The Great Conqueror – Chapter 79

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Chapter 79

In regards to the results of this battle, Zou Liang was left very satisfied. Not only was there even a full three points of Beast Spirit to allowed Zou Liang to once again obtain ten points1, but the battle had also awakened him.

In this world, there were far too many frighteningly talented warriors. If he had not used Deterrence and had given the opponent an opportunity where he was unprepared, it would have been very dangerous.

His own vital-targeting attacks were actually completely ineffective and it was indeed very dangerous; the beastmen and humankind had very large differences, and the beastmen’s habits would lead them to their deaths. Having his next Academy term in the Medical Institute could not be any better, as in one hand he could grasp the use of medicine and in the other he could understand the structure of the beastmen’s body.

He did not mind bronze-grade opponents, but with his character he would offend a stronger person sooner or later. If he wished to win as the weaker side, he needed to prepare more trump cards.

The bountiful harvest pleased Zou Liang greatly and he happily entered into sleep. In his dreams, the Dragon Fish’s pellet was actually a Shaolin pill of return, and after eating it one could grow by ten years of training…… No, it instead added a hundred points of Beast Spirit, and afterwards he could massacre his surroundings while beauties gathered into a crowd totaling three thousand.

A perfect swan, an alluring Tian Mei, a sexy leopard, an enchanting snake, a well-developed rabbit maiden, a delicate fox lady, a feisty Lai Yin beauty2: it was all enough to attract and consume one’s soul. Did a man not seek a life like this?

…… Ah, why did this head seem a bit familiar?

Ao Li Quan Ya seemed to have clearly seen Zou Liang’s lustful side, and with a Clasping Avalanche she destroyed everyone in sight, even destroying the cycle of reincarnation and their descendants.


A loud howl sounded and Zou Liang sat up. He looked at the drizzle of sunlight as he kneaded his face, unable to help letting out a sigh. That damsel Ao Li Quan Ya was too strong; he seldom came across a good dream, and she could actually hurry over and destroy it.

Thinking of the sexy leopard also seemed a bit familiar, and as he was wrapped by those slender legs he had almost lost his soul. The Beast God Continent was certainly a place of good fortune.

Ai, why was it a bit sticky……

Despite Zou Liang having rough skin and a thick hide, his face turned into a blush at this moment. How could it be, something so embarrassing as to hold it in and wind up like this?

In the yard, Ou Nisi Te was facing this morning’s training. Seeing Zou Liang coming, he laughed with a loud voice, “Big Brother, you’re late. I’ve already practiced for half an hour.”

Hehe, good, very good, keep on going!”

“Big Brother, why are you carrying your bedsheets?”

Keke, secret.”

“Oh, I know. Big Brother must’ve thought of some new training method. Big Brother sure is smart.”

Ou Nisi Te’s face was full of admiration. Being part of the same Bi Er tribe, how was his older brother just so smart? Let’s just see who in the future would dare to call them dumb Bi Er!

Zou Liang gloomily ran out. Damn3, this was unfortunate, but yesterday’s dream was boundlessly erotic. Not only was Ao Li Quan Ya there, but there were also many other beauties; it was truly a sight to see……

This morning, Zou Liang was especially clear and full of vigor. This situation could not be blamed on him, as the youth of beastmen and humankind were two completely different things. The Bi Er tribe was the slowest to mature among the beast tribes; a member of a normal tribe would be considered of age at ten years while the Bi Er would only be seen as stepping into adulthood at eighteen. For wisdom, it would only come after the age of twenty while there were tribes like the Fu Ke Si who were already devilish at around thirteen to fourteen.

After breakfast, Ou Nisi Te went to the Crusaders Guild to report, and Zou Liang went to find Ai Wei Er. When it came to information, not a single person Zou Liang knew could4 match her.

Every time Zou Liang came here, he would have a feeling of luxury, and even though he had seen the luxury of the world in the twenty-first century, he still let out a sigh. An intelligence-focused tribe had no limits in the area of pleasure, and it was clear that something more advanced wasn’t always better.

Thinking of humankind’s slave-driving society was truly irritating. He patted his head after his thinking had gone askew.

Even though the guards did not recognise Zou Liang, they kept their respect towards a priest and immediately went to report. Very quickly, the old steward Fu Na had come out and at the same time informed the guards, “This one is Priest Ya Se and he is the young lady’s friend. In the future, make sure you don’t obstruct him.”

“Yes, Steward.”

Zou Liang laughed. “No problem, these brothers are loyal to their responsibilities so something like this is only natural. Is Ai Wei Er in?”

“Yes, please come inside.”

Fu Ke Si stewards were meticulous and would not even allow a drop of water to leak. They would make people very comfortable and would also not look down upon others.

“The scenery here is very beautiful. The designer is very talented.” With the outlook offered from his past world, Zou Liang spoke without a boastful attitude. “This pond’s design is a real highlight. As soon as you enter, it gives off a fresh and cool feeling.”

“Priest Ya Se’s eyes are perceptive. This is the young lady’s proud creation.”

“Oh?” This yard is Ai Wei Er’s design?”

“Originally it was not, but the young lady was not satisfied with it and had made alterations in the past two years which has made the whole manor come to life. Even this old one feels content.” Fu Na smiled, his words full of pride.

After arriving in the living room, there were already maids preparing tea. “Priest Ya Se, please wait a little. The young lady will be here soon; if there is anything you need, please call me.”

“Many thanks.”

Zou Liang was a person that when he was given respect, he would return it tenfold.

Fu Na smiled faintly, as this strange Bi Er youth gave him a good impression. The Fu Ke Si were known as one of the most intelligent of the beast tribes, and whether something was false or genuine could not be concealed before their old eyes. With this Bi Er so naturally honest and sincere, it was no wonder he could become the young lady’s friend.

“Priest Ya Se, how do you have time to find me!”

Looking at Ai Wei Er who was as beautiful as sunshine caused Zou Liang to experience a dazzling sight. “Very pretty, I don’t even dare to open my eyes.”

Ai Wei Er laughed with a pft, “Sweet words and honeyed language!”

Hehe, this is the big truth. No one would dare to say that you’re not pretty, I’ll stake my life on it!” Zou Liang remarked while patting his chest. “There was nothing wrong with the map, right?”

“It caused everyone disastrous trouble, but there’s nothing wrong.” Ai Wei Er scratched her head; she knew Ya Se was only worried.

“If nothing is wrong, that’s good.” Since Ai Wei Er was not willing to say anymore, Zou Liang would not ask anything further. This was how one should treat their friends.

“Say, what is it?”

Heihei, how did you know that I needed something?” Zou Liang laughed; being thick-skinned indeed had its good uses. “It’s also a matter of us two.”

With so much experience with Zou Liang’s character, Ai Wei Er’s resistance to it was also strengthening. “Keep the smooth-talking5 to a minimum.”

“It’s like this. I came across something in the second layer of the underworld. Even though this Bi Er has vast knowledge, I do not know what this thing does.” Even if Zou Liang was to ask someone else, he would still act as the more impressive party.

Zou Liang fished out the Dragon Fish pellet from his chest pocket. He originally wanted to criticize himself with a few sentences, but Ai Wei Er was immediately dumbfounded and looked towards the door. “Fu Na, without my permission, no one is to disturb us.”

“Yes, young lady.”

Fu Na nodded and left before standing outside the hall. He understood the young lady’s character, and this definitely meant there were serious matters to be discussed.

Closing the door, Ai Wei Er very cautiously sat in front of Zou Liang, leaving him a bit nervous.

“Damn it, does this thing have some kind of poison?”

Ai Wei Er could not help but smile. “What kind of head do you have? How could such a treasure contain poison!”

Zou Liang put on an act and sighed. “Scared me to death. If a person like me who has such good future prospects met an untimely death in his youth, it would be a loss to the entire empire— no, it would be a loss to the entire Among De Beast God Continent.”

“Keep on blowing out hot air, speaking as if you’re the Beast God’s reincarnation!”

Xixi, what’s so good about being a god, there’s no taste of friendship.”

“What exactly is this thing?” After Zou Liang saw Ai Wei Er’s solemn expression, he knew it was a good thing. If he was to say it had been found from the Dragon Fish Overlord’s body thanks to Little Ball’s spiritual perception, it would be amusing.

Ai Wei Er was not in a rush. “First, say how you got it.”

“This was easy. After the demon beasts and the Dragon Fish had mutually destroyed each other, I picked it up before leaving. Since I saw it was sparkly, I thought it was a good thing.”

Ai We Er measured Zou Liang from head to toe and saw how Zou Liang was a bit unsettled.

“Even if I were handsome, you wouldn’t have to look at me like this, right?”

“Go kill yourself. This is the Dragon Fish’s gallbladder which is widely considered as the Dragon Fish Pellet. In the Adventurer’s grading system, this is considered an S-grade treasure.”

“Dragon Fish Pellet? Is it edible?” Zou Liang touched the warm thing.

“…… Can you not compare it to something that is eaten? This is a treasure!” Ai Wei Er bitterly laughed; this person could relate everything to food, but this was how the Xi Bo Lai brothers were.

“Could it be the rumored Water Respiration Pearl?” For Zou Liang who could not swim, being able to breathe underwater was a good thing.

“Water Respiration Pearl? What’s that?” Even the widely knowledgeable Ai Wei Er had not heard of such a thing.

Zou Liang knew then that he had guessed incorrectly. “I was just rambling. Anyways, how is this used and how much is it worth?”

“The Dragon Fish is of the water attribute, and when this is placed beside somebody’s body it can detoxify it. If it is eaten, it could cure hundreds of poisons.” Before Ai Wei Er had finished explaining, Zou Liang already understood.

“See, it can be eaten after all.”

Ai Wei Er glared at him. “Wait for me to finish. Its strongest treatment capability is to recuperate Beast Spirit. For a warrior, the most miserable situation is not death, but that their Beast Spirit is shattered. The Dragon Fish Pellet is the most effective treasure known for treating shattered Beast Spirit, so you can imagine its value.”

“Oh. Is there anything else?”

“Yes. This Jade Dragon Pellet is the Dragon Fish Overlord’s most important part. Since you are an Engraving master, you will be able to reap its benefits.”

“Oh, this is pretty good. What kind of benefits?” Zou Liang was very happy. This toy indeed had its uses; next time he met Little Ball, he would reward it with a kiss.

“You’re a Spirit Engraving Master, so how could you ask me such a thing? Put simply, it is a priceless treasure.”

“Do you like it? I can gift it to you.” Zou Liang gave it to Ai Wei Er without any hesitation.

Ai Wei Er was left stunned. “For real?”

“Of course it’s for real. Even though I am poor, I don’t mind these little things. It’s been so long and I have always taken advantage of you, so it’s a bit embarrassing.

Only after finishing did he realise he had worded it poorly. When he conversed with Ai Wei Er, he was very unrestrained; it was as though he was talking to someone of the modern generation.

“I appreciate the good intentions, but I don’t have any use for it now. You should carry it around with you everywhere, and if I need it I can borrow it from you. As for normal illnesses, just using the Dragon Fish Pellet soaked in water would be enough. You wait for a moment.”

Ai Wei Er returned to the inner chambers and came back after not much time had passed. “Put the Dragon Fish Pellet in here.” She had a very delicate rouge flask half the size of a palm, suitable for a person to carry around everywhere. “This kind of flask can consolidate Spirit Aura and holds Blue Ocean Water. If it is necessary, a few drops of Blue Ocean Water can solve the issue.”

“How can I accept this good will?” Even though Zou Liang asked this, he still placed the pellet inside. Ai Wei Er was indeed good to him; every time he came, she had done something favourable for him. When someone was to cross the entire country, safety came first, and considering his abilities Zou Liang was very confident. You could never guard against dishonest practices, however, and this Dragon Fish Pellet would be able to help a great deal.

“Done. There’s also something else I need to consult you with. You’re more familiar with the current social events, and my master’s heart hasn’t seemed in it recently. It seems as though he has met an obstruction in his fight for the Red-Robed Head Priest position, but I do not know where it originates from.” Ya Se inquired, though he did not know why he believed Ai Wei Er was clear on this topic.

Ai Wei Er faintly smiled. “This is very simple. By borrowing the Ye Lu Samo Dual-Engraving Method, Tuo Ma Si has managed to cause a large disturbance, but the problem is that becoming a Red-Robed Head Priest is not solely based upon abilities. The church is also temporal and The Pope wishes to increase the power of their influence and compete with the Magistrate. The most important factor is wealth, and the amount of tribute the Ye Lu Samo Temple receives is nothing special6. Ye Lu Samo City is only one of the top ten in size.”

…… Money again. Zou Liang had his means for anything except for earning money. Earning money… f**k, this was something that being a twenty-first century researcher could not resolve!

Chapter 79 – Taking Advantage of Someone

  1. Remember he used them to condense his Spirit Engraving Knife
  2. Luna Note: Yes, the author intentionally varied whether they used things like Lion or Lai Yin. I have no idea as to why
  3. Censored
  4. Chinese was missing a word here and meant that they could match her.
  5. The literal of the idiom is to smooth talk with a mouth of oil.
  6. Original Chinese says swimming which is often used to describe how there are carps swimming in a pond therefore since there are usually many carps in a pond they are nothing special.

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