The Great Conqueror – Chapter 70

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Chapter 70

Day broke and Zou Liang would definitely change songs; this was a chance bestowed upon him by the Heavens to practice his war songs. He had directly disregarded the so-called war songs that Tuo Ma Si had taught him and created his own war song classification system.

Zou Liang summarised that the songs he knew as war songs were things that were heavily affected by his emotions with the rest of it dependent upon how he utilised his Beast Spirit. A normal War Song Priest could only follow their master’s teachings to sing a little with some of their Beast Spirit, but Zou Liang possessed a large library of songs that exceeded this generation and he could flexibly break down and manipulate Beast Spirit. All that was left for him was to try these war songs out.

Attacking-type war songs could directly cause injuries. The Flight Restriction War Song he had used in the Beast Spirit World was one of this type.

Supportive-type war songs could raise allied morale or interfere with the enemies’. The Apprehension’s Bewilderment War Song was an example of this.

Early in the morning on the second day, Zou Liang started to sing his Apprehension War Song while in the trench. The Dragon Fish appeared, but this time it couldn’t find any trace of Zou Liang; nothing could be seen either on the lake’s surface or around it.

The Dragon Fish thrashed about and the sky was filled with swordfish, and in the wilderness there were countless demon beasts flailing about, effectively insane. If these were low-grade demon beasts then they would have already started fighting, but even though these guys were violent they had not yet been driven to that degree. Furthermore, in the demon beasts’ world, there were rules that restricted them.

Zou Liang did not care about their behavior and proceeded to take the stage every fifteen minutes. He did realise that the demon beasts had their own resistance to war songs, though; if Apprehension was sung for too long, their reactions would decrease.

To counter this, Zou Liang prepared another confusion-based war song—Rustling and Giggling[1. link to the song 嘻唰唰]—and it indeed had the same effect as when Apprehension was first heard. The demon beasts were extremely violent, and the Dragon Fish was even more so.

The demon beasts had been fierce in the beginning, but Zou Liang quickly understood that when their Beast Spirit was overused they would grow very tired. He began to alter his tactics—such as changing his intervals to every half hour—while in the crafty rabbit hole he and Little Ball would use the time of safety during the night to continue digging.

As for the problem of food, it would not require Little Ball to do anything, as when the Dragon Fish flailed about, the merchandise would be tossed ashore. Zou Liang still received Little Ball’s help with fruits, and if Little Ball dared to eat something, Zou Liang would dare to try it as well in order to replenish some vitamins. Little Ball’s tastes were pretty good, too, and any fruit that it liked had a sweet taste.

Every day Zou Liang would practice his war songs and observe all sorts of demon beasts. Youths would not feel lonely and most important to them was their hopes. Zou Liang could feel the hope of prevailing over the Dragon Fish, even if he didn’t do it directly.

The Dragon Fish would emit a certain kind of roar that would attract the demon beasts. Previously, this roar was akin to an order, and every time it was heard a group of demon beasts would come to their deaths. Ever since Zou Liang started creating his noise, however, the demon beasts would come out in greater and more violent numbers. Due to the Dragon Fish’s presence, the demon beasts would not massacre one another but directed their rage at the Dragon Fish instead, though they still did not dare to rebel. Only those that were being eaten would dare to resist.

When the Dragon Fish was having its meal, Zou Liang and Little Ball would hide themselves and not even the smallest changes in details would escape Zou Liang’s vision. All of this meant that his war songs were disrupting the unwritten rules of this space and—as long as he kept diligently singing—one day he would be able to cause all of the demon beasts to revolt.

Another half a month passed and Zou Liang no longer continued to randomly sing. All of the war songs had an unpleasant effect on the demon beasts, and the main point was that it caused them to thrash about.

This originally incomparably stable and orderly space on the second layer was tossed around and on the verge of falling apart because of Zou Liang, something unprecedented in all of history. When the underworld appeared, the order was set in stone and the demon beasts would instinctively respect it. The beastmen were powerless to change this, yet it wasn’t a problem for Zou Liang.

With so many relentless broadcasts each day, the demons and the Dragon Fish had already fought while the perpetrator of such evil deeds was currently having a picnic with Little Ball.

Little Ball stood atop a rock and held a branch in its hand, and on top of the branch was a skewer of delicious shrimp-like things. Under Zou Liang’s instructions, Little Ball already knew how to prepare himself for survival[2. 丰衣足食 to have sufficient clothing and well feed] and was even able to serve Master Zou.

Mushrooms were on either side of the shrimp at the end of the skewers, and their fragrance had already wafted out. Little Ball lifted up the roasted shrimp and jumped off the rock, tiptoeing[3. Censored] towards Zou Liang to deliver the game.

“So well-behaved. Little Ball ah, what do you say I should sing today?”

Zou Liang pondered while eating his roast shrimps. He felt that the violence of the monsters had already accumulated to a certain degree, and it required a more provoking song in order to make them thoroughly contradict their rules.

Where there was oppression there would be rebellion, and of course the demon beasts were not willing to be food for the Dragon Fish.

The currently-eating Dragon Fish started to let out its meal-cry, and ever since the war songs had begun the call had become sharper and more ear-piercing than before. The demon beasts in the space rushed forward like a tide, so dense in numbers that Zou Liang could not tell how many there were.

Zou Liang and Little Ball had already hidden away in their little underground passage. A head cautiously poked out from the hole; this time’s wave of demon beasts exceeded imagination, and it was the first time Zou Liang had seen one of this scale. The Dragon Fish looked as though it did not care; it was at the peak of the food chain in this area and it did not know the feeling of fear.

Zou Liang retracted his head and leaned against the wall. “Little Ball, it’s now time to put our cards on the table and see if it is a mule or a horse. Today, I will give you an explosive song!”

Little Ball was delighted and brandished its little paw. As one of Zou Liang’s most faithful listeners, it awaited expectantly, but this little fellow indicated that a normal war song would not be enough and only one that was very strong would work.

Zou Liang laughed and rubbed Little Ball’s head; it seemed as though this little rascal’s IQ was higher than the Dragon Fish’s. “Relax, I have the ability!”

There was a song that normal people could not sing. The Zou Liang of the past also could not sing this either, but now he had Beast Spirit and the voice of a beastman. Zou Liang did not rashly attempt it, though, as these days had been great for experience, but now he wished to give this space one last final attack. The song was the Opera No.2 sung by Vitas[4. ] that Zou Liang named the “Stormy War Song”.

At the lakeside, the Dragon Fish released the intimidating presence of a high demon upon the surrounding demon beasts it had attracted. The thousands of demon beasts resisted, however, and although their levels could not be compared individually, the power of the entire group was very high; it was simply that they had been too afraid to rebel in the past.

A gloomy war song began and the demon beast horde started to grow restless while the Dragon Fish became impatient. After resisting for so long, the demon beasts had already become oversensitive to war songs, but the start of this war song was not fierce. The demon beast horde and the Dragon Fish started their close confrontation while the atmosphere stagnated.

Little Ball twisted its head, shaking it left three times then right another three times. At this moment, the Stormy War Song’s extreme-limit high-pitched climax arrived.

Without a single warning, the calmness exploded into the climax. Driven mad, the Dragon Fish issued its attack as the war song pushed its accumulated impatience to the limit. The arrows began to fire and the demon beasts finally grew infuriated, ignoring the disparity in strength as all kinds of demon beasts rushed into the lake regardless of whether they were competent in the water or not. They were all insane.

The entire space was pervaded by demonic power. Once the hypocrisy of this level’s order was out in the open and the pressure of the level differences was eliminated, the accumulated fear and anger completely exploded out. At the tune of Zou Liang’s horrifying world-shaking Extreme Limit Stormy War Song, they swarmed the Dragon Fish like a swarm of bees.

With the Dragon Fish’s peerless attacks, the hundreds of demon beasts on the front ranks were swept to their deaths, but uncountable demon beasts would charge in from all directions. At this time, Zou Liang also entered a state of madness and sustained the insanity with the high pitch time and time again, spreading the high-pitched climax to the skies.

Chapter 70 – Extreme Limit Stormy War Song

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