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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 10

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Sorry I presumed that Ya Se puked the previous chapter as the author only described actions so I translated that wrong I have fixed it up. My Apology’s there is another Chapter coming which is just waiting for proof reading.

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Chapter 10 – Freeloading Waste

The mass looked at the two fools and erupted with unendurable laughter, the atmosphere of listening to a good lyrical composition was already completely gone.

Ou Nisi Te was innocent while Zou Liang was in between laughter and tears, this was a completely unfamiliar world. Except that the moon light was very similar to the Earth’s, he hadn’t thought that this group was also of this character. The main characteristics were indeed very similar to Earth’s, ontop of his shock, Zou Liang had almost lost control of himself.

Ka Long’s face ashened remarking, “Wei Wei next time don’t invite this kind of freeloading waste  who destroys everyone’s spirits.”

Ai Wei Er’s facial expression was also very ugly, it was indeed her mistake for inviting Ou Nisi Te as he was not suited for this kind of place.

Zou Liang didn’t mind others expressions however seeing Ai Wei Er’s expression he had to be a bit careful. In all truthfulness he had taken advantage of the later and also destroyed the atmosphere but to leave in humiliation was too underwhelming. 1

Zou Liang wiped his mouth in satisfaction and said, “Food has been eaten, drinks have been drunk, even though this one does not read many books, but since this is a study salon, I also have a set of lyrics, ”.

Heng, Ivory in a dog’s mouth, whatever you recite is still made up. If you can recite a complete set of lyrics in future salons I won’t even say half a word, else I immediately disappear.”

Ka Long thought that he had put on a fierce performance just before, thus had spoken a bit more moderately, but he wanted this kind of atmosphere destroying trash to disappear as soon as possible, to keep him from hindering his noble aura.

“About that, wait a second, let me recollect a bit.”, Zou Liang responded patting his head, this action initiated the roaring laughter from everyone.

The Bi Er tribe was widely known to be stupid, else they would not hold the nickname of stupid Bi Er. Even if they forcefully tried to memorise a set of lyrics it would prove to be troublesome.

Zou Liang coldly laughed in his heart, if they understood clearly they would be terrified, after speaking their cynical remarks. Using this kind of form to toy with them to death, while he translated and arranged his thoughts.

“When does moonlight fall, I lift my wine cup and ask towards the firmament, oblivious of the heavens palaces; what year, or month is this night. I desire to return with the cool breeze2 to the heavens, but afraid of the city of beautiful jade, unable to stand the frigid towering nine heavens. Gracefully a dance starts appreciating the moonlights pure reflection on the unparallelled Earth.

The moon transforms into a vermillion pavilion, lowly hanging off of an engraved window, shining on my sleepless self. Resentment for people should not be held by the radiant moon, only to be full on the hour of parting. People have their joys and sorrows, as the moon has its crescents, as situations since ancient time are difficult to assist3. Only wishing that everyone’s loved ones are healthy and at peace with the ability to enjoy this beautiful moonlight.”

As soon as the lyrics started to be recited, everyone’s looks of scorn were never seen again. Once the lyrics had climaxed everyone started to ponder, and at the end everyone’s shock could no longer be hidden.

When Ai Wei Er had listened to the beginning of these lyrics she knew that it was something outstanding, however when she had heard the entire set of lyrics she felt an extremely sorrowful impulse.

Not a sound echoed through the vast hall, for this set of lyrics that could encompass both ancient and modern times. Everyone had forgotten where they were, their mouths repeating the lyrics, every repetition inducing different flavour.

It’s meaning, too far from their comprehension!

Especially the eye’s were far too deep.

Honestly Zou Liang only thought of the scene of the disappointed language teacher when he was unable to meet the expectations of memorising these.4

All the beauties on this stage were shocked silly.

In comparison Ka Long’s work was was like obscene music; child’s play.

Ou Nisi Te didn’t understand a single word and only knew that the people were standing like fools discussing something.

“Older brother, what happened you guys?”

“Probably hungry.”

“It’s all my fault for eating everything.”

“Don’t worry, they must retain their body’s figure, after you’re full we’ll go home.”


“Many thanks for the hospitality.”, thanked Ya Se as he cupped his hands and gestured towards Ai Wei Er, suggesting she did not have to send him out. However Ai Wei Er still followed him, with a complicated expression.

“Fellow Student Ya Se real people don’t reveal their true colours.”

“What real people or false people, I don’t understand. I read this in a book there’s no way I could create this, hehe.”, Zou Liang replied with a half truthful statement. The amount of people who could memorise this set of lyrics by Old Su were not many.

Ai Wei Er didn’t believe him and replied, “The hospitality was unsatisfactory, Ai Wei Er will make up for this.”

“Too polity, Ou Nisi Te let’s go home.”

“Let the steward come and send them off.”, Ai Wei Er ordered as she didn’t not know how to reply. All thoughts that came to mind were not fit to be said in this setting.

“Food needs to be digested so it’ll be alright if we just walk home.”, Zou Liang rejected departing whilst waving his hands. A large and small shadow gradually fading in the distance.

Ai Wei Er’s brain was completely occupied by the set of lyrics, heading back to the large hall, 5 she found that everyone seemed like they were possessed by the devil. If one didn’t not understand the people who did not appreciate lyrics, everyone would under if they gave up.

“Wei Wei, who exactly is the person, “people have their joys and sorrows, as the moon has its crescents, as situations since ancient time are difficult to assist”, makes me want to cry.”, Bei Ji asked choking on her emotions.

“People have their joys and sorrows, as the moon has its crescents; Only wishing that everyone’s loved ones are healthy and at peace with the ability to enjoy this beautiful moonlight.”

What could Ai Wei Er say?

This was the work of a grand master, peerless and matchless under the heavens.

Speaking honestly she didn’t quite understand it herself.

“Older brother, were you reciting a curse, how do I explain, like they were all shocked silly. Is this usable during a fight?”, Ou Nisi Te curiously asked.

“No, It’s because they were too stupid, so we were full but they had to go hungry.”

“Right, right, so it was the correct motif to eat my full. Old man used to say, the foremost task was to to fill your stomach.”

The two brothers laughter showed a matchless carefree attitude. This was indeed the case the two slung their arms over each others shoulders, walking down the avenue with their feet splayed outwards.6 Zou Liang felt unrestrained, this is the lifestyle he wished for.

It was only a month away from the first term test, it didn’t matter what one did, they still needed to face the test. After the exams was the Beast God Spring Festival, so there will be a month of vacation, in the eyes of the school it was an inconvenience. This schools vacation was his and Ou Nisi Te time to turn around their lives.

At dawn Ou Nisi Te still continued holding his horse stance, he had only held the stance for a brief moment yesterday but Ou Nisi Te had a sore waist and thighs. However after sleeping he had pretty much recovered, these facts left Zou Liang in wonder, thinking back when he had first learnt to hold the stance it would take him a few days to recover.

Back when he first learnt how to hold the stance he would rack his brains to think of ways to cheat. Contrarily Ou Nisi Te only thought about how to not meticulously follow the rules that his older brother had set for his training.

Ya Se only gave Ou Nisi Te pointers for a while, then in high spirits focused on moving his beast spirit around in a spiral.7 By doing this he could gain a grasp of the mysterious strength which would also in turn leave him with a marvelous sensation.

Morning practice flew pass, arriving at the lectures, Ya Se and Ou Nisi Te suddenly found something was not quite right, as the normal mocking did not occur, this was something that the two were not use to.

The class would secretly exchange comments, then time and time again would give the brothers a strange look, almost as if they had grown a flower on top of their heads.

Ya Se didn’t care, it was only natural that news of yesterday’s events had travelled, in any world the speed that gossip travels at was indeed the fastest.

“Those exquisite lyrics, must’ve been copied from somewhere.”

“These two fools actually managed to get connections with Ms Ai Wei Er, their lives are pretty fortunate.”

“Yeah, the noble Rui Bo Te (Rabbit) family tribe are big shot figures in Ye Lu Samo, zeze, Fools have fool’s luck.”


  1. Raws say 地道 which is basically underground tunnel which is like that he felt it was inappropriate leaving through a humiliation tunnel underground.
  2. Figurative in chinese for pure and honest, the writer wishes to return to back to this state.
  3. There are situation since have been an issue since the ancient times that are still difficult for people to assist the person in the predicament.
  4. Censored
  5. To be honest this should be translated as lounge however with the amount of people lounge feels too unspacious of a word.
  6. In chinese this is called a figure of 8 walk as the character in chinese is 八 showing their legs motion.
  7. Censored

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