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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Spirit Engraving Talent

“I’ve already washed my hands, concentrate!”

“Okay, big brother.”, Ou Nisi Te obeyed nodding his head, he gathered all of his wandering perception on collecting his Beast Spirit.

The surroundings immediately quietened, the beginning was a bit hazy to the point that Ya Se was wondering whether he lacked talent. However after a few seconds he felt Ou Nisi Te’s thing suddenly bulge 1 …….  Weak, weaker than his, it was also Beast Spirit, but the feeling was different, this feeling was very difficult to describe with words, everyone’s Beast Spirits character was different 2.

“Older brother, have you felt it yet? Only people bestowed with the gift of the Beast God can feel others Beast Spirit.”, Ou Nisi Te asked seeing that Ya Se did not have any reaction.

“This one is one that has been favoured by the gods, loosen up a bit.”

It was more than just a feeling, but with matchless clarity, he could feel all the attributes. This feeling was very hard to explain, the moment his mind contacted Ou Nisi Te’s Beast spirit, a database of numbers appeared in Ya Se’s mind: Beast Spirit Strength; 5 points, Defense Attribute favoured, Speed and Agility attributes; extremely poor.

Ya Se did not know whether this information was useful however this could be counted as completing the first step. Thinking about being able to see the attributes of Beast Spirit, it could be counted as resonance, for the next step Ya Se tried to use his mind to control the Beast Spirit.

Towards the left, the left!

Ya Se’s concentration fiercely released its power, Ou Nisi Te was instantly thrown flying head first into the wall, the sudden hong long noise had frightened both of them. Ya Se immediately went to pick Ou Nisi Te up asking, “What happened? What happened? Are you alright?”

“Big, Big brother, you moved my Beast Spirit, heavens above, big brother, you’re a Spirit Engraving Master. The Beast Gods bestowed gift, old man, did you know, big brother is a Spirit Engraving Master, big brother is a Spirit Engraving master!”

Ou Nisi Te hugged Ya Se unceasingly spinning him in circles, until Ya Se felt the sky and ground spinning. He could feel Ou Nisi Te’s joy coming from the the bottom of his heart, even more than when he completed his own Beast Transformation.

The only will left behind by the old man was that the two brothers would become warriors. What Spirit Engraving Master? He wouldn’t even dare to imagine such a situation, becoming a Spirit Engraving Master was a scarcity of one amongst ten thousands, even the Be Si Mai Swan tribe and the Tian Mei Sprite tribe that was favoured by the gods it would still be one amongst thousands. As for the Bi Er Tribe ….. It seems …. It seems …… that there was not a single one in century’s.

“Ou Nisi Te, stop spinning me, hurry up and stop, I’m about to puke.”, these brothers had already spun tens of revolutions already, even if he did not become dizzy, Ya Se could no longer resist it.

***, some people are afraid of heights, others of blood, older brother is scared of spinning in circles. 3

“Big brother, big brother, you’re simply awesome, a Spirit Engraving Master!!!”, Ou Nisi Te stated, though he wasn’t very good with words, his feverous gaze showed the excitement in his heart.

Ya Se tidied up his clothes, however when he looked at this rascal it seemed as if an entire roasted pig has entered his vision.

“What happened earlier?”

“I’m not very clear but the Beast Spirit was fiercely pulled towards the left causing the body to uncontrollably fly outward.”, Ou Nisi Te tried to explain whilst scratching his head, even he knew that one who could move the Beast Spirit of another would be considered as a Spirit Engraving Master.

Ya Se nodded his head recalling the sensation from earlier, this made Ou Nisi Te who was beside him burst with endless admiration. His older brother was indeed his older brother, even though he had successfully become a Spirit Engraving Master, an occasion to be celebrated, he still remained calm and tranquil, it was rumored that all experts were like this!

“Are other Spirit Engraving Masters also like this?”, Ou Nisi Te asked once again as he had never encountered a Spirit Engraving Master before.

However this was out of Ya Se’s expectations as a foreigner to these mysteries and the common knowledge of the people of the A Mong De Beast God Continent.

“Big brother, I heard that to control others Beast Spirit is a difficult and complex thing, big brother succeeded in a single try so you must be a genius.”

Ou Nisi Te laughed.

No matter what, the feeling of being complimented by others was a good feeling, Zou Liang in the other world would often be labeled as a genius, a gaming genius, hehe.

“Don’t tell others of this, I have other arrangements.”, Ya Se instructed as he patted Ou Nisi Te. The Bi Er bear did not understand why his older brother didn’t wish to publicise this joyous news but honestly proceeded to nod his head.

Ya Se was very satisfied with his brother, explaining things would be extremely strenuous.

Ya Se was not very anxious about this,  as he could take a trip to the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild whenever he had time, to observe and understand more about Spirit Engraving Masters. Since he had already achieved the first two requirements, to become affiliated would not be a problem.

Even though this had delayed lunch and there were only cold leftover roast, but Ou Nisi Te could not keep his grinning mouth closed.

What would it mean if a normal Beastman household were to raise a Spirit Engraving Master?

Getting all necessities would no longer be a problem, with even the chance of becoming a noble tribe.

Confirming his ability to become a Spirit Engraving Master, to Ya Se was only a brief interlude as he had no inclination to become a lifetime Spirit artisan. The hot blood of battle would palpate in his veins, how to increase his Beast Spirit was his main concern.

Actually during this time, Zou Liang had the inclination to enter the Beast Spirit World, however the results of the battle were far too important, therefore before he could affirm a 100% chance of winning he had to hold back this urge.

Ou Nisi Te would never miss the afternoon’s sparring practice class, even though it was to get beaten every day, he had already become use to it. Ya Se had gotten over it, even though the opposition had no good intentions, but Ou Nisi Te’s recovery rate strangely surpassed the average person. This was in fact a blessing in disguise to Ou Nisi Te’s growth, though Ya Se would never be thankful to those people, these people were bound to be defeated by Ou Nisi Te sooner or later.

Even though Ou Nisi Te was hit he still couldn’t drop his grin, he was indeed too happy today this made this opposing warrior completely unhappy. This rascal couldn’t have been beaten insane right? The more he was beaten the happier he became.

Ya Se was already in the library continuing his tiring studies. Anything that he was slightly interested in had to be read, the problem was in the past when he had not read anything he thought that he knew everything, but the more he learnt the more he realised how much more he needed to learn.

For example in the A Mong De Beast God Continent, beyond the people gifted by the Beast God, on the other side of the boundless Peng Bo La Nuo Si (Péng bó lā nuò sī) Mountain range existed another tribe. Centuries ago these people were at war with the beastmen, however thankfully a ravine existed between the two tribes which was hard to siege thus there has been no activity these last few decades.

Other than this, there was the underworlds king La Jiasuo Ni’s (Lā jiāsuǒ ní) lackeys that patrolled the continent, which were commonly known as demon beasts. On one level of the library there were handbooks on low leveled demon beasts, these contained their specialities and combat experiences. The Beast tribes had painstakingly traded their lives to gather these pieces of information.

Zou Liang naturally did not have any private feelings, as in his eyes these demons were like precious treasures, though their demonic power couldn’t directly increase beastmen’s Beast Spirit. Their beast power could be used as supplements directly reducing the Engraving process during beast transformation as well as the wear and tear of Beast Spirit.

Him and Ou Nisi Te would have to face this sooner or later, know your enemy and of a hundred battle you will achieve a hundred victories 4, as a person of modern society this was homework that regarded his meager life thus he could not have even the slightest bit of carelessness.

  1. Censored
  2. Since the previous was censored I decided it was probably some dirty connotation so I tried – fishing out all my dirty minded readers.
  3. Also censored, In chinese phobia/afraid of can be expressed as becomes dizzy of
  4. The Chinese way of saying this is really nice :3 I tried but english is a more figurative language rather than poetic language like Chinese

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