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The Great Conqueror - Chapter 56 - Zenith Novels

The Great Conqueror – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 – Shadow Hunter Business That Needs to be Settled

The horse carriage sped quickly towards the underworld and—thanks to the previous fight—all of them were in high spirits.

Everyone could only sigh at Ya Se’s good luck. If someone had said that Ya Se had won with his own ability, no one would believe it; even if the cunning bronze-grade fox closed his eyes, a priest in training would still not be a credible threat. With this, it could only be said that “Heaven’s punishment can be diverted, but one’s sins will be the death of them”; it could be counted as retribution for all the evil deeds the Perverted Fox had done.

“Ou Nisi Te, your shoulder slam is very powerful. It is very unfortunate that you are not a Beast Transformation type,” Ke Te sighed. Everyone had seen Ou Nisi Te fly into a rage; he had been truly valiant.

Embarrassed, Ou Nisi Te just scratched his head. He was a genuine Bi Er and carried the honesty of the tribe with him.

“Your stupidity has no end. With the Dual Engraving Method, obviously a Crusader has higher prospects for the future. It’s lucky that he’s a Crusader,” Lan Di scoffed, never ignoring a chance to attack Ke Te.

“But this time we were lucky. If it wasn’t for Ya Se killing off Chabu first, we would’ve all been finished there.”

The two’s arguing was no longer surprising to Ai Wei Er and she was still somewhat suspicious of Ya Se. She had a strong instinct that the fear he had shown was fake; when he had held her arm he did not exert any strength, but a person who was nervous or fearful would not be able to control themselves in such a manner.

“No way, it was just luck. That guy underestimated his opponent and I only randomly swiped with my eyes closed. You guys better not try to charge and break the enemy lines; I’m just a priest,” Zou Liang laughed.

“Relax, we were just caught unprepared this time. If the fight was outside, no one would be able to determine who would gain victory or experience defeat,” Lan Di laughed back. One of their important links was Patelisi; having the control of an eagle tribe archer would be very powerful, but when fighting inside he would instead become nothing more than a burden.

“Our War Song Priestess showing off in the first battle wouldn’t be normal,” Zou Liang said, unable to resist teasing Ao Li Quan Ya. This damsel was abnormally quiet after experiencing her first battle which was definitely not her style. Zou Liang thought that a mere fight would not be able to scare her into such a state.

Ao Li Quan Ya rolled her eyes at Ya Se. Though he was not old, he had many unusual ideas when it came to flirting; Zou Liang felt as though he was struck by lightning, leaving him wondering if he had turned into a deviant [1. Luna Note: Originally censored.] recently.

Heng, do you really need this senior sister to make an appearance just to deal with some perverted thief? Whatever. If he was not entranced by these good looks, how could you have succeeded!” Ao Li Quan Ya grumbled with a completely serious look. At the same time, she puffed up her chest, her budding bosom moving up and down; though it was not very large, it still had a lot of killing power.

In the carriage, a few male warriors meaningfully shifted their gazes. Normally speaking, people from noble tribes like Ke Te and Lan Di would not go so far as this, but they had also been bewitched; Ao Li Quan Ya had a kind of aura that should not be profaned. Zou Liang, however, was an exception, and he very impolitely measured her sizes.

…… If the clothing covering her was excluded and he factored in how this world didn’t have trickery like a bra, then it was likely the period of development from B-Cup to C-Cup. It was obvious that this had good future prospects.

But his eyes didn’t linger, sweeping ever so naturally instead. “Stop indulging in your own narcissism, you little radish head; he had clearly been staring at Ai Wei Er. Also, when you leave for the outside, you don’t need to call me ‘Junior Brother’, you must call me ‘Big Brother’!”

Zou Liang had to remind this damsel of her forgotten promise while she was in her abnormal state.

“Who said, heng…… I know you’re intentionally trying to provoke the harmonious relationship between Ai Wei Er and me! I won’t fall for your trap!”

Though she said this, her small, delicate-as-jade hands swerved behind her and towards Zou Liang’s waist before tugging at some soft flesh. One twist, two twists……

Along the journey, everyone chatted whilst admiring the scenery without any anxiety. This was the first time Zou Liang and Ou Nisi Te had been outside the city, and they were like a large and small child curiously observing the scene set outside.

There was a town—neither small nor large—near the people of the underworld, and thanks to the current Spring Festival the people who had come to this lonely place for their trial by fire had turned it incomparably lively. If there were supplements needed for the trial of fire, they could all be replenished here, and after learning of this Zou Liang and Ou Nisi Te knew just how dumb it had been to bring these large packages along.

Thankfully, Ai Wei Er had booked a tavern ahead of time. If someone waited to find a place until they arrived, it would be too late. The duration of the Spring Festival was the time when it was bustling with people, and if someone came late they would find themselves sleeping in the streets, not that this was a big deal for people who had come in order to undergo their trial by fire.

“What a large room,” Ou Nisi Te smiled with simple honesty. A group of people having a courtyard prepared for them was indeed luxurious.

Ke Te and Lan Di were already accustomed to this since the influence of Ai Wei Er’s family had already extended beyond Ye Lu Samo City. Ke Te and Lan Di were both lords within Ye Lu Samo City, but to influence anything else outside it was difficult.

Ai Wei Er gave a faint smile. “You can go out to have a stroll in a moment, but it’s best that you do not purchase anything. There are many situations where customers have been swindled here, and it would also be a hassle; if you have anything you need, do come and tell me.”

“Relax, I won’t be reserved with you,” Zou Liang reassured.

Heng, how come you’re not that gentlemanly with me?” Ao Li Quan Ya pouted from the side.

“What you receive is what you give to others.”

Ao Li Quan Ya pondered on this for a while before understanding the meaning: this rascal had said in a very roundabout way that she was not a gentlewoman! By the time she had pieced it together, Zou Liang and Ou Nisi Te had already run away.

Ten minutes later, five male warriors had gathered downstairs and the two beauties did not seem to have the intention of coming down.

“We don’t need to wait for them. If we don’t give them an hour, they wouldn’t be able to tidy everything up. Let’s go for a stroll, I can be the guide,” Lan Di urged, unwilling to wait. It seemed as though he really wished to establish a good relationship with Zou Liang.

“Bootlicker, your sense of direction is hopeless. I’ll guide the way.” Ke Te flung his hair that was glamorous no matter what he did with it.

Patelisi—who did not casually speak or laugh—only followed along silently.

Zou Liang and Ou Nisi Te had wanted to go out and play since a lot time ago. As soon as they had left, the voices of people racketed the surroundings, all manners of beastmen around. To Zou Liang, it was similar to visiting a zoo.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you guys somewhere fun,” Lan Di mysteriously beckoned.

“What is this so-called fun place?”

“The place that men love the most!”

Zou Liang understood it very quickly; it didn’t matter whether it was the previous world of the current one, the desires of men were all pretty much the same.

It was a very large bar but not quite as plain as the one they had come across along the way. It was a boisterous place, and on a large table there were even a few sexy beastwomen dancing in an alluring manner.

Ou Nisi Te’s face was painted red and his head appeared heated. He looked towards Ke Te waiting for everyone to burst out laughing, but Lan Di patted Ou Nisi Te’s shoulder to comfort him. “Brothers, this is a good place for men. Stand upright and raise your head; if there’s someone you fancy, tell me and I’ll settle it for you.”

“Even virgins as young as them know how to pretend to be knowledgeable about love!” A sharp voice sounded out along with a group’s wild laughter, causing Lan Di’s expression to immediately change.

“F**k! Luo Ge (Luō Gé), if you’re looking to die then just say so!” Lan Di’s face dropped as the group from the other table invited themselves over.

“Lan Di, you’re really quite boorish. I must not have given you enough of a lesson last year for you to come for trouble again.”

“Luo Ge, don’t be so arrogant!” Ke Te exclaimed and entered the fray, unable to endure it any longer.

“Ke Te, this is our Shadow Hunters’ business, but if you’re itching for a lesson so much[2. Chinese “if your skin is itching”], I don’t mind educating you as well.”

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