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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 11

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Here’s the other Chapter I did a double release as I haven’t done a chapter in the last 4 days to make up for 1 chap every 2 days or so. I hope to be able to do one chapter a day in February and maybe start up a donation queue.

TL: YaFed

Editor: Fade

PR: Rythrinx, YaFed

Chapter 11 – To Attempt

Lessons started and the Si Nai Ke (Snake) tribe teacher slowly walked up to the lecture stage, “Keke, a term is about to end, I assume that all students will be busy in the spring festival to try and undergo their beast spirit transformations, today’s lesson is to introduce the essential points to everyone.”

Immediately the lecture theatre erupted in applause, Ou Nisi Te opened his eyes even wider than usual and the usual students that napped in class arose with new spirit.

They belonged to the War Academy, in the first term, Beast Transformation and Armour Transformation was not separated, but later the subjects separated them. To attend an academy, didn’t matter on what the school said nor the student but on strength. Whatever transformation you attain during the spring festival is which academy you will attend. If one didn’t not successfully attain transformation then they would immediately be withdrawn from school, after all the empire didn’t wish to randomly waste resources.

Ya Se and Ou Nisi Te could only enter as the empire guaranteed the first year of study. Even if the person was very talented, if they couldn’t attain beast spirit transformation within that year, they would be left discarded.

Lan Bo (Lán Bó) swept his eyes over the classes lesser students, and faintly sighed. Though beast spirit transformation was not very difficult but to try achieve this at fifteen years of age required some talent. If half the number present right now could remain, it could be counted as pretty good. The rest would have to wait for the future to achieve their beast spirit transformation however they would have limited potential in terms of power increase.

“Everyone knows, that attaining beast spirit transformation is the only criteria for entering second year. The initial stage of beast transformation – imitation or armour transformation attaining a full set of plain grade gear. Normally storing enough beast spirit for a single breakthrough each year is enough. If it’s not enough I advise you to prepare a set of plain grade armour and don’t waste your time, the most guaranteed method is to invite a Spirit Engraving master, at this level the help of an Engraving master will increase your chances by 10%. However if you do not, you can only proceed to try beast transformation youself.”

The majority of students expressions were normal, as the fees for a low ranked equipement Engraving master was sustainable. Also this was the crucial first level, which must be achieved. To some noble tribes and wealthy merchants this was not even a problem.

If one could not hire a Spirit Engraving master, they could only initiate their own beast transformation and try to break through themselves. The Xi Bo Lai brothers fell in this category.

As soon as the subject of breaking through came up, Ou Nisi Te’s eyes opened even wider, Ya Se could even feel a little nervous.

Following this Lan Bo started a long winded lecture about matters to be careful of or to notice when trying to break through. He said it was best to prepare some demon spirits as supplements, since this would increase the chances of succeeding.

Ya Se could tell that Lan Bo from a teacher’s perspective was very qualified as he was very earnest and gave meaningful advice. This kind of advice was prepared for those who could not hire a Spirit engraving master. If one achieved Beast Transformation – Imitation, the chances of achieving their first Beast Transformation would be increased exponentially, usually around an 80% success chance. If this was then paired with a second year teachers meticulous guidance, the chance of success will again increase by another 10%. This was the value of the existence of the War Academy, as the esteemed old grandpa Spirit Engraving Masters were very hard to invite. In the vast Meng Jia Empire with tens of millions of people, only a small part of the population could obtain their help.

The problem was that Ya Se wished to know what exactly one had to do to in order to become a Spirit Engraving Master. However he was not very interested in the Spirit Engraving Master guild, mainly because it gave people the impression that they were too arrogant. Normal people could not afford to hire them, but he absolutely had to learn how to engrave. Both him and Ou Nisi Te needed this, as without techniques the beast spirit that they had painstakingly saved up would disappear like smoke. Not only Ou Nisi Te, Ya Se was unable to assume responsibility, the beast spirit he had cultivated had increased a bit in size, his strength, speed and agility had also increased along with it. If the beast spirit was to disappear this kind of feeling would also be gone, it was as if an expert in a wuxia novel who lost their inner cultivation, this feeling was far more depressing than death itself.

Lan Bo had said a lot, but Ya Se didn’t have the slightest inclination to initiate his beast transformation. This was not an issue of strength but was according to Zou Liang’s thoughts, he had no interest in transforming into a monster. To wear a set of brilliant armour would be exceedingly cool and magnificent, also the fighting power was not weak. However Ya Se had a feeling of familiarity with this, but he couldn’t recall it at this moment.

The afternoon quickly passed after enduring Lan Bo long windedly repeating himself. After the lesson, old man Lan Bo had never been so welcomed. He was surrounded by a crowd of students large enough to cover the earth and blotch out the sky, all throwing question at him.

Lan Bo was not the least bit worried, slowly replying to each student’s question, as it was like this every year. Students would only become aware of questions near the end of the year 1, however to the talented this obstacle could not be counted as much.

Ya Se waited for all the students to finish asking their questions before approaching and asked, “Teacher Lan Bo, I still have a question that I need consult with you.”

Lan Bo stopped in his steps, and adjusted his glasses, deliberately slowly glancing at Ya Se before saying, “Ask away.”

“How does one become a Spirit Engraving Master?”, Zou Liang asked getting straight to the point.

Lan Bo’s eyes flashed a trace of a smile; youngsters, which one of them wouldn’t want to become a Spirit Engraving Master. However it was a pity that amongst all of the tribes the Bi Er tribe was the most lacking in talent for this area.

“The determining criterion is quite simple, firstly one must be able to feel someone else’s Beast Spirit 2, secondly have the ability to resonate with Beast Spirit and cause it to move, thirdly is the technique to engrave. If one can attain the first two requirement the Spirit Engraving Master Guild will naturally accept you, the temple also has a faction that also practises this. Youngster, it is best to do what you’re suited for, the Bi Er tribes speciality is their raw strength. Your body is not very suited to become a warrior, changing to another industry can still allow one to live a good life; if you have area’s that you need help in the future you can always come find me. ”

Lan Bo merrily consoled, however slightly lamented, the Bi Er tribe was well known for their strength however this Ya Se was far too fragile and weak. Basically cutting off his path of becoming a warrior.

“Thank you teacher.”

Ya Se still nodded respectfully, it seems that no matter what, in all worlds the teachers were good. If it was before his enlightenment, he would’ve changed industries without hesitation, idly living a life however now it was not an option to be considered.

He had to become a famous warrior, and establish his own domain in this world which was dictated by fighting. Just thinking of it made his beast blood boil, showing that he fighting qualities.

Many roads can lead to the same result, any issue has its resolution.

Watching Ya Se’s back, Lan Bo shook his head; youngsters. However they were all people of the beast god, which person did not wish to become a famous and glorious warrior. This youth had persevering eyes therefore he prayed for his success.

Back in the classroom Ya Se meet with the waiting Ou Nisi Te before leaving, Ou Nisi Te then asked, “Older brother, are we not going to go and eat?”

“What eat? Come and help me experiment something, if it succeeds then your beast transformation can be left up to older brother to help you.”, Ya Se indifferently replied.

Perhaps in beastmen’s eyes a Spirit Engraving Master was an sacred unreachable occupation, therefore a lot of people didn’t even dare to try. This was not a barrier to Zou Liang who only cares whether he was able to or not, one could only say after he had tried.

“Gather your Beast Spirit!”

“Older brother, do you need to be baptised and worship god? According to rumors there are a lot of rituals a Spirit Engraving Master performs before they start.”, Ou Nisi Te asked excitedly. In his eyes his older was omnipotent, however in other eyes this would only be considered as madness. A dumb Bi Er delusionally thinking about becoming a Spirit Engraving Master.

(Many thanks for Ai Wei Er in becoming the chief, actually …. I’m a fat….) 3

  1. It’s suppose to be the end of the term but the author wrote the end of the year so thats what I translated it as.
  2. Censored
  3. Author note I thought it was funny so I translated it.

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