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The Great Conqueror - Chapter 59 - Zenith Novels

The Great Conqueror – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 – The Medal Seems To Have Its Uses

This was the highest honor of the theocracy, similar to seeing The Pope in person. Though others could be excused, any normal priest would have to kowtow to such an honor—especially a small priest like this.

The flash the medal gave out could not be fake.

“Do I still need to salute?” Zou Liang merrily asked, and in others’ eyes this noble Bi Er priest was being extremely sincere.

No matter how well-off Luo Sibo was, he did not dare to disobey the theocratic hierarchy. To not respect the Beast God Medal of Honor was to disrespect the Beast God; not even his uncle being a Head Priest would help him here.

Luo Sibo immediately knelt to the ground and kowtowed three times. His heart almost destroyed itself with hatred, but he still needed to wear his devout smile.

“Good boy, go aside and play,” Zou Liang said while tousling the other’s hair, his expression that of a pious man with his heart that of a scoundrel’s.

Luo Sibo did not dare to resist but neither did he immediately leave when he stood up. Instead, he remained in order to give a salute before gloomily walking out of the pub.

Ji Na glanced at Zou Liang, her eyes flashing in astonishment. “You really are special.”

“Miss Ji Na, this trump card is pretty good, isn’t it? Next time you meet people you don’t like, just tell them so and don’t get others involved.”

Zou Liang spoke indifferently, pretending to be a hatchling that had never seen the true purpose behind her initial greeting. However, once he said this he also came to understand that he had helped her willingly. He had acted in response to the charisma only a beautiful woman would possess and he had definitely enjoyed her high-quality legs; no matter how it was explained, he had appreciated her presence and it could be counted as each relying on the other for their own needs.

Ji Na’s heart was roused even further with interest. The men she had seen before had never shown such a lack of narcissism within them, to say nothing that this was a Bi Er versed in knife play and a priest bestowed with the Beast God Medal of Honor. This matter was far too interesting.

“I wouldn’t look for a normal person if I wanted to find a hero to save the damsel in distress,” Ji Na responded, fluttering her lashes while crossing one of her legs over the other. This kind of stunning appearance was a sharp weapon that words could not express.

“We need to get going, hope to see you again.”

Lan Di tossed a few silvers and the entourage left. That girl was a gunpowder keg that would make the heart itch.

“Ya Se, from what I can see that leopard girl is interested in you. I have heard the name Ji Na before, too; she’s the number one beauty of Sheng Diya (Shèng Dìyà) City and her father is the magistrate of the city.”

“Forget it, I don’t want to bring trouble upon myself. We still have our trial by fire today.”

“More like you’re scared of the trouble that Ao Li Quan Ya would bring,” Ke Te teased.

Everyone gave a laugh. These days, everyone had already become accustomed to Ya Se’s uniqueness. Though he said that he was afraid of trouble, truthfully it was quite the opposite.

The men did not have any interest in shopping and half of these traders were benefitting from others’ misfortunes. It was thanks to Ai Wei Er that they did not have to worry about it; she had sent out others to purchase their necessities earlier, and since the five had drunk their alcohol and fought their fights, they decided to return and rest.

By the time they had returned to the tavern, Ai Wei Er and Ao Li Quan Ya had already changed into a set of clothes for rest and relaxation. The two beauties had evidently already bathed, as well, and their bodies exuded a sense of contentment while they drank Yang Yan[1. Luna Note: Appearance Nourishing] Tea.

“You guys are certainly idle!” Ke Te laughed merrily.

“You guys got into a fight again; how do I deal with you?” Ai Wei Er sighed, though at this point she was already accustomed to this.

“I heard that some hero rescued a damsel in distress?” Ao Li Quan Ya asked, her two large eyes looking at Zou Liang from the left and right.

Zou Liang laughed. “It was inevitable. Our sense of righteousness is too full and this is called standing up for justice. Is Priestess Ao Li Quan Ya going to give us a reward?”

“You guys are still laughing, but after offending Luo Sibo there will definitely be trouble.”

“It’s not like we’re people afraid of trouble. Has everything been prepared, Ai Wei Er?”

“Everything was ready a long time ago. You guys must hurry and pack up; we are leaving early tomorrow.”

Watching the backs of these five, Ao Li Quan Ya could not help but to ask, “Is this Ji Na really pretty?”

“Very pretty; she is even titled as the most beautiful legs in the holy province. Her father is Sheng Diya’s magistrate rumored to have an arrogant and willful temper, and she has marriage relations with Luo Sibo though the lady did not seem to have any sign of going along with it. Luo Sibo keeps harassing her, though, and many of the people in Sheng Diya City who dared to covet her beauty have been overturned by him.”

“Oh.” Ao Li Quan Ya nodded, her eyes carrying a hint of happiness.

In the room, Lan Di had followed Zou Liang everywhere, much to the latter’s dissatisfaction. “I said I’m going to take a bath, Lan Di. What, did you want to join me like it’s a public bathhouse?”

“I want to learn now! Who cares about joining you like a public bathhouse; even devoting myself to you would be fine!” Lan Di laughed. It was no wonder that Ke Te had given him the nickname of “bootlicker”; this brother’s perseverance and thick skin was beyond the norm.

“Get lost! Wait for me to finish washing!” Zou Liang shooed him away. He had absolutely no interest in sharing a shower with another man.

“Yes, yes, I’ll wait at the entrance. If there’s anything you need feel free to call me.”

After saying this, Lan Di actually guarded the door. Zou Liang could only shake his head with helplessness; this Lan Di[2. Luna Note: Originally said Ya Se, but this seems like an error given the situation and context.] was a true martial idiot. In fact, the Beastman Empire was flooded with idiots just like this.

After fighting and sweating, Zou Liang’s mood had been refreshed. Of course, the main point was that he had won; if he had lost, he would not have been able to sleep tonight at all. Humming his “homelands” ballad, Zou Liang comfortably scrubbed himself in the bath.

Lan Di’s mood hadn’t suffered from his loss. He couldn’t have beaten Luo Ge anyway, and his entire heart was focused on the topic of that exquisite knife technique.

Before long, Ke Te came over as well, Lan Di immediately giving him a glare with his leopard eyes before interrogating him, “What are you here for, moon-faced cat?”

Ke Te glanced to the left and right. “Me? I’m just randomly walking around.”

“If you’re just randomly walking you didn’t have to come here. Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re scheming!”

“Shit, bootlicker, do I have to get a special permit just to walk around here[3. In Chinese it literally translates to “only allows the noble tribes to light fires but don’t allow the commoners to light a fire”, however this fits an English sentence better.]? But you’re not wrong; I’ve come to learn, as well.”

“I knew it! This is my Shadow Hunter’s technique; what is a Crusader like you going to learn!”

“Knowing more techniques isn’t harmful, and perhaps I could even comprehend something.”

Ke Te was an intelligent person and after seeing Priest Ya Se’s generous character and dazzling knife skills, he could not help but want to learn the technique as well. Though the occupations all had their differences, they still shared some common ground; at the very least he could be prepared if he met such a technique in the future.

After waiting for Zou Liang to complete his slow bath, the two well-behaved pupils at the entranceway had already prepared refreshments. “Come in.”

The two hurriedly tried to rush inside but were stuck at the entrance, neither willing to let the other move before them. By the time they entered, they had expended a great deal of strength.

Zou Liang held a wooden stick while he explained. “This technique of mine was learned from a wandering elder. He said that this could not really be considered a method of attacking and is at best just a performance, but it assists in training the hands’ dexterity. We all know that the expectations of a Spirit Engraving Master is high, so I also practice this a lot.”

“But I think it is very powerful?” Lan Di asked, puzzled.

Zou Liang laughed; these two were still fixated on the appearance of technique, but thinking on it it was also true that even something like the philosophy of equilibrium[4. For those who don’t know equilibrium is when things return back to it’s natural state, it is a concept used a lot in chemistry and physics. It concept is widely used and appears much in our daily lives ie. batteries, pressure (air, water, spray cans etc), etc] wasn’t comprehended during this time, either.

“This is what an expert said and I do not know the specifics. I’ll slow it down for you to see. For a Shadow Hunter to play like this is partially to practice small techniques and it will not harm them.”

Zou Liang demonstrated it slowly with his wooden stick, covering each of the sequences. “When you begin to practice you should follow this order. Once you are well-versed with it, you can use it as you please during a fight to keep your opponent intimidated.”

Both Ke Te and Lan Di’s observational abilities were very good and they could each slowly finish one cycle. Lan Di couldn’t resist but laughing out, “It doesn’t seem too hard.”

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