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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73

Hehe, Priest Ya Se, the Adventurer’s Guilds are spread all across the Meng Jia Empire and located at every place with life.”

Hehe, President Meng Tana, please get to the point. What is the use of this thing?” Zou Liang asked while pointing at the fifth-grade Adventurer’s Medal in his hand.

Meng Tana did not think this priest would be so “pragmatic”; the man was stunned and his heart was moved. This was good; he had been scared of meeting an inflexible priest and pragmatism was right up his alley. In the future, there would be many opportunities for cooperation.

Hehe, the fifth-grade Adventurer’s Medal is bestowed upon great beastmen who have contributed greatly. You are the youngest recipient of the fifth-grade Adventurer’s Medal in all of history.”

“Wait, does Nei Beiluo have one?” Zou Liang asked. He had observed the man who appeared like sunshine and whose face was tender and graceful; seeing this, this guy wouldn’t be very old, either, but he was a silver-grade warrior. He also seemed to be very familiar with Ao Li Quan Ya, which put Zou Liang—who loved to draw territorial boundaries—on alert.

“You mean Leader Nei Beiluo? He’s a third-grade adventurer, and one that precedes you.”

Zou Liang understood. Sometimes men were worth only as much as their status and hearing this had left him very pleasurably relaxed, improving his mood considerably. Now, even if there were no tangible benefits, he would just accept it since these sly and wicked elders were hard to handle.

What kind of person was Meng Tana? He immediately laughed, “This time’s matter was personally settled by our association’s President: Ou Duona (Ōu Duōnà)!”

“A woman?”

“Keke, you brat, Ou Duona and Ao Li Quan Ya’s mother are two peerless beauties of the Meng Jia Empire. They’re heroines that should be respected,” Tuo Ma Si lectured and promptly began pacing in circles; if he did not intervene, who knew what kind of problems that would offend the entire society would spill out of this junior’s mouth?

Twenty years must’ve passed since that time.

Zou Liang muttered in his heart. Ao Li Quan Ya was already grown and the other two were already on the level of peerless mothers.

Hehe, Priest Ya Se is outspoken.”

“This junior is still a priest in training; he cannot be pampered.”

Hehe, with Priest Ya Se’s abilities, becoming a priest would only be a matter of time. Back on topic, the information and benefits the adventurers receive are all linked to their grade; having a fifth-grade medal, you can freely use any of the Meng Jia Empire’s Adventurer’s Guild guest houses, pubs, horse relay stations, and any other facilities. You will also be given priority and some matters can be given at half the price.”

As soon as Zou Liang heard the benefits, he understood. “President Meng Tana, I thank you very much. I thank you for nurturing the youths; you can relax, as I will be diligent.”

Meng Tana and Tuo Ma Si both looked to each other. This junior…… was far too pragmatic. It was no wonder everyone said the Bi Er were honest, but it was good like this anyways; compared to those vile characters, this candid Bi Er was much better!

After sending Meng Tana off, Zou Liang sat down in a lazy manner. Tuo Ma Si did not wonder at the strange sight and glared at him, “The higher your adventurer grade, the more truths you can touch on. You will understand these things eventually and you mustn’t only see the small benefits.”

Heihei, Master. I was only clouding the president’s vision1; I can assure you, that guy thinks I’m easy to neglect.” Zou Liang laughed.

Tuo Ma Si could not help but bitterly smile. This junior was a Fu Ke Si in Bi Er skin, and even he had been reeled in to accompany his play.

A knock resounded. “Ya Se, come out.”

It was Ao Li Quan Ya. Tuo Ma Si waved his hand, and with that cue Zou Liang immediately ran over. He had already explained his experiences in the demon beast space—half true, half false—and the others could only click their tongues in wonder at the boldness and daring to sing war songs in the vicinity of the demon beast overlord. However, Ya Se’s luck was also good; were it not for the natural amplifier’s effect, with his strength even if he lived eight generations it would not be enough to affect these demon beasts. He had even played the fisherman2 in the end.

“Ao Li Quan Ya, have you missed me these days?” Zou Liang smiled and extended his arms. He had not had the chance to have a good conversation with Ao Li Quan Ya yet; they had been separated for close to a month, and Zou Liang had begun to feel more free and at ease, no longer hiding or concealing his appreciation for her.

“I…… have to go.” Ao Li Quan Ya lowered her head, her hand grabbing at the hem of her jacket with her not knowing what to say.

“Go? Go where?”

“Home,” Ao Li Quan Ya muttered in a muffled manner. Zou Liang was fine and she no longer had an excuse; she had heard that her mother had grown angry, but she still had the idea that she had to look after Ya Se. Although the Meng Jia Empire seemed like freedom, the household grades were strict and hers was one of the noble tribes. The Bisi Mai swan tribe’s pride was famous and if she and Ya Se had anything together, it would bring a catastrophe upon Ya Se.

It was not just her people, but also the whole family tribe. The entire Bisi Mai world would oppose it: this was the strength of tradition.

If it was before, he would have just waved his hand without a hint of overcast in his emotion; males had self-respect, after all. The other had given a clear hint that this was the end so he wouldn’t get tangled in the mess, but now he could understand the pain in Ao Li Quan Ya’s heart. Thinking back to when he resurfaced from the second layer, the little damsel had been the first to jump into his chest: this was more genuine than any language could express.

Gently touching Ao Li Quan Ya’s delicate and pretty face, he asked, “Do you like me?”

Ao Li Quan Ya—who had not experienced such a straightforward method of asking such a thing—was turned muddleheaded by Zou Liang’s confidence. With meaning, she nodded her head.

Zou Liang lowered his head and lightly kissed her fragrant red lips. When pursuing a lady, one must be a gentleman…… that was a load of rubbish. The end result of being a gentleman was to be a bachelor; to pursue a lady, there were seven words of truth —— be daring, emotionally sensitive, and thick-skinned! ✓

Ao Li Quan Ya was completely stupefied. The Bisi Mai swan tribe was the tribe known for chastity; they would follow their partner their entire lifetime and throughout the world. They would not have any connections before marriage, and any intimate interaction was a violation of the tradition, but this obviously did not stop Zou Liang. What bullshit tradition; if two people liked one another, then they had to be together!

This was what a male was!

Since Ao Li Quan Ya was only so old, she was left completely dazed. To be honest, she did not understand what kind of feeling this was, this kind of numb feeling made it feel as though her body was flying.

This was how Zou Liang stole Ao Li Quan Ya’s first kiss.

The first-class tasting time had lost its meaning, and in the end Ao Li Quan Ya’s entire body softened before falling into Zou Liang’s chest, as gentle as a baby.

“Villain! How did the bear tribe have a villain like you!”

Zou Liang had confirmed an ancient saying: to beat was intimacy, to scold was love. He was too comfortable; hugging Ao Li Quan Ya was like holding the entire world to his body.

The Bi Er tribe in this area was clumsy and understood things late. On Earth, Zou Liang could have been considered a noob, but even if he couldn’t be considered as at the peak of the Among De Continent, he could still be considered top notch.

The two’s affection reached its climax and they were so close that if they did not take the next step, their feelings would begin to fade away. There was not enough meat for the wolves3, and there were a lot of things that could not be controlled. The two had taken a step forward in intimacy, and to the swan tribe, Ao Li Quan Ya had done something that should have only been done after marriage.

Of course, it was that Zou Liang did not hold enough materialistic value; had he known earlier, only Heaven would know the things he would have done.

After this, it meant they had taken the most important step of affection towards boundless happiness. Nothing else should be considered; just staying like this would be fine.

On that day, Zou Liang had taken Ao Li Quan Ya’s second kiss, third kiss…… and when they ate at night, Ao Li Quan Ya’s lips were slightly swollen.

Chapter 73 – Chapter 73 – A Bi Er That Knows How to Act

  1. 蒙蒙 to drizzle meaning to blur someone’s understanding.
  2. Luna Note: Someone who lets others do the hard work and fishes in the profits
  3. Means not enough to go around.

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