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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Journey

The more precious information was located on the second floor, but however Ya Se’s status did not allow him to ascend to this floor. Even if someone used their a*se to think, they would know there was a guard on that floor, but the guard has never been seen descending from the floor. Recently Ya Se had no time to watch this floor, but he had to find a chance to go up to take a look, how could a living person not die of constipation.

“Ya Se.”

Hehe, fellow student Ai Wei Er”

Since she was able to hear the voice from distance, Ai Wei Er sincerely replied, “Yesterday’s incident was my fault, I wholeheartedly apologize.”

The Rui Bo Te (Rabbit) tribes Beast Imprint was a half moon, it actually sparkled as well. Zou Liang could feel the sincerity of the other party, he secretly sighed at his slight narrow mindedness. Even his previous world had things such as family statuses, much less this distinctly rank separated Meng Jia Empire.

“You had already done very well, it was my narrow heartedness, hehe.”, Zou Liang laughed.

“Then are we friends?”, Ai Wei Er proposed.

“Of course we are, if we weren’t friends I wouldn’t have gone yesterday, being able to become friends with someone who can manage food and drinks is something that others envy.”

Having a conversation with Ai Wei Er was very relaxing, perhaps it was because the way she talked was not condescending and made people feel equal. This kind of feeling made Zou Liang reminiscence back to his own world, as he sometimes couldn’t stand the mocking tone he had always received.

“Ah you… like to joke, real people don’t show their true colours, if you’re not forced, you don’t show your hand. It won’t take long until those lyrics become famous throughout the capital”, Ai Wei Er stated as she picked up a book and sat down next to Ya Se.

Hehe, nothing more than just a hobby, unlike strength, it cannot be considered as a principle.”

“One’s territory can also be counted as one’s strength, what are these lyrics known as?”

“The prelude of the water melody.”, Zou Liang blurted without a second thought.

“An unusual name.”, Ai Wei Er remarked as her eyes twinkled with radiance, he had shown his hand this time, being able to reply so smoothly who else could the author be. Also this name had never been heard before in the Empire, if it could been read in books, the it would’ve been so famous that even the birds would sing it, rather than having to wait for him to recite it.

“It’s still fitting.”, Zou Liang sweated, feeling like speaking with this damsel was actually quite dangerous. Only after continuous speech would it be easy for one to let their tongue slip, it’s better to truly be dumb like a Bi Er bear should be.

“Here, this is the Spirit Engraving Master’s basic handbook you wanted, there is only one brief summary, the detailed information can only be viewed by those that are a part of the Spirit Engraving Master Guild or the Temple.

“Oh, does the temple also have it?”, Zou Liang asked in curiousity.

Ai Wei Er was in a dazed, was this a problem? Sometimes this person was so smart that others would be in awe, but other times he was ditzy to the point of being cute.

“Of course, priests are in charge of ancestral worship,  wars, and spirit engravings, only that the temples qualifications are lower. Their engraving variations cannot keep up with the current technology, so in normal circumstances everyone would go to the Spirit Engraving Master Guild.”

Zou Liang nodded his head, this should be an issue of profession, though the temple was immensely powerful, but professional techniques have to be specialised. Perhaps the temple has not thought of a future where the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild could exist, like the archer’s guild and the other occupation guilds that are not of the same rank.

“This must be for your beast transformation, Spirit Engraving Masters look at the spirit quality, it is not influenced by diligence, I have a Spirit Engraving Master that I am more familiar with, I can help when the Spring Festival comes.”

Ai Wei Er proposed, she was very curious about this individual and really wished to help. This was like a free meal that had been provided by the heavens. If it was another individual they would be wild with joy, much less that it came from Ye Lu Samo city’s widely renown beauty Ms Ai Wei Er.

Zou Liang laughed while shaking head and replied, “Don’t worry, Ou Nisi Te and I now have a method, if it does not work out then we’ll have to trouble you to help us.”

He didn’t feel it was right to directly refuse as he could feel the other’s goodwill, it was help that a real friend would provide. These kind of social exchanges had no hypocrisy, which was very comforting, a similar feeling spread in both of their hearts, as each knew the other’s intention, this was a very wonderful feeling.

To Zou Liang, it was hard to find a friend in the entire world, much less from Meng Jia Empire. Ai Wei Er enjoyed conversing with Ya Se, not only did she treat him a bit special, rather most importantly the conversations were actually natural. Whatever she wished to express, the other could understand clearly. Even the Fu Ku Si didn’t have this kind of clear understanding, much less the Bi Er tribe.

Ai Wei Er already did not wish to probe into this now, even such a tempting deal as inviting a Spirit Engraving Master could be gently refused, people like this were worth of becoming friends with.

The two concentrated each on their own work, Ai Wei Er did not come to the library just to have a conversation with Ya Se, she had to prepare a lot of things, of course it was not for something as easy as the examinations.

Returning to the dorms, Ou Nisi Te had returned very early today, his face swollen and bruised, but this brother’s mouth was still open in a grin. Zou Liang still shook his head, someone with Ou Nisi Te’s character would not have many troubles.

“How was today’s training?”

“Same old, but when they hit me it was not painful anymore.”

“Don’t just enduring being hit, you should instead respond and ask why they hit you in situations like this.” , Zou Liang persuaded patiently.

“…….Why they hit me?”


Zou Liang was defeated, this rascal was indeed lovably stupid.

Maybe it made him feel the situation wasn’t quite right, so Ou Nisi Te scratched his head and replied, “Big brother, I’m a bit stupid, but please don’t ignore me.”

Immediately, a surge of heat rose, “F**k, one world, two brothers, don’t ever say this kind of rubbish in the future, if I’m here I won’t even let you be hungry.”

Everyone had their strengths and weaknesses, Zou Liang had to think of more methods as Ou Nisi Te’s brain was not very mobile. He could only be considered as one whose wisdom has not been opened yet, not just simple and honest. Seeing this situation, teaching him attacking techniques would have its merits halved, it would have to be tailored to him.

Everyone has their strengths, Ou Nisi Te also has his. To play around with one’s strength was the best method 1. Zou Liang had a headache when he glanced at Ou Nisi Te’s pitifully large face.

If one was to say honestly what strength was, in a hands of a warrior this held no advantages.

Zou Liang could only use his knowledge to create a basic foundation for Ou Nisi Te, anxiousness will not quicken the results of this problem, miracles were not obtained by just kicking at it.

Heavens created him for a purpose, so he will definitely find a suitable method.

Ou Nisi Te was the type that would fall asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, however Zou Liang could not fall asleep. He must quickly raise his strength, only by raising his strength can he aim his hopes high. Looking at the crystal ball not to far away, Zou Liang became a bit nervous.

The Beast Spirit World was practically a battle arena, filled with temptation and danger but it was an important way to confirm one’s skill and improve one’s strength. A world governed by the law of the jungle, meant that one who could stand out among the masses would be a real powerhouse, one who would evade challenges would evidently not become successful.

Lately his control over his body could be considered pretty decent, but in comparison his Beast Spirit growth was only minor. Ya Se’s body could be only considered as naturally insufficient, plainly speaking it was not quite suited for combat. His Beast Spirit was also slightly weaker than a normal persons, to reverse the situation, only relying on daily training would not be enough, the battles in the Beast Spirit world were a must.

Last time was completely by chance, but this time he must fight and fight uprightly.

One must put their thoughts into action, Zou Liang was clear that this step had to be taken sooner or later.

When a male had to be straight forward he had to be. Zou Liang placed his hand on the crystal ball, The Bi Er Beast Imprint on his forehead faintly flashed.


  1. In chinese this means the King’s Road or int other words the choice method

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