The Great Conqueror – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

Humans are extremely habitual creatures, especially ones who had a will to live like Zou Liang. His perfect life had just started and he did not wish to lose it in a blasted place like this, but since he had already ended up in this situation he could only go along with it and treat it like a part of his training.

Zou Liang had already very calmly weighed his current situation and—with the experiences of his previous life and the more appropriate part of the trial by fire—he was very confident in his own abilities, but this world was not the same as the previous one. The largest difference was that it was filled with dangerous battles.

It was not just between the beast tribes, but between these monsters as well.

Speaking simply, Zou Liang felt that he lacked the sense of danger. The champion of the world martial artist championships, for example, would have excellent Chinese boxing techniques, but only when they were playing with their life on the street would they find they wouldn’t even be able to defeat those expert street fighters that had never taken to the stage.

In this place, he had made a ruthless judgment as to this danger. He felt he wasn’t good enough and wished to solve the problem through this trial by fire. He wanted to experience why the demon beasts were feared.

This time he had completely experienced it, and after accepting the situation he did not worry too much; this could also be counted as practicing the mindset necessary to find a plan for victory.

Ten days had passed with Zou Liang and Little Ball experiencing two small fights, both concluding with Zou Liang very sensibly fleeing. This space was not very large and they had already made a full round, and in those ten days the most obvious exit was still the place he had originally come in from. The large monster in the lake was a high-grade demon beast with its body’s Defense definitely exceeding fifty points; with Zou Liang’s attack power he would not be able to pierce its defenses, to say nothing of how the demon beast could kill him just by breathing on him.

Managing to act on the desire to leave would be even more challenging than overturning the Heavens.

According to the Adventurer Guild’s intelligence, the second floor beneath the first floor would always have a distinct overly powerful demon beast that served as the second floor’s overlord. The combat strength of such a creature would give even a gold-grade warrior a headache, but at the same time only a place with a demon beast like this would have top-grade heavenly treasures. This was not something that Zou Liang considered, however, since if he entered the lake the demon beast wouldn’t even have to do anything before he sank to the bottom.

These ten days, Zou Liang had been analyzing its behavior and found the demon beasts would eat in the mornings and would appear once every three days. Demon beasts would automatically arrive at its doorstep, but the “drinking water” they saw was instead a “meal home delivery” for the enormous demon beast. Though he did not observe this each time, whenever the demon beast overlord appeared, it would issue a loud roar that could oddly fill the entire area.

He had also seen the large figure of the demon beast: it was an approximately two-meter-large “fish” with claws. There were similar records in the monster encyclopedia in the library, but those were slightly smaller than this.

Dragon Fish: high-grade demon beast. Its offensive and defensive power exceeded “strong”, and it was suggested for gold-grade teams1 to surround it in order to kill it. Not only could Dragon Fish use physical attacks, but they could also control the air and water in order to attack and possessed the intimidation of a high-grade demon beast.

After confirming this thing’s power, Zou Liang’s head began to spin in circles; just how could he leave this place?

Even if Little Ball could capture fish for him, he did not want to become a beastman version of Robinson Crusoe2.

According to the Adventurers Guild, there were two ways to leave the second floor: one was to leave by the entrance—obviously impossible since even if he did know how to swim, he couldn’t fly—and the second was to kill the overlord beast—that Dragon Fish—in order to cause the area to disappear.

The underworld was not unchanging. Every day, some areas would disappear and others would be born; this was the reason why maps had to be constantly updated.

From Zou Liang’s perspective, there was nothing that was impossible. Ever since he had arrived in this world, he had never been overrun by a problem and this time was the same; he firmly believed that there was not a single issue that was unsolvable, only that the solutions had yet to be found. He was a researcher; he couldn’t just use the brain of a beastman to think over the problem at hand.

Zou Liang sat on the ground and gazed at the lakeside from close by. Although the complicated terrain around the Dragon Fish’s lake was well-suited for concealment, the number of demon beasts was not low and each and every single one was at a level that could make Zou Liang eat a loss, making the lakeside the safest place. The Dragon Fish was awe-inspiring, but it was not an amphibious3 demon beast.


Little Ball to his side was not well-behaved; he rolled here and there, then there and here again, living every day very happily.

“Little Ball, behave yourself. This older brother is currently pondering on an issue!” Zou Liang scolded. This little guy had not only brought him basic living necessities, but also gave him confidence and allowed him to understand and recognise himself. It also gave him someone to talk to.

Little Ball obediently rolled over and sat on the ground, its small eyes blinking at Zou Liang. After being bitten by Zou Liang, this rascal believed that the other was its superior.

Zou Liang grabbed a stick and drew on the ground, making a map of the topography he had studied these past few days. The perimeter was only a few kilometers long with this lake as the heart4. The Dragon Fish’s appetite was far too large, yet the amount of demon beasts in the area did not seem to decrease; this strange place had many concepts that could not be measured with the laws of physics. Truthfully, Zou Liang had began to wonder whether there actually was a Beast God, and though he used to be an atheist, after coming here there were many truths that he firmly believed he had to view from the opposite side of the coin.

At this time, the Dragon Fish pierced through the lake and released its unique roar; a group of monsters had once again appeared by the lakeside and could only become food for the Dragon Fish. The Dragon Fish could not eat them all every time, however, since every monster would still have to follow the concept of consumption followed by digestion, and once the Dragon Fish had finished eating its fill the remaining demon beasts would have hope to continue living.

Zou Liang calmly studied the entire process; he did not know what he might be able to discover and so needed to observe. Even if it was a chance that occurred one time out of ten thousand, he would still grasp it; he who had already experienced two lives did not want to go down another time.

Two unfortunate Hemp-Clothed Tower Beasts were knocked over by a larger Violent Hill-Boar Giant, and with the suction from the Dragon Fish the Hemp-Clothed Tower Beasts were sucked up into the air. One of the demons frantically waved its limbs and dropped its bat in a miserable situation paired with a miserable scream.

Eating the two Hemp-Clothed Tower Beasts was not enough and afterwards the unfortunate Violent Hill-Boar Giant was also sucked up, its scream adding to the misery.

Little Ball felt as though this was nothing much; it was accustomed to this. The rascal began to roll here and there once more.

“F**k, to release such a wretched scream made all of my hairs stand up. Could it be that I’m going to spend the rest of my years in this blasted place?” Zou Liang cursed as he felt the Dragon Fish’s frightening might. His heart ached with aggrievement and disappointment at the fact that he only knew two things related to this Dragon Fish.

Suddenly, Zou Liang fiercely stood up. This wasn’t right!

There was a problem!

If the Dragon Fish had emerged from the other side of the lake, how was it that he could hear from so far away???

Even though the Dragon Fish’s voice was loud, he’d fought the Hemp-Clothed Tower Beast before and its voice was definitely not that loud!!!

Chapter 67 – Dragon Fish

  1. A gold-grade team means that the entire team is at least gold grade.
  2. A book about a stranded person that live and hunts for the rest of his life on an uninhabited island
  3. This word in Chinese can also mean dual-talented.
  4. Center/origin

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