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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72

This “child”—Little Ball—was very intelligent to hand the pearl over and Zou Liang shoved the treasure to his chest before walking towards the pillar of light. The already-dead Dragon Fish suddenly managed to open its eye and a light enshrouded Zou Liang to give him a jump scare, but the Dragon Fish died shortly afterwards. Zou Liang and Little Ball stood in the light curtain and it slowly elevated them upwards, floating them towards the exit.

The outside was in a flurry like oil in a deep frier and everyone was worried by the unceasingly strong hurricane of demonic power. The hole experienced a severe shake followed by a brilliant light that shone over the Rock Beast’s Thunder like daylight.

Everyone was stupefied, and not even Nei Beiluo could believe his eyes; this was impossible, definitely impossible!

Ao Li Quan Ya’s emotions were stirred while an uncountable number of adventurers were left dumbstruck. The Adventurer’s Guild branch president in charge of this area continuously rubbed at his eyes.

Had the Beast God……. descended?

Tuo Ma Si’s hand could not stop trembling. Good, good, good! Without a doubt, this was his disciple!

This was a path of light! A path of light that indicated the demon beast space had been completely destroyed!

President Meng Tana (Méng Tǎnà) had already determined that this was a standard second-layer space, the highest difficulty found in the Adventurer’s Guild: a space no one showed any interest in challenging.

But this kind of terrifying space had been destroyed!

A space that required a strong cavalry team led by a gold-grade warrior to pay an equal price to succeed was actually completely destroyed!

Amidst the brilliance, Zou Liang and Little Ball’s figures had already appeared.

All of the adventurers were stupefied and whispered to one another. Was it for real? A single person1 had conquered a space in the second layer!

After Zou Liang and Little Ball had appeared, the light suddenly disappeared and the entrance distorted before vanishing. This was a sight that had never been seen before.

Zou Liang lost the support of the light and fell from the air to the ground like an awkward goose. Just as he was about to stand up, Little Ball also smashed down atop him.

Ao Li Quan Ya had already flung her crying self onto Zou Liang, knocking him over.

Aiya, don’t cry, don’t cry. Even though I know you’ve wanted to push me over for a long time, at least wait for when there’s no people around.” Zou Liang laughed.

“Go kill yourself!” The thick-skinned2 girl viciously kicked Zou Liang.

“F**k, stop hitting. If you keep hitting, you’ll really kill someone.”

Before Zou Liang could get up, Ou Nisi Te and the rest of the people all piled on top, one atop the other. The one most miserable was Little Ball; this child originally wished to crawl out but was off by a single step before—with a pu—it was piled on top of, a huhu bark given in response.

This was simply a miracle. Just being able to survive the second layer was something to be proud of, but Ya Se had broken through the space in order to exit. This was an amazing feat that had not occurred for many decades.

“Head Priest Tuo Ma Si, this must be your brilliant student. He’ll be revered and have boundless prospects in the future; I hope that you can see if he could register in my Adventurer’s Guild.” Meng Tana rubbed his hands together and laughed. When he had come here, this priest had not been worthy of his eyes; even if Tuo Ma Si was a Head Priest, he was still only one with a low grade and that was not even mentioning that the two had nothing to do with each other. He did not need to consider the value of showing the other some face, but the Sky Feather Union’s young miss was here and Meng Tana did not dare to offend. If he offended Superior Bixiu, it would be like becoming enemies with the entire Meng Jia Empire; as a small branch president, he had to demonstrate his service.

However, who would have thought that such a miraculous event would happen? If this junior registered at his place, it would greatly increase his achievements for the year. The Adventurer’s Guild relied on information to make a living and—even if it had been luck—this junior had still pierced through the Heavens.

“This… this is Ya Se’s first trial by fire, so these things are not very convenient.”

Hehe, Head Priest, he’s your disciple so it would only need you to say so. Oh well, we can talk about it later, but registering at the Adventurer’s Guild can quickly bring a lot of conveniences.”

“Really, my disciple seems to have just broken through a second-layer space. What kind of treatment could you offer him?”

Tuo Ma Si would naturally put himself in Ya Se’s position and haggle, and even though the Adventurer’s Guild did not have very high combat power, they could still provide services anywhere; it would become a great benefit for Ya Se in the future. In the beginning, this senior Meng Tana had treated this situation without any emotion3 yet now he was showing his diligence and attention; it was only natural Tuo Ma Si needed to squeeze some juice out of him.

Meng Tana clenched his teeth and pointed out three fingers.

Tuo Ma Si gave an indifferent smile. “President Meng Tana, do you wish to try to deceive a child?”

Meng Tana rubbed his hands together before responding, “This… you know, Ya Se is still too young…….”

“Young, but imagine if it was an older person, instead. The younger they are, the more meaning there is. I’m sure I need to say no more. It’s not harmful to leak a bit of information, this disciple of mine has the Beast God’s Medal of Honour so if you cannot do this at your place, I’ll find another.”

Meng Tana’s heart shook. He knew that Tuo Ma Si would not speak thoughtlessly. “What grade do you say, then?”

Tuo Ma Si pointed out five fingers and—seeing this—Meng Tana clenched his teeth and stamped his foot. “I don’t have jurisdiction over such a decision, but I can apply for one. During this time, you have to leave him open for me!”

Hehe, we’re all old friends. This is only natural,” Tuo Ma Si laughed.

Meng Tana did not stay any longer; he had become restless.

A fifth-grade adventurer: this completely exceeded what he had power over. It was said that adventurers with this level of privilege did not exceed a hundred people and that they were either monstrous entities or peak-level experts. It would not be possible to find a single person under the age of thirty-five with such privileges, yet how young was this junior……

But this junior had single-handedly broken through the second-layer demon beast space and was the youngest Beast God Glorified Priest. With his limitless potential added on top, it made it so that Meng Tana had to give it a try!

Zou Liang now had another medal. “If I must say, Master, why do large powers like you guys love messing around with such empty things? I mean, could the rewards be something tangible?”

As Zou Liang said this, he even rubbed his arms while Little Ball to the side very happily ate some fruits that had an abnormally sweet taste.

Tuo Ma Si bitterly laughed, “You stinking brat, do you know what this is?”

“A medal!”

“No shit! What kind of medal is this? It’s a fifth-grade Adventurer’s Medal. Do you know how many people have this?” Tuo Ma Si questioned in an aggravated manner.

“How many?”

“Not even a hundred!”

“Shit, doesn’t this mean it’s not even worth the Beast God’s Medal of Honour? It just gets worse and worse.”

“They are two different things. The Beast God’s Medal of Honour’s importance is in honour and glory, while the Adventurer’s Medal has tangible benefits. Since President Meng Tana has come, let him explain it to you!”

Meng Tana had managed to settle this matter after hastily traveling through the night. The Adventurer’s Guild’s interest for the creator of the Dual-Engraving Method was very thick, allowing for an exception and agreement. Zou Liang had unwittingly broken a record.

Chapter 72 – Another Medal?

  1. 单枪匹马 – One Spear, One Horse
  2. This means shameless
  3. 姥姥不亲舅舅不爱 – No filial feeling to their grandmother and no love to their uncle.

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