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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – The Waning Heavens and the Lacking Earth

“Oh, aren’t they the two fiends, they’re up early again today.” 1

Many people laughed; even those who passersby would join in the mocking laughter as a joyful declaration to the start of their day.

The Xi Bo Lai brothers have always been diligent in their training. However, the Meng Jia Empire revered the strong. Therefore in the eyes of others, they were jokes, only worthy of mockery.

Zou Liang could only humbly let out a self-deprecating laugh and slightly nod his head. Whether or not he wished to acknowledge it, they had no money, nor strength, nor aristocratical influence. They could not be prideful when they lacked strength, to be the entertainment of others was the value of their existence.

Zou Liang laughed, Ou Nisi Te also could only laugh along, be it two fiends or two idiots2, or even the waning heavens and the lacking earth, one who is simple minded yet lack physically, another with an average physique but lacking intellectually. If it was not for their adoptive parent’s lifetime service they couldn’t have even entered this War Academy.

Zou Liang understood; his situation as clear as day. Subconsciously he acknowledged all the mocking and jeering to be towards Ya Se. Thus had nothing to do with his own being and left him mentally unaffected.

The whole day at the War Academy was not scheduled with just fights; each occupation was separated from each other, having theoretical classes and practical combat classes with respect to their specific occupation. The Meng Jia Empire has several thousand of years of history, some era’s in unity and other divided. Consequently, the civilization advanced, laws came closer to perfection, the power of the church and the secular council became appropriately balanced.

Theory class had started, Ou Nisi Te diligently listened with all the attention he could muster, his eyes were open so wide that Zou Liang couldn’t help but wonder whether his eyeballs would eventually fall out of their sockets. However, Zou Liang understood very well that this rascal didn’t actually understand even a single concept. Though the Bi Er tribe was a large tribe in the empire, their intellect, and comprehensive abilities were rather weak. If not for their combat strength, fertility and being allies with the Tai Ge Hu (Tài gē hǔ – Tiger) tribe it would be impossible for them to keep their social standing.

Zou Liang rolled his eyes as the lecture being taught by the Fu Ke Si (Fúkèsī – Fox) teacher had no relation to him whatsoever. There no small amount of beauties in class, initially Zou Liang was worried that it would be infested with dinosaur looking people left and right. Instead, this place could be considered a paradise for males. 3

The Fu Ke Si (Fú Kè Sī) Fox clans young ladies held an aura of elegance, while the Si Nai Ke (Sī nài kè) Snake Clan were exceedingly enchanting and the Lai Bo Te (Lái bó tè) Leopard clan possessed an enticing figure. To simply put, this world was the epitome of a male’s happiness.

He was an otaku in his previous life. However, this could also only be eye candy for the fragile Zou Liang of this life. Beauties would not even spare him a glance, and even if he did enter their vision he would be quickly disregarded.

An afternoon passed quickly after wandering around followed by an afternoon nap, in hindsight this kind of lifestyle is already quite fortunate.

One has to be content with their circumstances.

“Older brother, let’s train together this afternoon.” Ou Nisi Te suggested while pouring food down his throat. His appetite was so enormous it had also swallowed Zou Liang’s desire to eat.

“Have my portion too, this older brother still needs to go to the library this afternoon, so you’ll have to go yourself.”

Perhaps it was because that Ou Nisi Te was his sole family in this world that Zou Liang had favorable emotions towards him. Even though Ou Nisi Te upheld him with admiration second to none, others did not even see Zou Liang as a living being.

“It’s all because I’m so useless that older brother still needs to work.” Ou Nisi Te remarked whilst scratching his head, but still merrily swept the food in the bowl clean.

Zou Liang couldn’t help but laugh; he thought perhaps Ou Nisi Te’s state was true happiness. Being optimistic in any situation, speaking of which Ya Se was also similar to the Bi Er tribe, thinking back on Zou Liang’s perseverance didn’t measure even an inch compared to his.

After Zou Liang’s university entrance exam, he was free from pressure; it could be said following the exam, he had only diligently persevered in playing games. It’s a pity that his major and ability in gaming had no use in this world. If only Grandpa God had given him a heads up while he was still studying, he wouldn’t have studied mechanical engineering; he would learn some culinary skills.

Zou Liang finally stumbled his way to the library and sat in his usual seat. Being here was useless as every student that passed by regarded him as dead. Sometimes Zou Liang wished they would even come mock him to pass the time rather than overlooking him.

“Hello, could you please guide me on where the medical plant encyclopedia is located?”

Currently overcome with boredom Zou Liang was lying down, a soft and tender voice soothed his ear. The Rui Bo Te (Ruì bō tè) Rabbit tribe possessed the trait of politeness and tenderness, unlike the arrogant airs put on by the large tribes.

The majority of the rabbit tribe held non-combatant occupations, therefore being a vulnerable race in the Empire. However the rabbit tribe were not lacking in wealthy merchants, but in the Meng Jia Empire, the weight of one’s words was backed by their strength, so it didn’t matter how much money one had.

Zou Liang abruptly raised his head. Ah! A beauty!

As for the beauties of the beastman, the rabbit clans extraordinary figure was one to lose blood over 4. This fact was indeed true as Zou Liang almost lost blood seeing this beauty whose appearance broke through the peak of his knowledge. This beauty was enough to make one tremble and helplessly acknowledge that not using rabbit maidens for xxx image reading material was a waste.

“What are you looking at, hurry up and answer” a loud shout quickly woke Zou Liang of his delusions. As people from the Bi Er tribe; the Xi Bo Lai brothers were known as Bi Er tribes disgrace. Often in the gathering of the large tribes, the Xi Bo Lai brothers would be used to aggravate the Bi Er clan, as such even those of the same clan did not regard them kindly.

“They’re located on the left, turn from the right side.”

Zou Liang did not lose his temper; the beautiful rabbit maiden scowled then politely nodded her head in thanks. Thus the buff Bi Er male felt a bit reprimanded.

Though the Meng Jia kingdom reveres the strong, being able to act tyrannically to court a female is not easy,  as every tribe treasures their members, acting this way would only attract trouble; instead living a peaceful stable life day in and day out would be a more pleasing option.

This Bi Er tribe burly male obviously had feelings for the beauty as he rushed over and tried to appease her of her dissatisfaction with his actions. Zou Liang shook his head and proceeded to return to his nap, perhaps after waking up he would return back to his world and all of this would just be a dream.

As the sun started to set in the west, Zou Liang began to tidy the library, one couldn’t help but sigh as the library was disordered beyond recognition. “***, do these barbarians not understand that books should be returned back to their rightful place after they’re finished?!” 5

Zou Liang had a slight headache, he thought of how pinning messages on the book shelves would slightly decrease the workload on himself, just like in his previous world.

By the time Zou Liang had tidied up to the grass medicine encyclopedia section, he noticed to his surprise there were still people who had not left.

“Fellow student, the library is about to close, you can come back tomorrow” Perhaps it was because it was so quiet that Zou Liang spoke in the tone he used in his previous world with no underlying intentions.

The person turned around and surprising saw a modest Bi Er “celebrity”, this person was the maiden from the rabbit tribe who entered earlier.

“My apology’s, would it be possible to give me another five minutes, I’ll be done very soon.”

“Sure, it’ll take a while to finish tidying anyway, so as long as you leave before the library closes it’ll be fine” Zou Liang cheerily replied and nodded as he walked away to finish off his work. Though admiring beauties was a very potent medicine for life, he was not a womanizer.

The maiden from the rabbit tribe thought that he had some underlying motive, however, disregarded it continuing to copy down the required information.

She did not leave until Zou Liang had left. For this favor Zou Liang didn’t come out disadvantaged, at least he learned his second name in this world: Ai Wei’er (Ài Wēi’er), a cute rabbit maiden.

When Zou Liang returned to the dormitory, Ou Nisi Te had already returned however he was sprawled on the ground, wounded from head to toe. At this sight Zou Liang could no longer hold in his anger.

“That scoundrel used comparing notes as an excuse again to beat him up!”

“Older brother, it’s just that I was too weak, I’ll work hard.”

“Shit, these arseholes are asking to get f****d!” Zou Liang was enraged, from his memory, this was not the first time that Ou Nisi Te was beaten into this state, how could exchanging notes leave him in such a state.

He did not wish to provoke others but why did others have to find trouble for him. People of this world sure are despicable.

Zou Liang curse aloud in mandarin as he exploded with rage, Ou Nisi Te was at a loss, however, he knew that his brother was angry for him.

“Just wait, I’ll get revenge for you.”

Zou Liang knew the basics of treating someone, though even if he didn’t, with Ou Nisi Te’s resilience this kind of flesh wound would not take long to be healed.

Zou Liang suddenly thought, had he taken up the role of Ya Se?


  1. Chinese word for stupid [煞(shà)-fiend, 傻(shǎ)-stupid are pronounced similarly
  2. Again Chinese homonym
  3. The raws say the other gender and since the subject is females I assume that the other gender is male
  4. through the nose
  5. Censored in the raws

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