful beings could a family continue to thrive in the future.

As such, even though the An family was the wealthiest among the four major families in the Celestial River County, they were still the weakest one.

But that had all changed.

All of the young elites of the Duan family were gone!

Only useless trash like Duan Renshan remained.

Thus, the Duan family was destined to fall unless a miracle could fall upon them. 

Everyone was stunned by Qi Ying’s power.

To be able to slaughter over thirty warriors at or above the Seventh Energy Martial Stage… That was a feat that could theoretically only be accomplished by Spirit Martial Stage warriors, or the most freakishly prodigious Ninth Energy Martial Stage warriors!

So what exactly was Qi Ying’s cultivation base?

No one knew.

Everyone’s impressions of Qi Ying had also changed.

Powerful, mysterious, and… gruesome.

His face remained completely expressionless as he slew one person after another, as if he were a butcher slaying livestock.

An Ruyi was shocked beyond words, and An Jiahe’s expression had also completely stiffened.

In the air above, Yan Beigui remarked with furrowed brows, “What a gruesome person… He’s a killing maniac!”

However, Qi Kaiyang voiced a different opinion. “What a brilliant talent!”


Qi Shun was completely taken aback. Qi Kaiyang was renowned for being extremely strict toward his soldiers, and Qi Shun couldn’t recall any instance where he had ever paid anyone a compliment, especially not to a warrior from a small rural county.

In the counties they had traveled in the past, there was no one who had managed to catch Qi Kaiyang’s eye. Even those supremely-talented prodigies, who were at the Fifth or Sixth Spirit Martial Stage at just over twenty years of age, were unable to draw so much as a second glance from him.

“He has the resolve to kill, which makes him a brilliant prospect!” Qi Kaiyang’s eyes were practically glowing as he elaborated, “Showing kindness to your enemy is no different from being cruel to yourself. In the face of such formidable opposition, he showed no signs of fear or weakness, and slaughtered so many of his enemies, that it was them who showed fear instead! That is exactly what’s required of a soldier on the battlefield!

“Back in our Family Leader Qi’s prime, he had stood in front of the Jade Gate Pass, and the ten Earth Martial Stage warriors of the opposing nation didn’t even dare to exit the city! He stood against an army of a hundred thousand warriors for half a month, forging a peerless legend that is unmatched to this day! And he did so by intimidating his enemies through piling up countless bodies at his feet!”

Qi Shun asked, “So, what you’re saying is…”

Qi Kaiyang replied, “I think we should grant him some special rights. Let’s have a vote to decide. I vote in favor.”

Qi Shun chimed in, “I concur.”

However, Yan Beigui shook his head. “He’s killing the young prodigies of our kingdom; how can that be compared to killing enemies in battle? I vote against it! Susu, what about you?”

Qin Susu only came to her senses then, and said, “I…”

At that moment, Madam Butterfly cut her off, “I vote against it. You’re of the same opinion, right Susu?”

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