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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 74

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Sorry guys please bear with me I am trying to keep to schedule but I will be very busy this week and have been staying at school to do assignments from 10am – 10pm. Not to mention that there was a poem in this one so Actias Luna and I took a lot of time to try and make a it as good as possible. So if I miss chapters this week I’m sorry but I’m trying :(.

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Chapter 74

It was rare for Tuo Ma Si to be so considerate. In fact, he had noticed this ages ago, but for this he could only feel pity and the limits of his abilities. This disciple of his was good in every single way but of common birth while Ao Li Quan Ya was from the reserved and prideful Bisi Mai swan tribe. If Ao Li Quan Ya was only a normal Bisi Mai it would be alright, but she was also President Bixue’s daughter; she was the Bisi Mai swan tribe’s little princess.

Although Ou Nisi Te really wished to eat with his older brother, he was shooed away by Tuo Ma Si, leaving Ou Nisi Te a bit depressed. The only one who wasn’t shooed away was Little Ball.

The meal was eaten slowly. Most of it consisted of taking a few looks and then eating a bite, even to the point that talking wasn’t necessary.

Before it was known, the two people began to intimately snuggle together again and Zou Liang narrated the account of what had happened in the second layer of the underworld, all while the listening Ao Li Quan Ya was anxious and prideful.

“Brother, you’re so awesome!”

“Wrong, it’s ‘the most awesome’!” In front of the girl he liked, Zou Liang would not be modest.

“I know, you’re the best. Wait for me for half a year; I’ll be sixteen and considered an adult. At that time, I will be able to choose the temple I wish to undergo my training at. Where you are, I will go there and find you there!” Ao Li Quan Ya clenched her fists; this was the first time since she’d grown up that she dared to oppose her mother.

“You’re mine, so I will definitely go and find you!” Zou Liang so naturally spoke what he would normally think to be really corny phrases. It was only at this time that he realised he shouldn’t have looked down on others that had fallen in love in the past; it was indeed very difficult to control.

Ao Li Quan Ya did not hit Zou Liang this time, but instead very softly leaned against his chest.

“Right, are you familiar with this Nei Beiluo-something person?”

“Nei Beiluo can be considered as my older brother. His family and mine can be considered as friends.” Ao Li Quan Ya had her suspicions why Zou Liang was concerned about others.


Ao Li Quan Ya was startled as her butt was smacked, and Little Ball—currently having its meal—was made to jump in fright. Zou Liang spoke with a stern face, “Remember, in the future you are one of my people. No matter which older brother1, Aunty will have to stand aside!”

Ao Li Quan Ya laughed with a puchi, “Oh~~~, that’ll have to depend on someone’s performance!”

To love and be loved by the same person, how could Ao Li Quan Ya not be happy? Furthermore, Ya Se’s jealous look was very amusing.

Zou Liang immediately punished this little damsel with a breathtaking kiss until Ao Li Quan Ya gave in.

“I surrender, I surrender, big pervert. Even when you’re with a beauty, you’re still concerned about others. Relax; ever since the day that I met you ditzily walking around in circles in the temple, the others didn’t know anything but they still started making a fuss. This life of mine will be considered as being in your hands. This time I have invoked mother’s wrath for you and I do not know what kind of punishment I’ll have to face when I return.”

Hearing Ao Li Quan Ya’s gentle recount of the first time they had met in Ye Lu Samo Temple caused Zou Liang to recall that stunning memory. Zou Liang had felt as though he had met a little angel and—right from that moment—he had made a firm resolution to make Ao Li Quan Ya his own.

“How about I explain to Esteemed Mother-In-Law?”

“Go to hell, who is your ‘esteemed mother-in-law’, you baddy. I will proceed with this matter slowly; I cannot be hasty.”

“I’ll listen to you,” Zou Liang laughed honestly; he was an outsider, after all, and if he directly asked it could instead have the opposite effect. Enemies always appeared from within and he couldn’t wait for Ao Li Quan Ya to stand at his side.

“Brother, Sister Ai Wei Er said you know how to make poems. I want one that you specifically make, so that when I see you I can think of those lyrics,” Ao Li Quan Ya requested while her small hand drew characters on Zou Liang’s chest.

This left Zou Liang stumped. In the days that Zou Liang had been absent, Ai Wei Er had recounted many incidents to Ao Li Quan Ya in order to comfort her and those awkward moments from Zou Liang’s past had been shared. Thinking back, everyone knew quite a few of them.

“Let me think carefully,” Zou Liang said as he hugged Ao Li Quan Ya, his brain revolving at full speed. In reality, he knew the ones he was most familiar with, but they were not suitable for this situation. Suddenly, however, a poem floated into his mind.

Zou Liang moved closer to Ao Li Quan Ya’s ears, reciting with a slightly downcast voice:

“Asking the peak of the world, the depths of love, is it as the geese that promise each other a life until death do them part?

To visit the north and return south, their old wings persevere through heat and frost. Their hearts beat as one, their loving affection creating interdependence.

It is joy and delight, but the end is suffering and pain, the likes of which surpasses human understanding.

Accompanying each other, they are inseparable shadows. After their lover’s death, the tiny clouds across tens of thousands of miles, the thousand mountains, the evening snow…

Without the other, where could this shadow go?”

“Brother, it’s so sad and beautiful. It’s too depressing. When others think of you and think of this poem, won’t they be even sadder?”

Zou Liang scratched his head. Grandmother of bears was this bear brain of his dumb, patting his own head while Ao Li Quan Ya was tugging on him. As Ao Li Quan Ya thought of how they would be separated tomorrow, it made her even more sorrowful.

Zou Liang had a headache; he didn’t wish for Ao Li Quan Ya to be in pain. He suddenly saw the Little Ball and immediately beckoned this small one over.

“Ao Li Quan Ya, look here. If you ever think of me, you can hit him; it’s like hitting me,” Zou Liang cheerfully said.

The poor Little Ball had been borrowed out and placed in front of Ao Li Quan Ya. Little Ball—who had yet to come to his senses—was hit on the bum by Zou Liang.

“Little Ball, follow Older Sister Ao Li Quan Ya in the future, and if there is any male that harasses her help me by hitting him for me. This is a very difficult mission!” Zou Liang said, causing Ao Li Quan Ya to finally laugh.

Ao Li Quan Ya shot one of her many flirtatious looks at Zou Liang. “Baddy, even this cute little fella has been led astray by you. Come here and let older sister give you a hug.”

But Little Ball had not yet acknowledged her as its superior yet and looked at Zou Liang with a piteous look; it was clear that it still liked Zou Liang more.

Keke, it seems that this little guy is shy of strangers. I’ll have a few words with it.” Zou Liang carried Little Ball to the side room and—after just a few minutes—they had returned. Little Ball indeed obediently went to Ao Li Quan Ya’s side. Ao Li Quan Ya did not know what Zou Liang said, however she could feel that this little fella was still reluctant to part.

Just like this, Zou Liang hugged Ao Li Quan Ya and Little Ball for the rest of the night.

“Everyone has their joys and sorrows. The moon has its fair and overcast crescents through every age, if only to wish people could remain together over long times and thousands of miles2.”

On the horse carriage, Ao Li Quan Ya hugged Little Ball during the recitation of a song: the one in her heart that had been made to last all eternity. The first time she heard it, it had only seemed beautiful; only now did she understand the meaning it contained.

Little Ball—still reluctant to part—stuck out its head wanting to see Zou Liang, while Ao Li Quan Ya cried once again while hugging Little Ball. The tears she had shed these few days exceeded the amount she had shed these entire fifteen years before.

Zou Liang was a man so he had to endure. He knew of Ao Li Quan Ya’s reluctance, and he also knew that Little Ball did not want to leave him. Thinking of the amusing times and happy hours he had spent with Ao Li Quan Ya, it was she who had allowed him to fall in love with this world. Thinking of the times that Little Ball was by his side in the area of the demon beasts—of the times in the underworld singing and dancing together, of the cute appearance of this little rascal when it swayed its butt—Boss Zou really did feel sad.

He needed to endure; a short-term separation meant meeting again in the future. Even in the world of humans and with thousands of years of evolution, familial feelings were impossible to sever, much less a world like this. Heroes did not have to dwell on the status they were born with; he only needed time!

Before leaving, Nei Beiluo’s vision collided with his own, and it goes without saying that any disguise Nei Beiluo put up wouldn’t last in front of Zou Liang. Zou Liang could feel the opposition had a sense of disregard etched into his very bones; from Nei Beiluo’s view, this junior with good fortune was still eighteen thousand miles beneath him.

After seeing Ao Li Quan Ya off, Zou Liang shut himself in his room. Ou Nisi Te’s simple and honest mind could not understand why but he was obstructed by Ji Na in the end.

“Don’t go, your brother’s mood isn’t very good. Let him be alone for a while.”

“Why? Big brother should be very happy?” Ou Nisi Te scratched his head.

Ji Na helplessly shrugged her shoulders. How they could be considered brothers with one as devious as the devil and the other dumb to no end?

“Ou Nisi Te, you should get ready. We will be return to Ye Lu Samo tomorrow, so let your older brother stay by himself for a while.” Lan Di and Ke Te were also smart people, and from the beginning they knew Ao Li Quan Ya’s background was not normal. Ao Li Quan Ya’s attractiveness was not lacking, but the Bisi Mai tribe’s rules were numerous and frightening, not something that a normal person could touch upon. This wasn’t even bringing up the fact that her mother was Superior Bixiu.

Ai, to be honest, Ya Se is the most talented person I have ever met.”

“No shit, Ai, it’s better to end it sooner rather than later!”

Qie, the Bisi Mai tribe isn’t anything extraordinary. Everyone says that their talent is different, but who could create the dual-layered Engraving design? Who can single-handedly destroy a second-layer demon space? Damn it, this is too f*****g unfair!

Everyone believed the two’s romance had come to an end, but it could also be said to be the best result.

Although Ji Na looked calm and collected, her heart was extremely happy. The Bisi Mai seemed smart, but in reality they were actually silly and would restrict themselves to death with their rules. She believed that Ya Se had a boundless future; this was an authentically strong and mysterious male, a male that was the most outstanding one she had seen. How could she let this chance go!

But Ji Na was not anxious at all. The performance had only just begun!

In the room, Zou Liang was not as full of resentment and remorse towards himself as everyone thought he was. Frankly speaking, for someone who had memories of a past life, it would be very hard for them to be toppled over by emotional attacks. In fact, his mood had already pacified and—most importantly—he and Ao Li Quan Ya’s relationship had not been broken as his friends believed, but had instead taken large strides ahead because of the separation. Truthfully, Zou Liang was not at all worried about Ao Li Quan Ya, as this damsel was far smarter than could be imagined.

As he was, not only was it necessary to have personal ability, but it was also important to have a good influential network. Speaking of influence, Zou Liang thought needed to take the initiative to do something for Tuo Ma Si, as the more powerful Tuo Ma Si was, the stronger Zuo Liang’s backstage support would be. Besides, this destiny that he shared with this cheap master was something that Ao Li Quan Ya had created.

After being tormented in the Dragon Fish’s domain for such a long time, Zou Liang had found that his Beast Spirit had increased by two points and now tallied up to seven. He therefore began to intentionally analyse his Beast Spirit.

A huge change had occurred!!!

Chapter 74 – Untitled

Poem expansion and explanation (In Chinese this is called spoken language explanation):

Asking the world, the depths of love, is it like a pair of flying geese that live til death does them part?

Be it the distant journey north or the return south, the pair flies with their hearts beating as one. No matter how the many summers or winters come, their loving affection causes their interdependence.

When their hearts beat as one, they are happy, yet when they part it can truly be called suffering and pain. Only at this this is it understood that the affection this pair of geese has for each other surpasses their human brethren.

Interconnectedly accompanying each other, they are inseparable shadows. After their lover’s passing, the goose would know in the depths of their heart that these thousands of miles they had to travel seemed lonely: as one. The many small roads they would in the future, the years of heat and frost, the tens of thousands of miles and thousands of mountains, the morning wind, the evening snow…. They had lost their one and most beloved. What, then, was the meaning of drifting through the rest of their life? 3

  1. Luna Note: In Chinese culture, it is not uncommon for a girl to call her fiance “older brother”
  2. This is from the Prelude to the Water Melody the poem/lyrics that he recited at Ai Wei Er’s study salon.
  3. 摸鱼儿-雁邱词 To catch fish as a goose, sorry this one is not very popular so there are no link I can link which aren’t Chinese

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