The Great Conqueror – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82

“This works?” Bu Qi understood now: Zou Liang was just too much of an amateur. “Whether it’s alright or not, you’ll know after you try.”

Zou Liang opened up a Spirit Gathering Gourd and Beast Spirit was released. Seeing this, the crude Engraving Knife in Zou Liang’s hands turned lively and the entire knife was utilised in a precise manner; gouging, peeling, slicing, all of these techniques were embodied in this Engraving Knife and exceeded the difficulty of Bu Qi’s three specialised Engraving Knives. To the side, Tuo Ma Si did not stop nodding, as this was what one called a solid foundation.

After a similar amount of time, an exact copy of Bu Qi’s flower appeared. “I’ll give this to the prettiest girl here.”

Ai Ma smiled on the surface and could not believe that this guy actually had such a pair of hands. The Bi Er didn’t seem as hateful anymore, and seeing how good he was at talking, she forcefully accepted.

Only that Zou Liang directly walked past her side and dedicated the flower to Ai Wei Er.

Ai Wei Er gave Zou Liang a gaze that seemed to hold anger and blame, but she accepted without hesitation. “Thank you, Priest Ya Se, but I don’t dare to accept the honour of being the most beautiful.”

“I reckon you’re the most beautiful.” Zou Liang scratched at his head in seeming embarrassment while putting on his silly appearance. This paired with the Bi Er’s status would only make people feel sincerity; everyone knew that the Bi Er were honest, and everyone unconsciously had gained a good impression of the well-behaved Ya Se. With some exceptions.

Bu Qi walked over, and when the two’s bodies touched, Bu Qi’s mouth jerked into a cold smile. “I’ll let you see a technique you cannot imitate, country bumpkin!

Miss Ai Ma, could I bother you to help me keep track of time? For a Spirit Engraving Master, time is his life.”

With another clump of Beast Spirit, the three Engraving Knives in his hands alternated with flying speeds, the blades like wind. Bu Qi had been infuriated and finally displayed the reason for his nickname—Swift Knife Hands—as well as his real abilities; the three Engraving Knives jumped and flew with blade light reflected all around as though they had a life of their own.

Time was of great importance in Spirit Engraving; the faster it was done, the less Beast Spirit would be consumed. Of course, that was under the precondition that the quality was guaranteed, which Bu Qi had achieved without a doubt.


In a single go, a delicate bouquet of roses appeared. From the very start, the movement of the knives was all very relaxed and confident, and at the moment of the end an applause thundered out as the audience was all stunned by this delicate performance.

“Fifteen minutes!” Looking at the hour glass, Ai Ma’s charming face flushed red with stirred emotion at this completely perfect technique.

“Can you imitate this?” Bu Qi proudly challenged.

The corner of Zou Liang’s mouth cracked open. “I’m not that good at imitating.”

“If your ability is not enough then it’s not enough. What kind of excuse are you trying to find?” Ai Ma on one side was clearly angered at being ignored earlier and naturally would not pass up a chance to throw rocks at the person who had fallen into a well.

A group of powerful people were all smiling as they watched but did not interfere. Though it seemed to be a quarrel between two youths, in actuality it was a battle between the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild and the temple.

The Spirit Engraving Masters Guild used these kinds of methods to show everyone that the garnished Dual-Engraving Method was not reliable and that the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild was the only place to go.

Ke Te and Lan Di had already given up. This had already smashed out the results, and although Ya Se was not one to be discouraged, today was simply too terrifying.

“Lan Di, come here and help me keep time,” Zou Liang said.

“I won’t go over.” The loss was already confirmed so Lan Di dared not to go up and shame himself.

“Don’t think I won’t hit you!” Zou Liang looked at Lan Di, and this Ye Lu Samo, blank-faced celebrity leopard actually walked up and supported the hourglass.

Tuo Ma Si could tell that this cheap disciple of his was angered!

It was the same crude Engraving Knife again, and everyone watched this young Bi Er. What could he do?

The Engraving Knife was directly inserted into the Beast Spirit, and sudden blade light began to appear!



Has anyone seen quickness?

What was quick?

This was quick!

The Engraving Knife was as though it had disappeared and madly flickered. The people could only see it transform into blade light, and in a single slice it would transform innumerable slices.

Fast! Fast!

Fast! Fast!

Fast! Fast!

Fast! Fast!

Fast! Fast!

Fast! Fast!

Fast! Fast!

Were these still the hands of a mortal?

Bu Qi’s originally delicate face had already turned into a deathly grey, his hand shuddering along with the tempo; he could no longer control himself, as he was an Engraving Master and was even a famous one. This…… was this still the speed of a mortal?

The hall had only one sound, that of the Engraving Knife cutting open the air. Fast, fast, fast!

Sa Mu Andun could not believe his own eyes. What level of knife technique was this? He didn’t even notice his cigar falling from his mouth at all.

This level was shocking and even the people who understood the occupation were dominated. From the people who did not understand the ins and outs of Spirit Engraving, this was simply a miracle!

Even an attendant placing a wine cup atop a guest’s head went completely unnoticed. Ai Ma was completely stupefied; this…… how could it be?

The stupid looking Bi Er had vanished, and in his place was a supreme Engraving Master!


The rose in Ai Ma’s hand landed on the floor outside of anyone’s notice. Spirit Engraving was indeed a technique of the spirit, and the entire audience’s focus was sucked in by this astounding technique as if this Spirit Engraving in front of their eyes was the only thing left in this world.

Lan Di was the closest, and this leopard male had his mouth opened the widest of them all. Although his saliva flowed out, he was still in complete oblivion.


Engraving finished!

On top of the Engraving Knife was a bouquet of roses in full bloom, but nobody said that he had imitated. Everyone’s vision was set straight.


If Bu Qi’s rose bouquet was an obvious creations, then Zou Liang’s could be considered as real skill; each layer was distinct from the other, pretty much as though it were real.

A butterfly which had flown through the window seemed to have been puzzled by it and had decided to land on the rose while flapping its wings. It was clearly doubting itself, as the rose was far too lifelike.


“Six minutes!” Lan Di muttered. Could this still be considered normal??? Damn, after confirming this, when he was to evolve his equipment he would definitely find Ya Se to create it for him!

Zou Liang held the bouquet of roses in his hand and indicated for Lan Di to put the hourglass on his Engraving Knife before dragging it towards Bu Qi. Even though Zou Liang’s body stature was considered scrawny among others of the Bi Er tribe, it was still large compared to a Fu Ke Si.

“What technique…… I don’t understand, this hourglass stuff is more suited for you.” With this, Zou Liang stretched out his Engraving Knife and delivered the hourglass to the front of Bu Qi.

Bu Qi’s movements already no longer passed through his head and he unconsciously stretched out his hand. He was fiercely burned, and as the ember died out, the silk cloth beneath the hourglass ignited, frightening Bu Qi and causing him to retreat again and again before falling onto his butt.

The astonishing knife speed had made the Engraving Knife enter a state of extremely high temperature and ignited the silk cloth.

What time? Zou Liang would not even need to worry about it.

Immediately, the entire audience’s applause shook the heavens. This was what Engraving technique was!

This was what speed truly was!

Sa Mu Andun fiercely cried out in fear; it turned out that the cigar had burned through his pants without him feeling anything, and the president did not say a second word before rushing out straight into the pond.

“Thank you, thank you for everyone’s cheers. Ye Lu Samo Temple will accept Spirit Engraving appointments. Us devout believers have finally obtained the Beast God’s care.”

In such a wonderful atmosphere, it would not be Zou Liang’s style not to advertise.

“Head Priest Tuo Ma Si, receiving such a disciple must be fortune from your past generation,” Headmaster An Qi Luo said with a smile.

“How? He is also Headmaster’s student. It should be said to be our fortune.”

Hehe, this is true.”

It was unknown when, but Sa Mu Andun and Bu Qi had left with their tails tucked between their legs since staying any longer was just courting their own disgrace. Sa La’s face was also unsightly, but as the owner he had nowhere to go. What’s more, on the surface this had only been a contest between the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild and the temple; he was still only a third party in the end.

Naturally, Zou Liang gave the beautiful rose bouquet to Ai Wei Er.

Chapter 82 – What is time? This brother does not consider it!

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