The Great Conqueror – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68

The world of the “Rock Beast’s Thunder” was currently in a completely different situation: the aggressive Rock Beasts were being run down like pigs in a pen with a group of cavalry chasing for the kill. Each member of the cavalry was at least a bronze-grade Armour Transformation warrior, and this was one of the few groups in the Meng Jia continent that also had bronze-grade steeds.

“Ao Li Quan Ya, don’t worry. We’ll definitely find him,” a silver-grade cavalryman spoke; this was an Armour Transformation warrior with complete attributes.

Although the amount of complete attribute warriors was not few in the Meng Jia Empire and they were not rare to see, a complete attribute silver-grade warrior only twenty years old was unmatched.

Nei Beiluo – Sang Qiesi1 (Nèi Bèiluō·Sāng Qièsī). He was the son of Magistrate Sang Qiesi and the youngest silver-grade warrior in all the history of the Meng Jia Empire. Back in the capital, countless ladies dreamed of him.

Nei Beiluo did not follow after his father’s footsteps and instead joined the Church of the Beast God. He had become a cavalryman, and not just any ordinary cavalryman but a part of the most powerful Beast God’s Decorum Cavalry team in the church. The Pope thought highly of him and he was also the cavalry team’s young captain.

In Nei Beiluo’s eyes, these fleeing Rock Beasts were no different than wild pigs that held no destructive power at all.

“Why are you guys so slow? What would you do if something happened to Ya Se!” Ao Li Quan Ya was a bit restless2. Ai Wei Er and the rest of the entourage were also here, and this time everyone knew of Ao Li Quan Ya’s status, though others had already guessed before then: she was not a normal beast tribe member. In the eight large beast tribes, there were only two special existences and—although their numbers were few—they held all of the power and authority in the Meng Jia Empire. These were the experts of the monarchy and the theocratic powers with the ability to Spirit Engrave: the Bisi Mai Swan tribe and the Tian Mei tribe.

Ao Li Quan Ya’s mother was the number one beauty and the president of the largest union in the Meng Jia Empire, the Sky Feather Union. She was also of the Bisi Mai tribe, one of the two largest tribes and considered as the noble tribe amongst noble tribes.

“Relax. Although this is a fifth-rank map, the Rock Beasts are dumber so he must have hidden away somewhere,” Nei Beiluo smiled. His gentle voice carried a sense of confidence that allowed others to relax.

Ai Wei Er’s party was a bit worried, especially the restless Ou Nisi Te; it had already been ten or so days, but there was still no shadow of Ya Se and they did not have the search radius of a war song. However, Lan Di had confidence in Ya Se and believed that he was still alive and hadn’t joined them for some specific reason.

Nei Beiluo was their idol, and if they did not know whether Ya Se was dead or alive then they would wish to gain some pointers from him.

Nei Beiluo’s attempt at comfort did not have much effect; Ao Li Quan Ya had the feeling that an important part of herself was missing. The cavalry team had already searched for two days and had pretty much covered the entire place; these Rock Beasts could not offer any resistance against these cavalrymen.

A bronze-grade warrior dressed with iron from head to toe dismounted while reporting, “Leader, we have already completely searched this area. We have not found any trace of another person, but we have found a cave that we predict is the entrance to the second level of the underworld. Its level is also very high.”

Nei Beiluo could not help but wrinkle his brow. “The second layer?”

“Yes. My guess is…… the target charged into the second layer in order to escape……”

This meant that Ya Se was already finished. With this realisation, Ai Wei Er and the party’s expressions all turned ice-cold.

“Where? I’ll find my older brother!” Ou Nisi Te howled. “He’ll be fine!”

“Ou Nisi Te, don’t be so hasty. Leader Nei Beiluo, would it be possible to take us to see?” Ai Wei Er asked, but her heart fell with a thump; it was a hundred times better to arrive in any other place than to enter into the second layer.

“F**k, how could Ya Se’s luck be so bad?” Lan Di cursed, but after seeing everyone’s terrible expressions he immediately shut up and began gloomily muttering some more under his breath. It would be dangerous even if a gold-grade warrior fell into the second layer, not even mentioning the odds of a second layer appearing in a fifth-layer map was lower than low; how could it be that they had met such a thing?

The entire map’s Rock Beasts were flattened by the Decorum Cavalry team. Their power could not be measured like normal bronze-grade warriors’; each one was an astonishing warrior with outstanding battle strength and sincerity in their religious conviction.

There was not a single Rock Beast to be seen. Even if a team composed of hundreds of people came, it would take a week to clean out what the Decorum Cavalry team had only taken two days to do.

Everyone was silently gazing at the cave in front of them. This was exactly the direction Ya Se had headed in, and it was almost certain he had gone inside.

Ai Wei Er looked at the cave and her heart silenced further. This kind of unidirectional hole was impossible to return from unless the overlord of the area was defeated.

“Nei Beiluo, return and tell my mother to find my uncle to send the silver cavalry team here!” Ao Li Quan Ya commanded; she knew this place would mean death for a normal cavalry team and only a silver cavalry team led by a gold-grade warrior would be able to force their way through.

“Ao Li Quan Ya, calm down a bit. It has already been ten days. Even if we contact them now, it would be too late. Even if it was your mother, it would be difficult to use this as a reason to move the silver cavalry team.” Nei Beiluo patiently explained. The silver cavalry team was the core power of the church and it would definitely not be mobilised for a normal person, much less when it involved braving the dangers of the second floor. After the last holy war, the church was no longer very willing to participate in such pointless matters.

“It’s all my fault,” Ai Wei Er uttered her extreme guilt. If her map hadn’t had problems, they would not have sunk into this much trouble. Ya Se had only ended up in this kind of circumstance because of them.

Ao Li Quan Ya’s eyes immediately moistened; thinking of the bad guy who hadn’t been confirmed as either dead or alive made her want to cry. “Who cares! You tell my mother, and if you don’t think of a way then I won’t return!”

A thread of suspicion floated by Nei Beiluo. “Ao Li Quan Ya, don’t find trouble for superior Bixiu (Bìxiù). You need to think calmly; even a silver-grade warrior would not survive in there.”

“Nonsense, my big brother will be absolutely fine!’ Ou Nisi Te howled and charged towards the entrance. Even if he was going to die, he was going to die with Ya Se.

Lan Di and the rest of the entourage all knew something bad was going to happen just by watching, but when this silly bear Ou Nisi Te was muddled they would not be able to block him no matter what. A shadow forcibly blocked in front of Ou Nisi Te, but Ou Nisi Te did not care who it was and immediately slammed a Clasping Avalanche towards that person.


Ou Nisi Te was flung away and fainted as his head landed on the ground. Nei Beiluo was also forced back one step, a concentrated look of astonishment on his face that a mere low-grade warrior somehow had so much strength.

“Ladies and gentlemen, even though it is unfortunate, this is the truth. Us beastmen are all heroes and Ya Se can also be considered a hero of justice; as a priest, he is worthy of the Beast God’s glory. You guys should calm down, but if there are more people who wish to send themselves to their deaths, I will not stop them.”

Nei Beiluo gave a salute. If it were not for Ao Li Quan Ya, he would not even be in this place; for a person to die in the trial by fire was a very ordinary thing and should not be blamed on the Heavens or others. If someone was to blame something, it would have to be their inability.

The others hung their heads. Even if they were not willing, the truth was indeed the truth.

Chapter 68 – Hero of Justice

  1. This time his surname is Sang Qiesi
  2. Chinese idiom. Direct translation is “not at peace when sitting”.

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The Bisi Mai tribe is the Swan tribe.

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