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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Fangs

The Shadow Hunter became alert, this was an expert. The first time could be considered as luck but if he was able to react the second time, then it would become a blotch on his name as a Shadow Hunter.

He swapped his dagger into the forward knife grip 1, when in a reverse hold one could achieve a lot more variations, however the forward grip was used against formidable opponents.

Throughout the entire battle between the Si Nai Ke Shadow Hunter and the Berserker 2 he had used the reverse grip. Even though the battle was long, he was always in control, but in this match, after a mere two exchanges the Shadow Hunter had lost control over the situation.

In a bitter fight between warriors it was hard to determine a winner until the end. However a Shadow Hunter can grasp the situation right from the beginning, and would know the outcome. In the current fight the Shadow Hunter was even aware that in a situation like this, he would be required to exchange blows unceasingly without rest.

In the beginning the Si Nai Ke (snake) Shadow Hunter unceasingly swayed his body, as if on the verge of collapse, this made difficult it for people to target his heart.

“Si Nai Ke’s Slithering Snake Steps.”

“This guy is pretty good, he must already be a member of the Shadow Hunters guild.”

Slithering Snake Steps, this was the Si Nai Ke tribe’s signature footwork that was learnt after diligent repetition and trials. It was not fast, but while swaying they would try to find their opponent’s weakness. When they went on the offensive, it was likened to a snake spitting its venom, resulting in either the death of the enemy or himself.

The Shadow Hunter drew closer while continuously swaying, trying to obtain a suitable distance to initiate an attack out of the enemy’s zone. Usually when facing the Slithering Snake Steps, movement was necessary as this disrupts their rhythm and does not give them a good opportunity to go on the offensive, but this unequipped warrior remained motionless.

Simply inviting an early death!

A mysterious atmosphere enveloped the arena, not only affecting the Si Nai Ke in battle but also the warriors in the audience.

Cautiously swaying the Si Nai Ke Shadow Hunter entered his most effective offense zone, at the peak of his rhythm.

The dagger murderously struck out like lightning; since the opponent had no armour, his body full of flaws. This meant that as soon as he was stabbed with a 1 ~ 3 attack enhanced dagger, it would result in 100% certain death.

A weapon that was in charge of dealing a fatal blow could not be treated as a child’s toy.

—–Venomous Snake Spits Venom!

The dagger would be likened to the fangs of a venomous snake, the speed granted by the leg guard was in full utilisation He had stabbed towards Zou Liang’s chest as this was unquestionably the hardest place to evade.

At this instant, an unforgettable scene played out on stage that had never occurred in history before.

The lifeless unequipped warrior made his move, he furiously released a flick kick into the Shadow Hunter’s wrist. Launching a knee, closely chaining from the kick to suspend the Shadow Hunter in the air. Unimaginably he swung his left leg out whilst airborne, viciously chopping down onto the Shadow Hunter’s neck.


The neck snapped, followed by the body of the Shadow Hunter crashing onto the ground.

…… Certain death!


The equipless warrior relaxedly landed, indifferently glancing at the Shadow Hunter on the ground. Beast Spirit far surpassing last times reward entered his body, the enthusiasm in his inner heart was not indifferent like the look he displayed.

What this fight had given Zou Liang was confidence; faith in himself!

The inner heart was exceedingly passionate while to others his expression was cold. This was him. This was Ya Se. This was a warriors fighting spirit.

The Shadow Hunter’s body disappeared, warriors from all four corners of the arena silently watched this equipmentless warrior, what… fighting technique was that?

Warrior? Shadow Hunter?

There was equilibrium among all the warriors, like how Shadow Hunter’s agility was equal to a Berserker’s ferocity.

Enjoying the sensation of winning, Zou Liang left the Beast Spirit World.

Returning home, Zou Liang clenched his fist, flooding his body was just one feeling: Victory, VICTORY!

His body faintly shuddered from his excitement, he loved this kind of feeling, thank the gods, thank the Beast God, for bestowing him with this chance, for being able to come here, if he was unable to become and create a legend he would forever be indebted to the Beast God and the God of Earth.

Looking at Ou Nisi Te deep in sleep, Zou Liang greatly appreciated this kind of sentiment, he did not wish to lose a brother or a friend!

Calming his state of mind, he had gained a lot of Beast Spirit this time, resulting in his Beast Spirit becoming slower to manipulate. It seemed that there were only two major contributing points: he now had around four points of Beast Spirit Power, consequently the speed that he could control the Beast Spirit had slowed down by no small amount. Zou Liang understood that he had to be proficient in revolving Beast Spirit or else if it could not keep up with his movement, it could only be considered a flower show.

After manipulating his Beast Spirit he felt a bit fatigued; being an otaku who could make himself at home anywhere, thus this situation had aroused his inner unyielding fighting spirit.

Amidst Zou Liang’s dreams he dreamt about himself taking a winged glamorous warship, with lustrous radiance, massacring everything, dominating everything under the heavens. Back in his feudal territory, hundreds of tribal beauties were paying respect to him; his advanced mathematics teacher appeared, throwing the teaching plans at him, letting out a roar greater than a lion’s, spitting, “Hand in your homework!”

“Ai Ya!” 3

Zou Liang fell out of bed and quickly picked himself up exclaiming, “I’ve written my homework!”

Ou Nisi Te’s two large eyes sleepily locked onto Ya Se, his big brother is indeed someone that even the demon god wouldn’t possibly understand, what is this thing called homework? It was very possible that it was some kind of extreme power, how else could it shock big brother who has the qualifications of a Spirit Engraving Master?

Zou Liang released a breathe of fresh air and rubbed his slightly tense face with his hands. The Advanced Mathematics professor was even scarier than monsters, even in his dreams he had such lethal power.

“Ou Nisi Te, let’s start morning training.”

“Yes, big brother!”

Ou Nisi Te loved training from the depths of his heart, his late old man had said, dumb bears first crawl, you had to be diligent to succeed. Thus the Xi Bo Lai brothers were always the first students in the academy to wake up.

Does the heaven reward the diligent?


Ou Nisi Te honestly proceeded to hold the horse stance, Zou Liang also positioned himself in a stance as he felt that his body also needed tempering. Even if he grasped techniques and movements, he couldn’t escape the issue of fitness.

“Big brother, I feel that this stance is very useful. When I compare notes with the others I feel that I do not sway here and there anymore.”

“Smart, that is the use of this stance, it allows you to maintain your core and balance when you attack, make sure you understand this well.”

Ou Nisi Te blushed in excitement, perhaps this was the first time since birth that someone had complimented him as smart and it had came from the older brother he admired.

Ou Nisi Te very diligently and wholeheartedly held the horse stance, clenching his teeth and persevering on. Sometimes a careless compliment can transform an entire person’s life.

Ou Nisi Te’s virtue other than honesty, would be perseverance. Zou Liang knew that he had to increase the difficulty, so he pulled Ou Nisi Te’s two arms straight.

“Hold them straight and then stay still.”

Then he put two bowls of water on Ou Nisi Te’s arms and instructed, “Look, these are bowls I borrowed, so you mustn’t break them. When holding the horse stance, the water in the bowls mustn’t sway.”

Ou Nisi Te earnestly nodded his head, he had already obtained some insight in the horse stance, however this time after a short while, his arms started to become sore. The two bowls of water became heavier and his body started to tremble uncontrollably.

“Big Brother, I’m almost at my limit.”

“Hold it, you mustn’t move!”, Zou Liang commanded as he knew that he could not afford to be soft hearted at this moment. The closer someone was to their limits, the more fruitous their training would be. Ou Nisi Te’s innate characteristics were very poor thus if he didn’t form a good foundation he would only encounter more problems on the road towards the peak.

  1. Assume he was using the reverse grip for assassination purposes for reference http://www.jayfisher.com/Knife_Grip_Styles_Hand_Sizing.htm
  2. Assume that the bear fighter from the last chapter was a berserker
  3. This a chinese sound/phrase that people often say when they come to realisation or are in shock

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