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The Great Conqueror - Chapter 61 - Zenith Novels

The Great Conqueror – Chapter 61

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Chapter 61- Beauty Enlists Herself Into The Team

Ke Te gave a thumbs up after hearing about the map. Ai Wei Er had gotten her provisions from the Adventurers Guilds, which had a different purpose compared to the strict occupational guilds. Anyone could become a member and they had a foot in all kinds of things: spreading news, handing out rewards for tasks, headhunting, hosting auctions, and not to mention supplying the maps for the excursions.

The cheapest maps could be sold for as low as only a few bronze coins, but those who used them were unlikely to meet a single demonic beast. The more expensive ones, however, cost a few thousand gold coins and there were even some that even reached to tens of thousands. The map that Ai Wei Er had bought had cost five gold coins: very expensive for a third-grade map, but that only implied its thoroughness.

“Younger cousin, what a coincidence that we meet in such a place.”

Just as everyone was preparing to enter the underworld, another team walked over to greet them. At the front of the group was a dazzling Tai Ge member, his expression filled with surprise at the sight of Ai Wei Er.

“This fellow is Halalei-Gelu (Hā​lā​léi – Gélǔ), head of the Gelu family and a very distant relative of Ai Wei Er. He is a third-year from Da Luo Si’s War Academy and someone who is pursuing Ai Wei Er, but the rumors say he is a womanizer.”

The Rui Bo Te tribe and the Tai Ge tribe did not have any genetic connections, but after a wide spread of intermarriage it was not strange to have familial relations. Normally, when a female child was born they would inherit either the mother or father’s Beast Spirit Imprint, but there were still ocassions where the child would inherit a mix of both.

Zou Liang almost burst out laughing after mishearing it as ‘Allah Lei’. “Da Luo Si’s War Academy, the province’s War Academy; very strong.”

Lan Di laughed. If others had heard what Ya Se said they would figure him out to be a country bumpkin, but if they were familiar with him they would know Ya Se was mocking them.

“Older cousin Halalei,” Ai Wei Er dimly smiled while keeping her distance. Halelei retracted his stance of offering a hug without any embarrassment before sweeping his eyes over the people alongside Ai Wei Er. When he saw Ao Li Quan Ya, his eyes emitted a silent glow.

“Younger cousin, why did you not tell me when you were going to go on a trial by fire? If you had just said so, we could have been able to guarantee your safety as well as allow you to complete the mission without any stress.” Halalei smiled, immediately disregarding both Ke Te and Lan Di.

Ai Wei Er was a bit embarrassed, and it was fortunate that Ke Te and Lan Di were familiar with Halalei. Halalei was three years older than them and his abilities were the strongest of anyone else present; with this, his arrogance could only be considered normal.

“Halalei, if there’s a chance, you should show me what high-end techniques you’ve learned from Da Luo Si,” Ke Te replied, not willing to be intimidated by the imposing manner the other team carried.

“Little Ke Te has grown up and now dares to challenge me. Not a problem; you can choose the time and place when I’m in Ye Lu Samo!” Halalei benevolently offered. Halalei still did not consider Ke Te as worthy of his eyes, not necessarily because Ke Te’s abilities were low but—even assuming their talents were similar—Halalei still had the advantage of three years including all of the Beast Spirit and combat experience he’d accumulated during that time.

“Younger cousin, why not join my team?” Halalei invited kindly.

“No. I am the leader and I trust them,” Ai Wei Er replied, her tone neither warm nor heated yet devoid of rejection, maintaining her distance.

“Let’s stop talking nonsense; we should get going,” Lan Di remarked. He did not like guys like this with their noses stuck up in the air [1. Chinese saying is with a guy with his eyes grown on top of his head.], and this was a reason that he and Ke Te would often argue as well. The Lai Yin and Tai Ge tribes considered themselves a rank higher than the other and this was etched into their very bones, causing people a great amount of annoyance.

Halalei was not pleased to have his attempt at persuading Ai Wei Er interrupted. He had not met her in a long half-year and she had grown even more charming, increasing his interest in her further.

“Wait, there’s me too!”

Hearing this voice caused Zou Liang’s head to swell. It was Ji Na.

“Miss Ji Na, we have nothing to do with each other,” Zou Liang said, looking towards Ji Na who was coming towards him. Zou Liang had many things he needed to achieve during this trial by fire, and for him it was not going to be a normal one. Even though beauties were good, there were already two of them by his side which was enough to admire; if there was another it would just become a stage performance.

“Males should take responsibility and not forget someone after just a night!” Ji Na exclaimed in an affectionate manner, pulling Zou Liang’s arm and immediately stirring the surroundings with her words.

Halalei had completely ignored this unbecoming priest in training and thought he was just an attendant, but this leopard female was no small matter. Her beautiful legs were fair and slender, and one could only imagine the pleasure of having them wrapped around their body.

Zou Liang hastily pulled Ji Na off of him. “A yard is a yard[2. Luna Note: Effectively “do not try to take advantage of my earlier goodwill. Similar to ‘give an inch and they take a mile’, and Zou Liang is saying that he’s already given a mile and to stop asking for more.]. I don’t remember any responsibility I have towards you.”

Feeling the killing intent from the gazes of the people behind him, Zou Liang was quick to establish a line between the two.

Ji Na’s facial expression was twisted as though she had been wronged. “Because of you I lost my team. Do you perhaps want me to undergo the trial by fire all by myself?”

The eyes of the surrounding groups all lit up. Having the company of a beauty during the trial by fire was an honor, but they were not even being given an opportunity for this kind of privilege.

“I cannot make a call on this. I’m only here to mess around.”

“This young lady does not have to feel embarrassed; as long as you’re willing, my team will welcome you. This is the outstanding team that has come from Da Luo Si’s War Academy and each member is someone recognised by the occupational guilds,” Halalei immediately offered his kind invitation, his face not carrying even the slightest hint of embarrassment.

Ji Na’s charming expression immediately turned ice-cold. “Move aside.”

When she turned around towards Zou Liang again, she could be likened to a small cat. “Take me ma[3. This is emphasis like the malaysian ‘lah’ that they add at the end of every sentence.], it’s very dangerous for a lonely girl like me.”

Zou Liang did not imagine that he would meet such a person, and with him already looking after Ao Li Quan Ya it was as though danger existed around every corner. Though creating a sense of crisis was a good thing, having too much was just as bad as not having enough; he did not dare to agree to the request.

Ai Wei Er gave a smile in reply. “If Miss Ji Na is interested, of course there is no problem.”

“Rui Bo Te tribe’s Ai Wei Er: renowned genius of Ye Lu Samo’s Rui Bo Te family. I have intruded,” Ji Na courteously accepted, throwing her own measure of flattery Ai Wei Er’s way.

It was clear that both beauties had done their homework. Though it was their first official meeting, neither could conceal who they were.

Ao Li Quan Ya was less experienced [4. In Chinese they use the word ‘tender’.] in comparison to these two, but this was inevitable and something Zou Liang was very fond of.

“See you after the trial by fire, older cousin.”

Having an extra person wouldn’t affect the team much, but after seeing Ji Na unceasingly glued to Ya Se Ao Li Quan Ya could no longer hold back a complaint. “Older Sister Ai Wei Er, why did we let her join?”

“Even if I did not agree she would follow anyway, and it is very dangerous for a lone girl to be traversing the underworld.” Ai Wei Er explained; her consideration had to be more thorough than a normal person’s.

Ao Li Quan Ya nodded. Although she was not very willing, her core was still that of a kind-hearted priestess.

Ji Na was very competent and in no time had become familiar with everyone; she had even had a few conversations with Patelisi who had so little to say, to say nothing of the two rascals Ke Te and Lan Di who had been bootlicking all along the way.

After half a day of travel examining the land and moving through the tunnels that took them to and fro, they had finally arrived at a world of open space. Arriving at this place meant that they were now far away from the area of safety and had entered the demonic beasts’ territory.

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