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The Deity of War – Chapter 97 - Zenith Novels

The Deity of War – Chapter 97

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 97: I’m Not the Owner

Sun Changyu led the Sun family warriors out of the hunting grounds, and even though he had been granted entry into the Yun Xiao Academy, he still wore a dark expression on his face. He looked around and discovered the leader of the Sun family along with his entourage, upon which he immediately rushed over.

“Father!” Sun Changyu arrived before the leader of the Sun family.

The latter also wore a glum expression and nodded. “I heard about what happened. Well done. At least someone from our family made it… Where’s your brother Zhixing?”

“He was killed!”

“Who was it?!” Family Leader Sun roared, “Who did it? I’ll kill them!”

Sun Zhixing was another future pillar of the Sun family. Even though he was unable to make it into the Yun Xiao Academy, he was still a very important member of the Sun family.

Who in the Celestial River County would dare to kill a young master of the Sun family?

Sun Changyu replied with a venomous expression, “It was Qi Ying! He killed my brother and everyone from the Duan family!”

“That accursed Qi… Wait, Qi Ying?” Family Leader Sun’s expression suddenly changed upon hearing Qi Ying’s name.

“Father, you have to avenge my brother!”

“Be quiet!” Family Leader Sun scolded, “Do not ever speak about this matter again… If he died by Qi Ying’s hands, then he deserved to die!”

“What…? But he killed my brother…” Sun Changyu was a little dazed.

The Sun Family Leader heaved a bitter sigh. “Let me tell you something; the Duan family is gone… Completely gone… Qi Ying is with Master Thirteen, and Master Thirteen is not someone we can mess with… Do not ever talk about Qi Ying again! Understood?”


Sun Changyu was completely stunned.

Three hours prior.

Clip clop clip clop!

Over a hundred prized steeds galloped along the streets of the Celestial River County. The group was comprised of the higher-ups from the Duan, Wang, and Sun families, as well as Mayor Gu Tailai’s forces. All of them were elite warriors at the Fifth Energy Martial Stage or above; they were approaching the most grandiose building in the entire county, the Colosseum.


Gu Tailai issued a command, and his forces smashed open the doors of the Colosseum, which was closed for business that day.


The warriors forced their way into the corridor.

However, there was not a single person to be seen in the entire building, and the atmosphere was a little eerie.

Gu Tailai’s brows furrowed as he turned to Duan Xilai and said, “Why is there no one here? Could it be that Yan Thirteen received news of our operation in advance and ran away?”

Duan Xilai laughed heartily, “That would be great! There are all types of precious beasts in this Colosseum; all of them can be confiscated!”

The leaders and elders from the Wang and Sun families were also quite excited to hear that.

All of them were there to get a share of the Colosseum’s massive wealth!

The three major families had set their sights on the Colosseum since a long time ago, and had always been jealous of how profitable the business was. However, Yan Thirteen was the owner, while Lu Feifei was a major shareholder, and neither of them made easy targets.

But with the combined power of the three major families and Mayor Gu Tailai, an opportunity had finally arisen.




The warriors began to bash open the doors, only to come across one empty room after another. However, they were completely unfazed by that and began to loot the place.

“Wow, that’s an entire white tiger skin! And the eyes are made from white jade!”

“An inkbrush made from the hand of a Dark Tier beast!”

“What a massive jug of Celestial River Wine!”

The three family leaders were quite amused by what they were witnessing. The treasures in the building weren’t all that noteworthy. The most valuable thing was the Colosseum itself!

“Let’s go to the second floor!”


Gu Tailai scaled the stairs along with the elders and leaders of the three families. There were pieces of calligraphy and artworks created personally by Yan Thirteen hanging on every wall. Duan Xilai chuckled coldly, “The idiot thinks he’s an artist! We’ll invite calligraphy masters from the capital to create decorative pieces for the building. Burn all of this trash!”


A ball of fire appeared on the tip of Family Leader Wang’s finger, and he pointed forward, upon which the flames flew toward the nearest piece of calligraphy.


All of a sudden, a mysterious object flashed past, snuffing out the ball of fire before it could fall upon the piece of calligraphy.


Everyone immediately went on high alert.

Two people rounded the corner and appeared in the corridor. Yan Thirteen stood beside Lu Feifei with a dark expression on his face. “May I ask what all of you are doing here uninvited in my Colosseum? And you’re trying to burn my calligraphy… Who do you think you are?!”


Duan Xilai stepped forward as his eyes narrowed, “We’re cooperating with Mayor Gu in an investigation on your Colosseum!”

“Mayor Gu?” Yan Thirteen turned to Gu Tailai and asked, “During the thirteen years that my Colosseum has been in operation in the Celestial River County, Mayor Gu has come here countless times. What else is there for you to investigate?”

Gu Tailai stroked his beard and replied, “I received reports alleging that the Colosseum is a secret base for foreign tribes. Most of the savages here are not slaves, but spies instead!”

“What a joke! Do you have any evidence? And what would I stand to gain from cooperating with savages?”

Mayor Gu narrowed his eyes. “Those who come from foreign lands cannot be trusted; who knows what kind of savages you have here? And you, Master Thirteen, also have a very strange history. None of the eight surrounding counties have records of your birth, which indicates that you could be a spy from an enemy kingdom.”

Yan Thirteen burst into laughter, “Spy? Who told you that?”

Gu Tailai continued, “At the very least, no one can identify where you came from. I suspect even the major shareholder in the Colosseum, Madam Lu, doesn’t know anything about your background, right?”

Lu Feifei shook her head. “Indeed I do not.”

Family Leader Sun stepped forward and said in an indisputable voice, “Come with us, Master Thirteen! The Mayor must take you into custody to conduct an investigation… In the meantime, we’ll run the Colosseum in your stead!”

“And what if I refuse?”

A mocking smile appeared on Yan Thirteen’s face.

“Refuse? Then don’t blame us for taking you by force!”



Spiritual Energy erupted from the warriors on the second floor. All of them were Spirit Martial Stage warriors, and they immediately unleashed their Battle Spirits. Duan Xilai and Duan Hongxue had summoned their two Black Tigers, which had broken the roof with their massive statures. Family Leader Sun wielded a crimson sword, and Family Leader Wang was holding a green spear with flames dancing on its sharp tip…

There were beast-type and weapon-type Battle Spirits present!

Gu Tailai was the only one who hadn’t summoned his Battle Spirit. He still wore his usual amiable smile, but his eyes were shimmering with irrepressible greed and cruelty. “Master Thirteen, Madam Lu, please come with me!”


The oppressive auras of the Spirit Martial Stage warriors came crashing down upon Yan Thirteen and Lu Feifei. The latter had no cultivation base, and was completely unable to withstand their combined aura.


Yan Thirteen unleashed a palm to dispel the overwhelming pressure descending upon them.

Gu Tailai’s eyes narrowed. “You’ll be sorry if you insist on resisting!”


Yan Thirteen suddenly interjected.


Yan Thirteen smiled and said, “What if I told you that I’m not the true owner of the Colosseum?”

Gu Tailai raised an eyebrow. “Who is the owner then?”


A male voice was suddenly heard. Immediately afterward, an aura that was far more powerful than those of the Spirit Martial Stage warriors burst forth!

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