The Great Conqueror

The Great Conqueror

Chinese Title: 雄霸天下
Author:Skeleton Wizard / 骷髅精灵
Novel Status: Complete
Total Chapters in Raw: 600 Chapters
Translation Status: Ongoing
Schedule: 7 Chapters a week, Click here to sponsor a chapter ($30 a Chapter).


A passionate otaku for a fighting game passed through into the world governed by the beast tribes, filled with hope.

The peak of martial ability?

Extreme beauties?

This brother was miserable! Such an event would force even civilised people to turn crazy!

The pious scoundrel Zou began his unrestrained and destructive journey through the Among De Beast God Continent.

Rules? There are no rules!

Principles? His actions define the principles!

Occupations? Occupations are as unimportant as fleeting clouds; this brother sought omnipotence!

A different world but the same passions. A story of an unimportant person becoming the great conqueror—step by step—as a human would: filled with touching emotions, explosive anger, and hot-bloodedness forever!

Genre: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Romance School Life Xuanhuan

Tags: Academy Adapted to Manhua Adopted Alternate Worlds Animal Transformation Aristocracy Artifact Crafting Artifacts Beastskin Calm Male Lead Hard Life Inscriptions Poor Background Reincarnation Religion Smart Male Lead Spiritual Power Tattoo Transported to Another World Weak to Strong Younger Brother