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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Beast Spirit World


Zou Liang shook his head and laughed bitterly, so what if he was angry? He was even inferior to this silly brother of his.

Ou Nisi Te quickly and soundly snored himself to sleep. However, Zou Liang could not find any respite thus his eyes wandered around the narrow ceiling.

Why did he arrive here?

What was his purpose in life?

He vision fell upon the only table in the dormitory, on that table lay a crystal ball emitting light. This crystal ball was an artifact that allowed one to be transported to the Beast Spirit World.

In the past, Zou Liang had treated this as a desk lamp, but seeing how Ou Nisi Te was disfigured, Zou Liang pondered over how he was muddleheaded in his previous life, was he going to be muddleheaded in this life as well?

His last life was a mess, is it alright to mess around in this life as well?

In this world governed by the law of the jungle, he kept lying to himself while Ou Nisi Te respected him. Frankly speaking, he was just a heavy burden, Ou Nisi Te on his own could eat his full for his entire lifetime, but could the same be said of him?

Ou Nisi Te must be dreaming of being beaten as he tossed and turned in his sleep. Suddenly he struck out with his leg; Zou Liang only felt a heavy force as his head collided with the crystal ball.


The Beast Spirit World, it is rumored that the Beast God created this world to protect his underworld from devil beast invasions as it was the closest world to invade. This mysterious world could produce the most powerful beast tribe warriors.

The beast spirit world was split into eight parts; these eight provinces are occupied by the different tribes. The capital was located in the center of these eight provinces, beastmen could only enter the province of the Beast Spirit World that they belonged to. Of course, the people of the capital were privileged and could enter whichever province they pleased.

The eight provinces are established by divisions that encompass the beast spirit world. It is a very simple task for a beastman to enter the Beast Spirit World, one of the prerequisites being the beast spirit imprint, the other being a crystal ball borrowed from a shrine. The crystal ball that the Xi Bo Lai brothers owned was left behind by their late old man, or else the shrine would not waste such an object on them.

The form a beastman takes when entering the Beast Spirit World is the same form that they would take after undergoing beast transformation. Zou Liang felt his consciousness blur, then after a bright light, he arrived in the Beast Spirit World.

Countless beastmen in unique beastman forms from different tribes were present before him. From Ya Se’s memory Zou Liang understood that the Beast Spirit World was in fact very simple, there was only a fighting arena. It was the church’s job to maintain the stability of the Beast Spirit World, as well as increase the quantity of arenas. The theory of the beast tribes was that one could only become strong after constantly battling.

Surrounding the Beast Spirit World was an invisible protective barrier, however, in the legends it is rumored that a Beast Emperor could pass through this barrier. He had passed through all the provinces and arrived at the Beast God grounds.

Actually one only had to be at the gold grade to bypass this protective barrier. However on leaving the Beast Spirit World one’s beast spirit would dissipate and their body would start to disappear as well. In the past, there was a Lai Yin (Lái Yīn) Lion Tribe warrior that managed to stick his arm out of the protective barrier however he immediately fell from the gold grade to the silver grade.

Though knowing this the beast tribes did not develop a trauma; they firmly believed that if one was to achieve the legend grade and possessed a legend grade body protected by armor, they would have a chance to resist the destructive space. Then they would arrive at the god grounds, inheriting the Beast God’s strength.

After passing through the bright light, Zou Liang still hadn’t completely adapted to his surroundings. Zou Liang was not worried as he knew that as long as one did not step into the arena, one would not have to enter combat. He planned to observe the lively atmosphere then go back to sleep.

Suddenly another beast tribesman appeared in their midst; a mocking sound entered his ears from the side, however, he was already accustomed with this and no longer found it strange.

Just his luck… Upon entry to the beast spirit world, there was a chance that one would appear on the arena. As soon as one stepped upon the arena one must complete the battle before being able to leave.

“Hehe (Hei Hei – in Chinese), looks like my luck is pretty good that I meet you in the first round!” In front of him stood a beastman from the Tai Ge Tiger tribe. Not only that it was one which had armor transformation and had already conjured his weapon and shield.

Zou Liang was stupefied looking at his opponents broadsword and shield. If Zou Liang had sweat, it would be pouring like a waterfall paired with his trembling hands.

Looking at himself, he had the stature of a normal person, no weapon, no beast transformation, he had nothing, just like a naked person.

These kind of people were food for the Beast Spirit world, ones to be taken advantage of. Normally one would have made some preparations before deciding to enter the Beast Spirit World. Every so often there would be people who would enter to experience what it was like in the Beast Spirit World. However, there were always unique people like Ya Se who are famous in the newbie ring. No one cared about his name and bestowed him with a nickname, one which everyone could recognize — waste.

Even if one beat him, one wouldn’t obtain much Beast Spirit, however to newbies winning a round and obtaining a bit of Beast Spirit was already a remarkable reward.

When a beastman enters the Beast Spirit World one is separated based on their strength, like those people who are weaker are sent off to the side.

The arenas nearby also had quite a number of people, except that their eyes were relaxed, the arenas were filled with various species of beastmen, of course they all had one or two weapons or were in the early stages of their beast transformation.

“Young Master Suo Luo Si (Suǒ Luó Sī), this rascal is too weak for you to show your strength, but having a round of casual exercise in preparation is good as well.”

A Fu Ke Si Fox tribe plain grade beastman counseled. This person seemed to be a house steward or a bodyguard, as the tiger tribe often hired attendants from the fox tribe.

“Hehe, Gu Ke (Gǔ Kè), that’s not a bad suggestion, let’s not use my weapon then.” then proceeded to stab his broad sword into the ground, observing Zou Liang’s trembling body whilst fiddling with his broadsword.

“Waste, I’ll give you one chance to attack!” Suo Luo Si volunteered as he mockingly laughed and raised his large shield.

Fight? Zou Liang as a child has mingled with these sort of things; he had a few hobbies like Tai Ji 1, Judo and such. These were all just to join the fun and have a taste of martial arts, compared to these kinds of battles that could result in life or death there were some differences. (TL: Some…. Just some….)

Zou Liang knew from Ya Se’s memory that the pain felt in battle was similar to reality, being killed would cause you to be kicked out of the Beast Spirit World. However the pain would definitely not be easily bearable, the merged memories caused Zou Liang’s fear to multiply.

He was terrified. However, his body was ever so slightly excited. Perhaps it was Ya Se’s remnants that still longed for battle, tireless, obvious to life and death.

Zou Liang didn’t understand, he couldn’t win, but even if he did win what would he do?

Suo Luo Si was not pleased with being neglected when versing the Waste one can’t just simply win. One must torture and abuse him, so they were not looked down upon by others.

Since winning against the Waste is something that anyone could do, that’s why how someone wins is important.

Zou Liang knew that he had to fight no matter what. When one steps onto the arena one must fight or else it would be disrespectful to the Beast God and in this world to be disrespectful to the Beast God had but one road: death.

He shut eyes, lowered his head, gritted his teeth and charged. This caused the entire arena to be stupefied.

Followed by laughter that shook the heavens and pierced the earth: What would you call this?

Pig heads charge?

Suo Luo Si knew that this rascal was stupid, but not stupid to this degree. Zou Liang proceeded to ram into the erected shield. A hong reverberated throughout the arena…

  1. Short for Tai Ji Quan

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