The Great Conqueror – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69

“Ao Li Quan Ya, let’s return. Superior Bixiu is very worried about you.”

“I won’t!”

“My older brother will be fine and I will wait here for him!” Ou Nisi Te affirmed and sat straight down.

Nei Beiluo initially believed that his earlier attack would leave left Ou Nisi Te knocked out for a few dozen hours. It seemed that Ou Nisi Te was a sprout with good potential and it had piqued Nei Beiluo’s interest in this Ya Se as well.

“Yes. Ya Se will not have anything wrong happen to him. We’ll wait here; perhaps he got lost and ended up in another place,” Ai Wei Er approved.

Nei Beiluo did not care about them and looked to Ao Li Quan Ya. “Superior Bixiu has asked for me to take you home since you have played enough. Don’t let her worry.”

Ao Li Quan Ya bit her lips in an obvious sign that she was afraid of her mother. Ao Li Quan Ya also knew that her mother worried for her, however she would not abandon Ya Se no matter what.

Nei Beiluo sucked in a deep breath. “How about this? I will leave behind a small team to protect you. There is currently an urgent mission by the church that will take at most half a month; after this, I will come and retrieve you.

Ao Li Quan Ya silently nodded, and with that Nei Beiluo left behind a small team before taking the rest and leaving. The demon beasts in this map had all been defeated anyway; there would be no danger, and he understood Ao Li Quan Ya’s character. If one was too forceful, it would not be any good.

Any male that made Ao Li Quan Ya worry…… must die.

At this time, Zou Liang’s vitality had been completely restored[1. 精神百倍 means that to have your vitality back to a hundred percent.] and he thoroughly observed the surroundings. The lake at the center was like a naturally-formed amplifier that would cause sound to reverberate[2. Luna Note: Author apparently says convection, which makes zero sense to me as it relates to sound or the movement thereof in this instance.], turning the entire place into an enormous megaphone.

Even if he were to put his life on the line and try fighting, even if he had a thousand or eight hundred lives he would become the Dragon Fish’s meal each time. But if he were to use a war song…….

“Mwahahaha, I’m a genius!”

Little Ball gave an odd look at the devious expression on Zou Liang’s face.

“Little Ball ah, do you want to hear this senior sing?”

Little Ball didn’t understand what “singing” was and shook its head, but Zou Liang didn’t care and swept Little Ball onto his shoulders. “Let’s go!”

When it came to using a war song, Zou Liang would still have to consider the risks. All of the demon beasts would be like moths to the flame, but with the Dragon Fish’s existence he could utilise the demon beast overlord’s territory and find a safe place next to the lake, far enough away so the Dragon Fish could not reach but close enough to control the other demon beasts with the war song.

Whether the confusion would be strong enough could only be left up to fate, but he did not wish to keep staying in this blasted place.

Zou Liang held his position, a bit nervous. If his plan turned out to be a mistake, it didn’t matter whether the Dragon Fish or all the demon beasts rushed over, he would be on a boat sailing straight to death either way. But if he kept staying here, he was really going to turn insane; having no computer could be dismissed, but how was he going to keep living his days without beauties?

Zou Liang cleared his throat and lowered his Beast Spirit so the demon beasts would neglect him as a threat before letting out a howl. Indeed, the sound echoed thousands of miles.

Little Ball was scared into a jump; what kind of male duck voice[3. Means a voice very hard to listen to.] was this? It was absolutely terrible.

Heihei, don’t be agitated; the real show has yet to begin.”

The song—Apprehension—that had driven all of the Rock Beasts insane was screened once more. It wasn’t that Zou Liang did not consider directly using an offensive war song, but he believed that his weak and fragile Beast Spirit—even if it was amplified—would not be able to bring many results and would instead draw attacks onto him. Confusion war songs were different, however, as they didn’t have any attacking characteristic; his conflict with the demon beasts would be decreased and he could achieve his true aim of allowing them to kill one another.

Half of the time had elapsed and Little Ball changed from his earlier stupefied look to happy dancing[4. Hands and feet dancing.]. Zou Liang’s worry was relieved to see this little rascal completely delighted.

After it passed through the natural amplifier, the entire song of Apprehension permeated through the space. Except for Little Ball who was dancing and rolling around, however, the other demon beasts did not pay Zou Liang any attention.

Zou Liang had completely sung Apprehension in high spirits without restraint…… Since there wasn’t anybody countering its confusing effect, it wouldn’t be too bad.

Only that……

How was it so quiet?

Zou Liang made a 310-degree turn as the Dragon Fish’s nest began to continuously ripple with waves, the far off mountains and foliage growing sinister……

Just as Zou Liang prepared to fall to his butt and sit thinking about how to spend the rest of his rotten years in this place, the lake burst open with water splashing in all directions. The Dragon Fish was as violent as though it had been attacked[5. Censored] and it howled insanely while spinning around to bite its tail. At this time, the mountains and rivers shook as an uncountable amount of demon beasts were tossed about, and from Zou Liang’s area dust swirled and the skies were filled with debris…… It was like the fireworks ushering in the new year.

Zou Liang clearly despised the Dragon Fish’s ability to control water; every arrow of water that shot past would leave a hole that left his heart cold in astonishment[6. Changed from heart wa cold wa – wa meaning the onomatopoeia for as astonishment]. If one of these shots hit him, it would leave a cavity and if they hit Little Ball, then the demon beast would be forced to return to cycle of reincarnation.

Zou Liang picked up the dancing Little Ball, stuffing it into his shirt against his chest before lowering his head and taking off through the forest as though dashing through a minefield.

The Dragon Fish’s territory had never been so lively before. This insane tossing about lasted for half an hour before coming to a close, and in the end the Dragon Fish also displayed a finishing move no different from blotting out the sky with water arrows. It was a gorgeous sight that made Zou Liang’s saliva flow down directly; when he obtained this kind of ability, he would be able to move without obstruction.

“Little Ball, is this boss’s singing nice to listen to?” Zou Liang laughed, tugging on Little Ball’s ear.

Little Ball brandished its claw, its eyes staring as round as saucers. It obviously did not enjoy Zou Liang grasping at its ear.

The joy in Zou Liang’s heart was like discovering a new continent and he completely ignored Little Ball’s protest. “Little Ball, look forward to it because soon we will be able to return home.”

After ten or so minutes, Zou Liang came over to the lake after confirming it was safe. This was still the best place to practice the Apprehension’s Bewilderment War Song, and even if someone tried to resist with all of their strength, he could walk away without anyone knowing.


Not long after the sound of the song started, the Dragon Fish came rushing out. Even though the sound around this place was similar to the sound elsewhere, when the Dragon Fish burst out from the center the only thing fluttering around near the lakeside was Zou Liang. The Dragon Fish was infuriated and sent some arrows—with a hong sound—over with an accompanying pilipala that immediately scared Zou Liang away.

It was fortunate that the Dragon Fish could not leave the water.

Zou Liang was a good youth of socialism and would not give up, however, and once it was night, he and Little Ball felt their way to the lakeside. The most precious tool of a Spirit Engraving Master—the Engraving Knife—had become Zou Liang’s shovel as he began to dig a hole. No matter how clever the Dragon Fish was, it was still a monster; it would need its eyes in order to observe, and as long as they did not reveal themselves it would be fine.

Before long, a three-meter deep and one-meter wide hole was dug. Sitting in the hole, Little Ball tiredly gasped for breath. No matter what Zou Liang did, Little Ball would follow.

“Very good, Little Ball, but it’s not finished yet; we still need to keep digging!”

To take precautions just in case, Zou Liang prepared to dig a hole to connect with the forest.

Chapter 69 – Underground Tunnel Fight

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