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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71

In Rock Beast’s Thunder, a team of cavalrymen circled the area and—due to Ai Wei Er’s lone mishap—even Tuo Ma Si had come.

Hearing that his own treasured disciple could have entered the second layer, Tuo Ma Si immediately put off the issues at hand and left in a rush, praying all throughout his journey here that the rascal had just gotten lost instead of dim-wittedly entering the second layer.

Tuo Ma Si utilised all of his strength in Ye Lu Samo City, unhesitatingly paying any price to find Zou Liang. The searches in the Rock Beast’s Thunder also extended to the nearby demon beast worlds, but they didn’t even find Zou Liang’s shadow; with these results, it was proven that he had fallen into the second layer.

This situation was beyond Tuo Ma Si’s abilities. The overlord of the second layer was the complete law of the demon beasts and was not something that raw numbers could overcome. Not only would a Head Priest be unable to urge a gold-grade warrior, but a single gold-grade warrior wouldn’t even be enough and who would be willing to undergo such danger just for a priest in training?

After realizing this outcome, everyone had given up all hope and staying in this place obviously held no meaning. It was only Ou Nisi Te that refused to give up and stayed night after night in front of the hole; even if everyone else gave up, he would still believe that his older brother would come back.

Ou Nisi Te just sat there dumbly, not changing shifts for either morning or night. Ai Wei Er’s entourage could only accompany him, scared that there would be some kind of mishap that would leave them even more indebted to Ya Se. Ao Li Quan Ya had broken down into tears, until one day Ou Nisi Te heard an echo from the hole and hurriedly told everyone. It seemed that everyone believed Ou Nisi Te had just imagined it since he wasn’t in the best of shape these days, but Ao Li Quan Ya believed; she and Ou Nisi Te stayed at the entrance of the hole, and soon she heard a muffled sound. It seemed to be a war song!

After this, everyone came over one after another and they could all hear the muffled sound. This moment, Tuo Ma Si—as a Head Priest—confirmed that it was a war song, causing everyone to become excited!

It’s Ya Se, it was definitely Ya Se! He was still alive!

“F**k me, this rascal is really an evildoer to dare be so rampant on the second layer!”

“It’s been so many days and the war songs have not stopped. We really don’t know how he has lived, and with this surge of demonic power I feel there are at least thousands upon tens of thousands of demon beasts. Even a gold-grade warrior would be afraid.”

Although it was not very clear, hearing the war song had allowed Tuo Ma Si to relax a little. This little disciple of his was considerably different from the masses; perhaps…… there was a chance……

He had already asked Sibalu for help; even if this meant that he would not obtain the Red-Robe Head Priest position, he would still choose to rescue Ya Se. There was only one method: he had to have Sibalu move the Pope to send out the strongest Beast God Decorum Cavalry team.

Even if Sibalu was to show his face, it was still not certain. The person to be rescued was only a priest in training, after all.

“Head Priest, when will His Majesty The Pope send people over!” Ao Li Quan Ya very anxiously asked. If it were not for everyone stopping them, both she and Ou Nisi Te would have already jumped in. After the two considered it, they realized that if they jumped in, they would only become burdens instead.

Everyone could only bear with it and resist their impulses to explore.

Fortunately, the war songs became more resonant by the day, and these few days they had become especially clear; Ou Nisi Te could feel his big brother’s voice.

Even the prideful Beast God Cavalrymen had second thoughts. To sing in a pile of demon beasts, how had he not died yet?

But the person in question sang fiercer as time passed.


The war song today was unexpectedly loud, but what was more frightening was the demonic power leaking from the hole. Nei Beiluo’s facial expressions immediately changed, as this kind of demonic power was no longer something a person could resist. What had happened in the space?

This was something that everyone knew, yet no matter how they considered it they could not understand. Even Tuo Ma Si—who was experienced and possessed a wide collection of knowledge—did not know what this disciple of his had done…… What could a priest in training do, anyway?

This had already exceeded the limits of everyone’s imagination.

Insanity. Zou Liang’s war song had already stopped, as this Extreme Limit Stormy War Song’s consumption was too much. At the end, his voice had already grown hoarse, but it no longer needed him; the entire area was like a fierce battle from hell.

Zou Liang blushed with shame; he had previously thought to fight a one-on-one with this guy, but Zou Liang wasn’t even good enough for the gaps of its teeth. The Dragon Fish could kill him with a yawn.

The battle had reached its climax. The demon beasts were valiant and unafraid of death, and many ants could bite an elephant to death. After an insane battle lasting half a day, the Dragon Fish’s appearance was clearly weary and its demon power had decreased by a large amount. The demon beasts had already filled the lake and advanced wave after wave.

Zou Liang’s war song had completely altered the order of this place, and even the original Dragon Fish overlord was assaulted by the demon beasts; the demon beasts’ eyes were all murderously red as they vowed1 to kill the Dragon Fish.

A wild pig had embedded its cudgel into the Dragon Fish’s eye, and losing access to the lake water caused the Dragon Fish’s battle power to rapidly fall.

The Dragon Fish felt acute pain as it released a Heaven and Earth-shaking scream of misery, yet the scream was of no use; seeing that the Dragon Fish was wounded, the demon beasts in the rearguard swarmed in even closer. What could be bitten was bitten, what could be pierced was pierced; all sorts of methods that could be used were used, and each of them was filled with extreme cruelty.

Zou Liang and Little Ball were dumbstruck, sighing without a word to say. Suddenly, the demon beast currently biting into the Dragon Fish released its clenched jaw and started to run as the Dragon Fish’s body started to emit light.

The reed from Zou Liang’s mouth fell. “This guy doesn’t happen to want to self-destruct, right?”

On Zou Liang’s shoulder, Little Ball unceasingly pulled at Zou Liang’s ear while its little paw pointed at the hole.

The surface of the ground shook as Zou Liang dived headfirst into the hole, and shortly after his ears were no longer working. The explosion rippled outwards: the Heavens collapsed and the Earth split. There was nowhere to run for these fleeing demon beasts and they were blasted to smithereens by the wave of force.

The explosion passed by in a flash and soon the space was silent. The surface of the ground moved and a little head drilled through, and after it looked all around it jumped and a larger head also drilled through.

“F**k, we almost got buried alive. What was that?”

This demon beast space was finished, and a passage appeared in the form of a pillar of light that pierced the skies while the surface of the ground began to shake. It seemed as though it was about to collapse……

Zou Liang grabbed Little Ball with one hand and madly rushed towards the pillar of light. He used all of the might he had stored up from the moment of his birth 2, but Little Ball began to struggle and kept pointing towards the Dragon Fish’s direction with its paw.

“Something good?”

Little Ball endlessly nodded its head.

Zou Liang was also someone who desired money more than his life and immediately rushed over. The Dragon Fish was already finished and its body was shattered beyond recognition; seeing such a high-grade Beast Spirit, it was too much of a pity that Ya Se hadn’t brought a Spirit Gathering Gourd down with him!

Little Ball had drilled in and very quickly pulled something out: in its hand was a flashing pearl, and Little Ball very obediently offered it to Zou Liang while swinging its hips.

Chapter 71 – Many Ants Can Bite An Elephant to Death

  1. I believe this is a typo and instead of 势要 (influential person) it should be 誓要 (vowed to)
  2. 吃奶的劲儿 The strength since he was unweaned/a suckling.

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