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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 14

Going out today so posting chapter early today :). To be honest I quite like how the author wrote the previous chapter; not to superficial on outward appearance and actual natural friendship development.

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Chapter 14 – Snake Tribe Shadow Hunter


The Beast Spirit World: Zou Liang had arrived again, this time he was not as unfortunate as last time, being transported straight onto the battle arena.

Thanks to his Beast Spirit being weaker, he was transported to the outer arenas. In this area he could see around ten arenas that were engaged in battle, the Beastmen below also cheered as if their lives were at stake. This could be considered as the most enjoyable form of entertainment, even if they didn’t fight, it satisfied them just to be part of the audience. No beastman would treat these as a joke since their Beast Spirit was at stake, to beastmen even just charging would allow them to learn a few techniques.

Nearing an arena where a plain grade Beast Transformation bear and a Si Nai Ke snake tribe shadow hunter was battling, transformed beast’s fighting value were predetermined. For example the Bi Er tribe was normally attacking orientated, followed by defence, where their speed and agility did not meet the average standard. Their fights would be more instinctive, such as pouncing, biting and grabbing that would be considered as their instinctive battle method. Thus they can bring out the most potential of their beast forms, however considering it from the fighting perspective it would be average.

The opposing Shadow Hunter had already completed three pieces of plain grade equipment: the armguard, leg guard and dagger. The armguard added 1 ~ 2 points of Beast Spirit into agility, the leg guard added 1 ~2 Beast Spirit into speed, while the dagger added 1 ~ 3 attack power, the two’s fight, couldn’t watching them be counted as joy? 1.

If one were to speak honestly about Beast Spirit, this Bi Er’s superiority was not just a little bit compared to the Si Nai Ke tribe’s, contrarily style-wise, the mostly agility and speed lacking bear transformation Bi Er had met a slippery, fast and nimble Shadow Hunter. This was the worst possible matchup, not only that, this Si Nai Ke snake tribe’s technique wasn’t bad. Regardless of how this bear transformation Bi Er responded to the Shadow Hunter, as long as the Shadow Hunter keeps his calm and does not recklessly advance, using his speed to his advantage he can continually deepen the lethality of the wounds. After approximately ten minutes the Bi Er had taken a lethal hit to the head, consequently his beast transformation started to revert and a faint amount of Beast Spirit was absorbed into the Si Nai Ke snake tribes body.

In the end the bear transformation Bi Er released an extremely unwilling, unresigned cry, even though a single loss would not cause his plain grade bear transformation to relapse. He was very unwilling to lose in this manner, who could’ve known he would meet a Shadow Hunter.

An unknown challenger unrecognised by anyone stood on the battle arena.

The Si Nai Ke snake tribe member pleasingly licked his tongue 2, as today’s profit was too generous. The oppositions grade was higher than his, therefore after prevailing over this opponent the rewarded Beast Spirit was also very generous. Shadow hunters were specialised in taking down these clumsy Beast Transformations, the Shadow Hunters in the Beast Spirit World were opportunists waiting for any chance to exploit. Today he had obtained pretty good prey for himself.

The Si Nai Ke snake tribe member did not quit immediately after reaping the profits, if there was a person without any eyes that came to gift him vegetables, he would not be polite in receiving a bit more.

The surrounding people observed carefully as this Si Nai Ke snake tribe member’s techniques were excellent. Though he did not have a helmet or armour, but these pieces to a shadow hunter were expendable. A Shadow Hunter specialises in assassination, nimble footwork and evasiveness. Normally a Crusader would have the advantage over Shadow Hunters but this was not definitive.

The Si Nai Ke snake tribe member had his eye’s on the amateurs; how could he pass up on such an opportunity. “Could it be that there is no one? This is just the first match, it couldn’t be that you guys are here just to watch the show right?”, he provoked.

This proclamation immediately stirred up the anger of the audience, how could anyone be here just to watch the show. Just that, in this area there were no crusaders, also a normal crusader would find it hard to obtain victory. However since this involved their own beast spirit, though it infuriated them, the more experienced had held in their anger, one of the few newcomers would be unable to hold in their anger.

It was very evident that before everyone had become worked up, a person had already climbed onto the arena.

When one was overcome by their impulse they would have to face the consequences, however everyone had to learn in some way. Some people just couldn’t learn until they faced a loss for themselves.

The Si Nai Ke Shadow Hunter exposed small traces of a cold smile, as it was an unequipped guy, who really didn’t understand life and death. Even the extremely high defense bear transformation warrior was f****d by him, this idiot without much defence would be killed in a single stroke. In fact he didn’t often come  to this arena, he did not think a rare visit would cause him to be so lucky.

“Mmm3, isn’t this the waste?”

“Yeah it is, I heard he won his last fight?”

“Having lost so many fights, occasionally winning one is only natural.”

“It’s a miracle that he’s still alive, and still dares to come after having all his Beast Spirit snatched away.”

The Si Nai Ke snake tribe member didn’t think that the opposition actually had a reputation, but this kind of fame wasn’t a problem 4, seems like his luck was at its peak.

Twirling his dagger, Patelike (Pàtèlǐkè)5 accepted the challenge, His opponent Zou Liang had calculated everything to to the most minute degree. Zou Liang had actually done this on purpose as this person had just won some Beast Spirit, if he were to lose a match not only would he lose the Beast Spirit he originally had, but also a large portion of the Beast Spirit he had just won.

The Si Nai Ke Snake tribe member kept his eyes deadlocked onto his opponent, though it was not as exaggerated as a life and death situation, but in a fight like this he could not allow even the slightest bit of carelessness. This rascal just stood there as if he was just inviting death.

“F**k this cheap snake deserves to die!”

“Yeah, picking up things6 so cheaply, how come I can’t get such a thing.”

“Today this guy has struck gold, He could probably form another dagger with this!”

Shadow Hunters did not need a shield, so normally they would choose to wield twin daggers. This occupation exceeded in attacking power, speed and agility often neglecting defence.

The Shadow Hunter observed his opponent, frankly speaking a unequipped warrior would not be able to execute any kind of trick or technique, a single strike would be enough to kill!


To a Shadow Hunter fighting an unequipped warrior would be as simple as a fast swipe at the throat, quick and clean.

However this single strike that killed without any interruptions or resistance had in fact only sliced through the air!!!

Not only did Patelike have no idea what happened, the audience was also dazzled. A Shadow Hunter’s sure kill, single strike had only sliced through air.

The unequipped warriors just stood there, Patelike’s face was frozen, he was considered talented in the younger generation. Or else he wouldn’t have been scouted by the Shadow Hunter’s guild, the opponent also stood there like an idiot. If word was to spread, it would become the source of a large amount of shame and humiliation.

His anger gradually rising, a battle cry sounded, exemplifying the ferocity and cruelty which is the speciality of the snake tribe. The dagger reflected a cold light as it was quickly lunging towards the throat again. The last time was definitely luck, he was too careless!


Another slice into the air!

It clearly hit, how was this possible!

Patelike revealed a puzzled look, an unequipped warrior, even though he was unable to recognise his tribe, since upon entering the Beast Spirit World the Beast Spirit Imprint would disappear. However looking at the body type it was not an agility type, so how could he evade his opponent’s  throat slice which had an increase in agility by 1 ~ 2!

It was as if he had met a devil, unless he had consumed too much stamina in the last match.

The audience below the arena finally saw what happened, the moment Si Nai Ke (snake) Shadow Hunter had started his attack, the unequipped warrior did not evade immediately. On contrary he had invited the strike, then swayed in the last moment to avoid the daggers assassination trajectory. This was successful as Shadow Hunters attacks did not have any impact force as they aimed for single strike kills.

  1. Quote from confucius (不亦乐乎)
  2. Not lips, tongue snake tongues are long enough
  3. In chinese this is 晕 is what people say when they’re confused meaning like dizzy or am I seeing things but there’s no such word in English
  4. This is censored
  5. This the snake’s name I don’t understand why the author only introduced it here after so long….
  6. This should be talking about how he can obtain Beast Spirit without much work

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