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The Deity of War – Chapter 95 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 95

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 95: Smashed Head

Qi Ying opened his eyes upon hearing those sounds of impact. He thought that it was Qin Susu descending from above to save him, but to his surprise, that was not the case. Instead, it was a layer of silvery-white light that had appeared, creating a barrier around him. All of the weapons, rocks, and other miscellaneous objects that were hurled at him, all crumbled into dust upon making contact with that light barrier.

“This is…”

Qi Ying murmured to himself as he looked down at his left hand.

Sure enough, the light was indeed emanating from his silver glove. He had received the glove from Qin Susu three months ago, and he had always been using it as an accessory to conceal his hideous left hand ever since. But who would have thought that it would be capable of summoning light that would save his life?

“What’s going on?!”

“What’s that light?!”

“My god, just who is this Qi Ying?!”

No one could comprehend what had just happened. How did that barrier of light appear out of thin air to shield Qi Ying? Could it be that he really had cultivated some evil technique, thereby allowing him to create such peculiar effects?

The spectators staring at the light screens outside the hunting grounds were just as perplexed.

“And Earth Tier treasured tool?”

Only Feng Hemu and Tian Shou managed to make sense of the situation.

They could sense that the power emanating from Qi Ying’s glove was of a higher caliber than Spiritual Energy. The tiers in descending order were ranked as Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow. Spiritual Energy corresponded with the Dark Tier, so for power beyond that, the glove had to be an Earth Tier treasured tool.

In the sky above, Yan Beigui was slightly taken aback as he exclaimed, “Hmm? How does he have an Earth Tier treasured tool? He’s just an Energy Martial Stage warrior from such a rural county. Isn’t that glove far too valuable to be in his possession?”

Qi Shun’s expression mirrored Yan Beigui’s as he mused, “Even if he managed to obtain the glove by chance, how was he able to unleash its power?”

Qi Kaiyang heaved a sigh of relief, while Madam Butterfly suddenly exclaimed without any context, “So it really is him!”

“Hmm? Who is he?”

Qi Shun asked.


Madam Butterfly didn’t give a reply.

Qin Susu was also facing another direction, as if she were disinterested in the conversation.

“Heh, I knew you’d save me.”

Qi Ying looked up into the sky, and even though he couldn’t see her, he could sense her presence. She was right beside him, just like the layer of gentle silver light around his body.

The power imbued within that barrier seemed to be very special. Not only did it ward off all of the projectiles that had been thrown at Qi Ying; a part of it was also flowing into his body.

The power didn’t flow into Qi Ying’s meridians. Instead, it seeped into his skin, nurturing his tendons, muscles, and bones… It was like a flow of miraculous healing energy, greatly alleviating his pain, and repairing the effects of overexertion on his body.

Furthermore, that silver light lit up in his bloodstream again, quickly delivering that energy to all parts of his body.

On his left calf, the bite wound inflicted by the Blood Demon Wolf Battle Spirit was regenerating at a rate perceptible to the naked eye.



Qi Ying stood up once again after the silver light dissipated.

His body had been filled to the brim with explosive power!


Qi Ying tore off his tattered black robes, and brilliant red light erupted from his Golden Blood Armor. It was nearing dusk, which was the ideal time to use his Purple Energy Cultivation Method. As he did so, wisps of Purple Energy began to revolve around him, enveloping his entire body in a thin purple mist.


He pulled out his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff and drove it into the ground.

It was as if he had been given a second life, and his eyes scanned through the crowd like daggers. He gripped his staff tightly in his hands, and let loose a thunderous roar, “Qi Ying is right here; who want to fight me!”

All of the surrounding warriors flinched involuntarily, and none of them knew what to do!

They had witnessed too many things that were far beyond their realms of comprehension. Just a few moments ago, the demonic Qi Ying had finally been ground down, and appeared to be on the brink of death. But since then, he had stood up once again as if he had never been injured; and if anything, he appeared to be even more powerful than he was before!

‘This is no human! This is a monster!’ 

Just as everyone was in a state of shock, Qi Ying focused his gaze on one person.

Duan Lang!

He was most likely the only Duan family survivor in the entire hunting grounds.

Duan Lang was the one who had led the chase against him, and he was the main reason why Qi Ying had almost been forced to his death!

Duan Lang shivered as the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. He felt as if he were being scrutinized by a wild predatorial beast.

He could see that Qi Ying was looking at him, and that his eyes were filled with killing intent.


Qi Ying hoisted his staff and strode toward him. “The Duan family has pushed me too far! Duan Lang, I’m going to kill you!”


Duan Lang suddenly fell to his knees before the advancing Qi Ying!

He rammed his head repeatedly into the ground, as if he were trying to dig a hole with his forehead. “Qi Ying! I sincerely apologize on behalf of the Duan family! We shouldn’t have provoked you and disrupted your life in the Celestial River County… Please… please don’t kill me! I’m the only promising young warrior left in the Duan family, and they will most definitely hold me in extremely high regard! If you let me go, I can convince the Duan family to never bother you again… Our Duan family will give you whatever you want…”

Qi Ying didn’t say anything. He continued to make his way forward, closing down the distance between Duan Lang and himself from a hundred feet to ninety feet, then to thirty feet and subsequently to twenty feet. 

When he was only ten feet away from Duan Lang, a cold light suddenly flashed through the latter’s eyes!


Duan Lang roared as his True Energy surged, and he lifted up a large patch of turf. Dust and debris erupted, falling upon Qi Ying and obscuring his line of sight.


Duan Lang thrust forward with his silver sword, and it flashed through the air like a silver shooting star.

Yellow Tier Supreme Rank battle technique, Unmatched Sword Strike!

That was an extremely fast and powerful attack. Duan Lang had trained arduously for many years before finally honing it to the perfected level. Within a short distance of ten feet, even a Spirit Martial Stage warrior wouldn’t be able to evade it. It would be sure to penetrate its target’s body unless they possessed an insane defensive prowess.


Duan Lang lashed out with all his might, and his face was twisted with single-minded ferocity.

If he could take down a monster like Qi Ying, he would earn more badges than anyone! He would enter the Yun Xiao Academy, and gain wealth, women, power… Everything would be his! However, just as those thoughts sprang into his mind, a golden staff projection suddenly appeared right in front of his eyes!

Duan Lang’s sword was hurtling through the air at a blinding speed, but Qi Ying was somehow able to evade it, displaying speed that was simply incredible for an Energy Martial Stage warrior. At the same time, Qi Ying sent his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff crashing down with unstoppable force!


The staff struck Duan Lang right in the face. His head was instantly pulverized like a watermelon… Blood and intracranial fluid splattered in all directions, giving the air a pungent metallic tang…

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