The Deity of War – Chapter 93

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 93: You Go

To Qi Ying, the battle had progressed to a stage where victory meant life while defeat entailed death. In the face of the two Spirit Martial Stage warriors, he didn’t immediately charge into battle. Instead, he opened a jade vial, and swallowed the eight Energy Explosion Pills inside in one mouthful.

“No pills are going to save you here!”

Feng Hemu hurtled toward Qi Ying, unleashing his First Spirit Martial Stage cultivation base to its maximal extent. The golden Spiritual Energy around his body glowed with a scintillating light, and he thrust his Dark Tier treasured sword directly toward Qi Ying’s chest. He was clearly trying to kill him before he could digest those pills.

Qi Ying could sense the sharp aura surging from that golden sword. It was still several dozens of feet away from him, but a few strands of his hair had already been severed.

The sword projection was drawing closer and closer!


Feng Hemu’s sword intent whistled through the air, slicing open Qi Ying’s black robes, and revealing the Golden Blood Armor underneath.

Deep gashes were even beginning to appear on the surface of the Golden Blood Armor.

“You want to kill me? Keep dreaming!”

Right at that moment, Qi Ying raised his right hand, and his Blood Drop Zhan Lu Sword swept through the air.


A mocking smile appeared on Feng Hemu’s face.

‘He’s trying to fight fire with fire? What a fool!’ 



The crimson sword struck the golden sword, and brilliant golden light erupted from the latter. It was clearly far superior in power, and it sliced the Blood Drop Zhan Lu Sword in half. The Blood Drop Zhan Lu Sword’s snapped blade continued onward and struck Feng Hemu, but was unable to pierce through the gap in his chainmail armor.


Feng Hemu injected even more Spiritual Energy into his sword, and lashed out at Qi Ying.

In his eyes, Qi Ying without that sword was like a tiger without his claws; he was no different from a defenseless kitten!

However, to his surprise, Qi Ying met his attack by raising his left hand.


Feng Hemu thought that Qi Ying had simply gone insane with fear.

After all, no sane person would try to block a sword with their hand!

He was going to kill Qi Ying with a single strike of his sword!



The golden sword struck the silver glove, sending dazzling sparks flying in all directions. At the same time, Qi Ying managed to catch the sword with his hand. Feng Hemu gritted his teeth and twisted his sword in an attempt to extricate it, but for some reason, Qi Ying seemed to have grown drastically more powerful in the blink of an eye, and he was completely unable to free his sword from Qi Ying’s vice-like grip.

Qi Ying felt as if his entire body were filled with explosive energy. He had just merged a third of the Blood Moon Plasma into his body, and his entire body was on fire! 

Turbulent power surged forth like a volcanic eruption that was desperately seeking an opening to relieve the pressure!

Qi Ying raised his leg, and kicked Feng Hemu in the lower abdomen with all his might.


A dull thump akin to the banging of a drum erupted.

Feng Hemu felt as if a mountain had crashed into his stomach. The enormous force passed through his chainmail armor, and traveled directly into his body. His internal organs churned, and it felt like some of them had been ruptured. Salty metallic fluid flowed into the back of his throat, and he couldn’t help but throw up a mouthful of blood. At the same time, he involuntarily loosened his grip on his sword, and it was wrested from his grasp by Qi Ying.

“Piss off!”

Qi Ying lashed out with another vicious kick, and Feng Hemu was sent flying for several dozens of feet.

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.

Even Tian Shou was momentarily stunned by what he had just witnessed!

‘What just happened?’ 

How was Qi Ying able to enhance his power to such an extent in such a short time? Feng Hemu was renowned for his violent strength, but even he had come off second best in a melee exchange!

Additionally, how was he able to catch a Dark Tier treasured sword with his hand? How was that even possible? 

In contrast with everyone’s state of stunned horror, Qi Ying was feeling extremely pumped up. He had used up a third of the Blood Moon Plasma at once, and he felt as if he were seeing red; he had to find something to attack!

The closest available target was Tian Shou!


Qi Ying’s body shot forth like a bolt of lightning, and he arrived almost instantaneously beside Tian Shou with the golden sword, and half of his Blood Drop Zhan Lu Sword in his hands. Tian Shou only came to his senses then, and he hurtled back in retreat.

Qi Ying was just about to give chase, when a burst of excruciating pain shot through his left humerus.


The bone was about to break!

“It’s this filthy piece of sh*t again!”

Qi Ying gritted his teeth and looked down, to discover that the red wolf Battle Spirit had sunk its fangs into his left calf.

Its terrifying bite force allowed its fangs to puncture his muscles, and almost his entire calf had been bitten off.


Qi Ying let loose an explosive roar before plunging the golden sword violently downward!


The sword instantly punctured the Blood Demon Wolf Battle Spirit’s body. The latter howled with anguish before exploding as a ball of Spiritual Energy.

Huff, huff…

The effects of the Blood Moon Plasma had expired. Qi Ying’s entire body ached, and he couldn’t even take a single step forward anymore.

The power he had just unleashed had exceeded his body’s tolerance threshold.


His injured left leg could no longer support any weight, and his left knee buckled as he half-knelt to the ground. He dropped his snapped Blood Drop Zhan Lu Sword in the process, and drove his golden sword into the ground to support his body.

‘I’m at my limit…’

Even though his body was still drawing energy from the pills he had taken, he had completely overexerted himself during the course of that lengthy battle. His muscles, bones, meridians… None of it could keep up with the strain of the supramaximal power he had been using for so long.

He was like an overused machine that was about to collapse at any moment.

“Cough cough…”

Feng Hemu stood up with a hand on his stomach. He first glanced at the half-kneeling Qi Ying with an astonished expression, before turning to the stunned Tian Shou and roaring through gritted teeth, “Hurry! Finish him!”

“You go!”

Tian Shou was in an even worse condition than Feng Hemu. His Battle Spirit had been severely wounded, and as a result, he was afflicted by a splitting headache as well as an overpowering sense of dizziness.

Feng Hemu and Tian Shou stared at one another, and neither of them were willing to take any more risks.

Who knew if Qi Ying were actually a spent force, or if he were capable of one last attack that would take one of them down with him? They wanted to kill Qi Ying for his badges, but what would be the point of securing badges if they lost their lives in the process?

“Duan Lang, you go!”

Tian Shou turned and roared at Duan Lang.


Duan Lang looked at Qi Ying with a pair of petrified eyes, and shook his head vehemently. “No, you…”

All of a sudden, a burst of hearty laughter rang out.

“Haha! If you’re all too scared, then I’ll be the one to take his badges!”


A figure rushed toward Qi Ying from the Sun family camp.

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