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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 – Children Playing With Knives

Not only did Lou Ge’s arrogance cause him to see Ke Te and Lan Di as unimportant, the people alongside him also burst out in wild laughter.

Lan Di and Ke Te’s hearts sank. Luo Ge was from Tian Feng (Tiān Fēng) City1 and had a feud with Lan Di’s family; these two were like enemies on a narrow road. Honestly speaking, the details of the feud were no longer clear, but since they had already fought for many centuries they no longer needed a reason to continue it.

The beastmen held their reputation as the highest importance, and even if they could not win they would still fight!

“Luo Ge! Just you and me, mano a mano!” Lan Di exclaimed, unwilling to drag Ke Te into this; Luo Ge’s abilities were not something to dismiss.

“What?” Luo Ge purposefully asked, posing himself as though to hear everything that was said. “I didn’t hear that incorrectly, right? You actually dare to duel me? If I accidentally let my hand slip and kill you, your old man won’t come to find trouble for me, right? Hehe.”

“You can relax, it’s just a one on one challenge!”

On the dance stage, a few close-to-naked female beast tribe members continued to wildly dance, unaffected by the commotion below; if anything, it had only increased their wild movements.

Fighting, strong drink, and women formed the core theme of a beastman.

Hearing that there was going to be a fight, the pub’s atmosphere became even more enthusiastic and a circle quickly formed. This was a fight between two Shadow Hunters and the area’s lack of space added to the danger. Having so many people around filled Luo Ge with even more confidence.

“This is not good,” Ke Te worried. During the last trial by fire, Lan Di had been nearly blocked in.

“Is this fellow powerful?” Zou Liang asked.

“Luo Ge from Tian Feng City. He specialises in using throwing knives and is very strong,” Ke Te introduced. Though he took into consideration Lan Di’s reputation and face, there was simply too much of a disparity between the two’s abilities.

Although Lan Di concentrated completely, Luo Ge was very relaxed, the latter’s obese body playing with a dagger. The metal danced between his two hands and transformed into sharp wind. “Shadow Hunters play with knives, Lan Di. Do you know how to play?”

Lan Di did not utter a sound. That technique was the heritage of Luo Ge’s family; if a normal person dared to play like this, they would scrap their fingers.

With a low howl, Lan Di’s back arched like a leopard on the hunt and fiercely pounced, the dagger in his own hand directly targeting the root of the problem.

Luo Ge’s obese body relaxedly made a small turn, allowing Lan Di to move past while Luo Ge kicked at him at the same time. The speed and the ability to grasp such an opportunity were both exquisite; seeing this, Zou Liang knew that this move was out of Lan Di’s league.

Lan Di who had used a great deal of strength staggered into the group of people after being kicked and Luo Ge immediately followed up with more mocking: “Is this move of yours called ‘bad dogs eat shit’?”

The people from Tian Feng City burst out in laughter while Lan Di’s face was red one second and pale the next.

“A beastman can be killed but not humiliated! This one will stake everything against you!” After being insulted in such a manner in front of his friends, Lan Di wagered his all.

“Yo, I really don’t know how you managed to sneak into the Shadow Hunters Guild; you can’t even keep the basics and stay calm,” Luo Ge shook his head while putting on airs. The pub held many people coming from diverse cities for their own trial by fire, and hearing this caused them to also burst out in laughter.

This was the etiquette in the world of beastmen. Others did not care whether things were fair; only ability could speak.

Ke Te wished to stop this, however Zou Liang reached out to firmly hold him. “If you go out there now, it would make it even harder for Lan Di to bear.”

“M**********r, this bastard is intentionally making a reason to kill Lan Di!”

“He won’t have that chance!” Zou Liang unconcernedly replied. He did not know why, but he loved this absolutely unrestrained society.

The scene played out with Lan Di charging again—his attack fast and violent—but the disparity in technique was far too obvious. Luo Ge was already at a stage where he could have a grasp on the rhythm and he had begun playing Lan Di around in circles. Lan Di put his life on his dagger and lashed out while Luo Ge casually circled his weapons, moving them as if they had a life of their own. Lan Di’s offence was blocked again and again, and Luo Ge was able to land a cut in response each time.

Zeze, Lan Di’s family has already fallen to this state, Yi Ka Bo De – Lan Di. I can feel your shame. Based on these past two times, you are not worthy to fight me; let me teach you how to play with a knife!”

Saying this, Luo Ge closed in for the kill, the dagger also releasing a dazzling flash during the movement. While Lan Di’s attacks had never had much variation and he had instead relied on his leopard body, Luo Ge’s dagger swiveled unceasingly in his hand, leaving Lan Di unable to keep up and ultimately defenceless; after a round of contact, Lan Di’s dagger was hit away and Luo Ge moved to strike the final blow. Although Luo Ge could not kill Lan Di in front of such a crowd, he could still leave him with a deep emotional scar; with this, Lan Di wouldn’t be able to lift his head in front of him and would have to walk to the side, instead!


At the climax, a wine bottle fell from above before landing squarely on Luo Ge’s head. The broken shards and wine made his face appear even fiercer.

“Who, which scoundrel! Show some courage and reveal yourself!” Luo Ge was like an angered male lion, though of course he was still from the Lai Bote leopard tribe—and a fat one, at that.

Zou Liang squeezed his way through the crowd before speaking, “Aiya, my hand slipped and it accidentally hit your face. Do you need my help to wipe it?”

“Wipe your ass2, this father will skin you alive!” Luo Ge raged, his knife held in his hand. He did not dare to kill Lan Di since battles between nobles had some restrictions—as long as they did not kill one another, the superiors would not care—but this Bi Er was a commoner, and one seeking death no less!

“Ya Se, this doesn’t concern you,” Lan Di spoke while pulling himself up, only for Luo Ge to immediately throw a heavy kick that sent him flying.

“Kid, don’t think that your skin as a priest in training can protect your life. Today, this father will use your guts to soak my wine.”

Aiya, I’m so scared.” Ya Se immediately covered his chest, causing the surrounding people to laugh. Luo Ge could no longer maintain his demeanor and rolled forward, and there was little need to say that his attack was executed with great ferocity.

The knife flashed as he stepped forward with a papapa…… he was stabbing at air???

Luo Ge turned around, his heart on alert as he readied himself to attack. Zou Liang looked at the opponent in an interested manner before speaking once again, “Who was it that accidentally threw some knives? If it hits people that would be fine, but it wouldn’t be good if it hits the flowers and grass.”

Immediately, the colour of Luo Ge’s face rose up to that of a pig’s liver. He did not know when his knife had disappeared; he didn’t even know how it disappeared.

Lan Di and Ke Te to the side also looked at each other……

“The mighty Beast God once said that children should not play with knives or else they’d hurt themselves. So be a good boy and take care of your knife.”

Ya Se said with a serious priest-like expression that seemed to imply Luo Ge was bringing suffering to all living creatures.

Luo Ge only felt his head as hot as a fireball as he charged out. The two bodies met and it seemed as though anything was possible; it was Luo Ge who staggered and fell to his ass, followed by a sensation all over his body. It was impossible for him to know when his clothes had been sliced open.

“This is how you play with knives!”

The dagger in Ya Se’s hand had started to dance. This was no different from a butterfly knife, the blade wildly dancing like a butterfly flitting around a flower, the keen knife edge revolving around his fingers. Any error could easily cut one off.

Something like this shouldn’t be referred to as playing. All of the people observing felt their whole body shudder.


The dagger flew out to lodge into the ground, landing a few centimeters off from Luo Ge’s vitals and chopping off a few hairs in the process. Following this, a damp substance had begun to leak out.



  1. Means sky wind or daily windy city
  2. Censored

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