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The Great Conqueror - Chapter 50 - Zenith Novels

The Great Conqueror – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 – Highlight to View Spoiler Title [Flight Restriction War Song]


With all of the strength gathered in his legs, Zou Liang heaved himself off of the ground, his body fiercely charging into the sky to grab at the person while his defences were down. Normally, when a bird-type beastman flew into the skies they would reflexively relax: this was the opportune moment to attack.

This was also true for Sheng Feibo, as five meters in the air was normally a safe height. Having this kind of innate talent to be able to fly, he had high demands and expectations of himself.

But seeing that quick figure springing upwards frightened him, forcing him to soar another meter to avoid Zou Liang’s grab.


As soon as Zou Liang landed he flicked his legs, kicking him away from three arrows sweeping past into the ground with a ceng ceng ceng.

Just as Mo Fei had warned, Sheng Feibo had almost made an absurd error. If he had been pulled in by an expert that excelled at close-quarters combat, then as an Archer he would indeed have become meat on a chopping block.

Sheng Feibo not only released a cold sweat of fear but also felt a bit of anger at the event. Below were two rivals in the same grade as him; if he lost here it would be as though he had fallen a grade beneath them. The beast tribe world was cruel like this.

After locking onto the earth-borne Zuo Liang, he began to madly fire his arrows. Unless the opponent grew wings, this range would give them no opportunities at all!

In the Beast Spirit World, every Archer would have ten self-replenishing arrows unless they were in the hands of the opponent. If the arrows landed on the ground or outside of the arena, they would reform within the quiver, almost like a bug in a game.

Zou Liang knew this, but to grab the arrows with his bare hands?

As much as he wanted to… that was asking to die!

Arrows at this speed far exceeded the difficulty of sword-catching and—only making it worse—the opponent linked the firing of his arrows one after the other. If he attempted to grab one, the next would definitely claim his life[1. Censored].

Seeking death.

There was no method. The battle seemed like an exercise in futility. On the arena, the one hailed as the Beast God Martial Artist was running everywhere to dodge the arrows. His perception and speed were indeed frightening and his movements were even more ridiculous, arms and legs maneuvering here and there in harmony. As he used all of his might to evade, there were many times that the arrows dangerously brushed against his body.

It was clear that Zou Liang was very skilled. Not only had he forced Sheng Feibo to only attack from on-high, but he showed no fear that this fight would be futile[2. 后顾之忧 fear the future, 瞎点灯白费蜡 to waste candle light.].

Mo Fei could not help but shake his head. “Seems as though there are no more techniques left to speak of.”

This was a stalemate. This dish of meat’s fighting capabilities were pretty good, but being restricted only to his jumping height left him unable to attack the opponent. To the strong, defeat was defeat without valid excuses. This eagle member’s maximum height in the air was seven meters, so at least with Mo Fei’s extreme jumping capabilities Sheng Feibo would still be within his control.

For the Lai Yin tribe, nothing was impossible.

For someone who only wished to fight the strong, a loser held no value.

Buaina also shook her head, slightly depressed. At this moment, she felt sympathy for Zou Liang, as it was clear that against such a shameless fighting method no one would have a counter-method. The Shadow Hunter was the natural predator of an Archer, but a flying Archer would give them a headache unless the Shadow Hunter had prepared some concealed weapons.

The consecutive evasive movements were beautiful, something that a Shadow Hunter would thirst for… but reality was cruel.

Sheng Feibo, who was sending barrages from the sky, was also growing tired. To stay airborne and fire arrows with such strength consumed a lot of stamina and he needed time to regain his breath; if his ailing stamina caught up with him and he lowered his altitude, it would be possible for him to be targeted by the opponent.

Who would have thought that even with all of his strong shots, his opponent would be able to dodge each and every one of them? He was practically a demon.

If he who had been consecutively attacking was already this tired, Zou Liang who had been unceasingly dodging arrows would have had to use up even more stamina than him.

None of the numerous beast tribe warriors blamed Sheng Feibo. The beast tribes were an existence that would display all of their talents, and this included the eagle tribe’s innate ability to hover just as well as the balanced strength of the Lai Yin tribe.

The Law of the Jungle: the weak was the food for the strong.

Zou Liang wiped off his sweat. This warm up was sure enough, and though he had set at least three traps for the opponent to drop his altitude, this rascal never took the bait and Zou Liang had almost been killed instead.

It seemed as though he couldn’t keep playing like this; they needed to gather early tomorrow and he didn’t wish to go with bags under his eyes.

He put his palms together, releasing an explosive burst of sound.

To an otaku, listening to music while playing games was a form of enjoyment. Their spirit would also move to the music, and to pair it with an extremely fast-paced fight was Zou Liang’s favorite.

In this world, there was something similar to this: war songs!

Immediately, the whole arena went into an uproar!

War song!

It seemed as though this person was actually a War Song Priest!

But it was not just any war song; this tune made the resting Sheng Feibo’s body surge and tremble. This fellow had used a war song even in his weakened state.

His plain grade helm added 1~3 Virtue, which could be used to boost the encouragement of a war song or help defend against a war song’s attack.

Zou Liang had completely failed to see the opponent’s resistance and the war song continued. Mo Fei frowned, as in the beginning this unknown song had held some strength, but it suddenly became gloomy after a short time.

Except… this kind of muffled sound could somehow suppress another. Sheng Feibo on the arena could feel this even deeper than Mo Fei did: this gloomy war song contained a suffocating rhythm that made breathing come with more difficulty.

The melody Zou Liang sang became dark and darker still. This was Kaer Oufei’s Buland poetry that he loved: the depressing prelude that made people suffocate.


Sheng Feibo began to experience pain from this feeling, his inability to breathe causing him to struggle. However, he still kept his altitude to preserve his life, and his head glowed as he resisted this kind of suppressive war song.

Just as Sheng Feibo thought he had finally resisted it, the war song made a fierce turn. It shifted into high spirits likened to that of a furious lion’s roar, snarling in untamed rage. Nothing was able to block this sound that seemed to permeate through the entire Beast Spirit World. Each wave was larger than the last, and every beastman began to go wild over this war song; it was somehow affecting even the people outside the arena.

Mo Fei saw the Lai Yin king in the savanna with his head held high to the sky. The king’s voice caused the skies to shake, the sun and moon robbed of their light[3. 日月无光 has tons of connotations however this encapsulates the most I can think of.].

Buaina dreamed of a wild, illusory dance. An unceasing dance with otherworldly footwork. It was a glistening dagger, a pair of legs like the sharpest of blades.

For Sheng Feibo, there was a male eagle that soared into the skies[4. 鹰击长空  is actually a Mao Zedong reference however I had to change it a bit as it wouldn’t make sense with the previous sentences repetition] to challenge the peak of the world. Abruptly, storm clouds thundered overhead.


When Zou Liang opened his hands at the loudest climax of the sounds, the airborne Sheng Feibo was like a folded eagle as he fell to the earth.


With no ability to resist, the war song had already destroyed his awareness.

It was at this time that Mo Fei had just managed to turn around, the whole arena flabbergasted. Warrior? Shadow Hunter? War Song Priest?

Sheng Feibo did not even have a chance to feel regret, his Beast Spirit floating upwards. What was an Archer’s nightmare? What did an eagle fear the most?

They feared the Bisi Mai swan tribe. They feared the tribe’s war song that could restrict their ability to fly!

This person who was not a Bisi Mai War Song Priest was unique in all of the beast tribes’ history.

Aside from a member of the Bisi Mai tribe, there should be nobody who could utilise the effects of the Flight Restriction War Song. This person was clearly not from the Bisi Mai tribe, yet not only did his war song have the same exact effects, it was one that nobody had ever heard before.

Mo Fei felt his hundred-year-beast-king tribe’s blood boiling; this was the opponent he had been waiting for!

Title: Flight Restriction War Song.


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