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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

For Ji Na in the past, it had always been her toying with others; this was the first time she had been played with instead.

“Who cares, you must teach me! If you can’t teach me so I know it, too…… if you cannot, I’ll hit you!” Ao Li Quan Ya requested while tugging at Zou Liang’s clothes.

“Don’t tug and pull in public, we’ll discuss it later. To practice war songs requires talent; are you able?” Zou Liang questioned, unable to resist teasing her. It was a pleasure to see the ever-happy Ao Li Quan Ya, and the influence of her happiness could infect at least Zou Liang.

Before he had finished, Zou Liang was made to release a pitiful scream as his foot was stomped on. “Who cares! You have to teach me anyway or I’ll hit you flying!”

“…… This harsh?” Zou Liang timidly asked.

Ao Li Quan Ya solemnly nodded her head in response—“It will be very harsh!”—while she waved her small fists, displaying her menacing military might.

“Today was an experience. There are mountains, thereon there are mountain-dwellers1. It’s no wonder Ai Wei Er was willing to change all her plans to wait for him,” Ke Te lamented. If it were not for Ya Se, perhaps this entire team would have been finished here.

Zou Liang gave a smile; he did not need to be modest. Even though his aim for this trial by fire was not yet accomplished, it was obvious that they could not stay any longer.

“Ya Se, can you increase the radius of your war song attack any larger?” Patelisi suddenly asked, his face calm and unmoved even after witnessing such an exaggerated war song.

“That earlier could be counted as the limit. It couldn’t be…..”

“Yes, this time there are definitely over a hundred……” Patelisi confirmed as he landed.

Everyone’s eyes were with only a single word — Run!

The Rock Beasts charged like small-sized tanks and the party was made to separate into two groups: Zou Liang, Ou Nisi Te, Ao Li Quan Ya, and Ji Na in one group, Ai Wei Er’s entourage in the other. Once they had shaken off the Rock Beasts they would gather back at this place.

However, the Rock Beasts did not have any intention of splitting into two troops and they all chased after Zou Liang in a dense mass.

The four that originally wanted to rest could only push themselves to their limits and furiously run. “I can’t run anymore, I can’t run anymore,” Ao Li Quan Ya heaved; she was a War Song Priestess, not a marathon runner. Zou Liang did not say another word and picked her up by the waist. “Little ancestor, this group doesn’t recognise you!”

“As long as you can recognise me, it’s enough,” Ao Li Quan Ya delightedly replied, observing the army of rolling Rock Beasts behind them in a satisfied manner.

“F**k, why is this group following us!”

“They’re not following us, they’re following you!” Ji Na replied. These Rock Beasts were chasing with their lives and it seemed that they had pledged not to give up until they had caught them.

Ou Nisi Te was also gasping for breath since he was carrying a large package. Running was not his forte, either, so it seemed that only Ji Na and Ya Se were finding it easier.

“We’ll split again, you guys circle back to join with the others!”

“Big brother, I’ll protect you!” Ou Nisi Te resolved whilst carrying his large package.

“Protect that head of yours, quickly leave. Ao Li Quan Ya, you go with them as well.”

“No!” Ao Li Quan Ya pouted, unwilling to relinquish her hold of Zou Liang’s neck.

“Ji Na, you go with Ou Nisi Te and join up with Ai Wei Er’s party first.”

Ji Na nodded. “Ou Nisi Te, Ao Li Quan Ya, we’ll go first. Otherwise we’ll be a burden to Ya Se.” It was very clear to her that if the four of them stuck together, not a single one would get away.

“I’m not going!” Ou Nisi Te absolutely refused to leave; he would not abandon Ya Se no matter what.

“I’m not going either!”

The horde of Rock Beasts had already caught up and Zou Liang sighed, truly wishing to turn around and give a loud yell. An overbearing regal aura filled all four sides and the Rock Beasts started to lay prone one after another like pet dogs, but if Zou Liang did the same he knew that the one lying on the ground would definitely be him.

Zou Liang’s hands curled around Ao Li Quan Ya’s head area and—with a press—she fainted. “Ji Na, take Ao Li Quan Ya and Ou Nisi Te and leave. I’ll join up with you guys after I lose these idiots.”

“Relax,” Ji Na nodded. This was the most correct method; sometimes emotions would only harm others as well as yourself.

“Ou Nisi Te, if you don’t listen then I will no longer recognise you as my younger brother. Relax, I will definitely return to find you guys!” Zou Liang strictly commanded.

After saying this, Zou Liang changed directions and the Rock Beast horde also followed after, pressuring him with a honglonglong.

Moving as a single person left Zou Liang much more mobile, and if the landscape were a bit more complex it would be very simple to throw off these tagalongs. However, the issue was that the landscape was very simple and the Rock Beasts had a one-track mind that would not let him escape dead or alive.

Zou Liang was slightly angered but he still suppressed his inner impulse with the horde of Rock Beasts now only thirty meters away from him. He channeled all of his Beast Spirit into his two legs, running without pause; after nearing the end he had already gone numb and was relying on his Beast Spirit to drive himself to continue like a machine. The speed of the Rock Beast behind him had slowed down as well, though not to the extent that it could be ignored.

He did not know where he had run to, either, but in front of him was a dark hole. Since the hole was not large, if somebody didn’t focus they would not have noticed it, evidently so narrow that only a man could fit through. Zou Liang swelled the last of his strength into his foot and charged into the hole as though he had found a new land.

Sou…… Zou Liang fell headfirst and a honglonglong sounded behind him as the Rock Beasts pursued only to all stop at the entrance to the cave. Their speed was too fast, however, thus they collided with the ones in front one after another, the resulting scene turning into one of complete confusion.

As soon as Zou Liang entered the cave, he felt that there was something wrong: the ground was nonexistent. He was left falling, and he poured his Beast Spirit into his entire body in order to brace himself for the impact. F**k2, he could only hope that he would not be crippled after this.

Suddenly, the darkness parted with a sudden light that made his eyes blurry…… putong……

The cold water of the lake cleared Zou Liang’s head in an instant. The Beast God had given his favor by providing him with a song landing…… but this sense of joy did not last long, as there was a severe issue at hand

He didn’t know how to swim!

Heroes have died through hundreds of battles, but it was unheard of to drown after being sent out.

Not only this but not long after, a kind of cry had sounded through Zou Liang’s ears similar to that of a ghost or wolf’s howling. He fiercely turned himself to sit up and then pulled a fish from his chest. Just as he was thinking about throwing it away, he resisted; it could possibly be his only ration for today.

The surroundings were murky, and if someone was to compare the underworld to the surface it would not be too different except for the darkness of the cave where it led to an open area. A few rocks would emit light, but these were not normal rocks and were instead a crimson colour; it could be considered very beautiful in a sense. In the underworld, “day” would be longer than “night” by a bit, so currently it should be counted as the night.

Zou Liang could feel that the surroundings were very spacious. Half of his body was still immersed in water and—though he didn’t know why—he also felt that there was a pair of eyes staring at him from the water.

Zou Liang left the waters shivering.

Chapter 64 – Hero That Cannot Swim


  1. This means that there are also people out of your knowledge.
  2. Censored

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