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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 83

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Chapter 83

With difficulty, Lan Di and Ke Te managed to pull Ya Se away from his group of admirers. “Ya Se, are we friends?”

“Of course!”

“If we’re friends, aren’t we supposed to be under the same knife1?”

“That depends on the situation,” Zou Liang said while drinking water with a pace that was neither fast nor slow; that conflict from before really did use up his stamina. “Hehe, just teasing you guys. I’ve already set time aside for your advancement.”

“I was thinking, since we’ve crossed through life and death together. Since you’ve agreed, we’re relying on you.” Lan Di laughed and Ke Te was not modest in this either; no one could give up this kind of opportunity.

Head Priest Tuo Ma Si immediately took up the leading role. The older generation obviously did not go and find Ya Se, but since Ya Se was Tuo Ma Si’s disciple, the two’s paths would be the same, not to mention that Ye Lu samo Temple was still under Tuo Ma Si’s control.

Ever since becoming the Head Priest, this was the first time Tuo Ma Si had been given so much face, and the wrinkles on the sides of his eyes had increased by a few more from his laughter.

Zou Liang was very clear on when it was appropriate to be in the limelight and when it was time to lay low. Since his mission had already been completed, what was left was his master’s business.

Zou Liang’s publicity had greatly increased and the circle of youths had a new goal: males were only charming when they had ability. Ai Ma was angry in her heart since she was the leading role of this place, but she had had her spotlight completely snatched away by Ai Wei Er. The battle of the females was acutely fierce, and the prime cause of it was this Bi Er.

He had definitely done this on purpose!

Facing Ai Ma’s hostile look, Zou Liang very discourteously returned the same, although after seeing Ai Ma’s chest, its development wasn’t bad.

After noticing Zou Liang’s “sinister” look, Ai Ma was angered even further. As a virtuous girl from a prestigious family, however, she had to retain her composure and could not flip out in anger.

“Ya Se, don’t make her mad. This high and mighty young lady’s temper is not something you want to bear and you have enough on your shoulders already.”

Zou Liang uncaringly shrugged. “These kinds of people lack discipline. They act like they’re a goddess, but our Ai Wei Er is still the best. One’s appearance being beautiful doesn’t mean much, real beauty is the beauty of the soul.”

“That is true, no wonder you’re an Engraving Priest2, this kind of talking indeed has insight.” Lan Di smiled.

“Your bootlicking is really prompt.”

The interaction between the four was delightful. “Ya Se, it seems as though there are a lot of people who wish to get to know you. How about I introduce you? I can assure you that a lot of people will try to find you a girlfriend.”

“Nah. Social interactions… my cheap master is competent enough.”

“How can this be, everyone thinks our relationship is good. As a matter of fact, on my father’s side, a few……” Ai Wei Er was also feeling a bit awkward.

“Ah, then I definitely need to get to know them. Why didn’t you say earlier?” A passionate expression immediately surfaced on Zou Liang’s smile. “Let’s go, how could I not be embarrassed if I leave Uncle waiting?”

“You guys can go, us two won’t intrude.” Lan Di and Ke Te had long fixed their eyes on the beauties within the guests; how could they miss such a good opportunity? Zou Liang stretched out his arm and Ai Wei Er lightly hooked her arm around it, much like an ideal couple. It wasn’t necessary to overthink it, though, as this was just the etiquette of the high-class beastmen and at most signified that their relationship was close.

Zou Liang still had a set of skills for dealing with middle-aged people. Ai Wei Er’s father took after the Ru Bo Te tribe’s culture which made Zou Liang feel very comfortable, so Zou Liang put special effort in giving an amount of face to allow the Ru Bo Te gentleman to receive a lot of prestige in front of his business partners.

Messing around in the higher layers of society was all about face. The Meng Jia Empire’s business interaction had also stopped at the middle-grade compared to Earth in regards to trust, face, and ability, but that was simply because the competition for business was less.

This time, they had completely beaten the Engraving Masters Guild which would definitely break the order of Ye Lu Samo. Sa Mu Andun had spent his heart to create a stage where he was completely confident, but he had instead given away his bride and his army along with it. From the rumors, Bu Qi had rushed back to Da Luo Si that very night; for this hot-blooded young genius, a fall like this could not be light. As for President Sa Mu Andun, he did not leave the doors for three days and did not say a single word about the resultant events.

After the banquet had finished, Zou Liang was already beat and the muscles for smiling had gone really stiff. This was even more tiring than ten close fights, and he really could not understand how some people would be like a fish in the water and become happier the more they chatted.

“Ya Se, you did a very good job today.”

“How? Master, you old ones are the ones that worked hard, being able to talk about so many pointless things for the whole night.”

Tuo Ma Si could not help but to laugh. “You little brat, this kind of stage is very beneficial for the growth of you young ones. Others can’t get this even if they begged for it, yet you’re avoiding it.”

Ai, pure social interactions don’t suit a youth bursting with energy.”

Hehe, this is true, but these kinds of situations cannot be avoided. It seems that this will spread through the entire city by tomorrow,” Tuo Ma Si laughed. He also did not think that Zou Liang would try to advertise for the temple in the end.

“Priest Ma Lu, you guys will become busy.” Zou Liang laid down satisfied. “Master, it’s time that you changed horse carriages, and the front entrance might have to be worked on as well. You see the Engraving Masters Guild? Our carriage is too embarrassing.”

“You little one, to change carriages needs money. Do you think money just falls from the heavens? Ai.”

“Master, don’t look so miserable. You are a person that is to become the Red-Robed Head Priest, so what is it? Are you afraid that there are not enough hands?”

“You little brat, our temple has a total of five plain-grade Engraving Priests. Including you and the ones in training, there are twenty of us, but the others can only make basic models. The difficulty of the Dual-Engraving Method is too high and the only person that can use it right now is me, so I can’t help but be worried. If we accidentally destroy our signature creation, it’ll become very hard in the future.”

“Master, Dual-Engraving is a trump card; how can it be something everyone can do? You can release news saying that the Beast God has said only one person can be done a month. The more uncommon it is, the more people will line up, and if it’s a special household they can arrange for me to make my move. Like this, both the reputation and substance is there and the price must be the highest. The rich people are abundant and by my nanny their carriages are even better than ours!”

Zeze, this is a very good point.”

“The Dual-Engraving Method’s main importance is to increase influence and it cannot be mass-produced. The plain-grade Engraving is the main point, and like this, when I get back I will design a few sets and it is definitely going to be popular. I don’t believe that the Engraving Masters Guild will be able to not go bankrupt!”

Zou Liang’s idea was ruthless. A mighty leader had once said that when dealing with enemies, one must be as frigid as the winter.

“I just knew that you had a way, hehe. Then I’ll leave it to you.”  Head Priest Tuo Ma Si immediately blossomed a smile like harmonious spring.

Zou Liang knew that the older the ginger, the spicier its taste. This cheap master was scraping everything out of the situation he could, but personal profit was also meant to benefit others and when treating comrades, one must be as warm as the spring.

After comfortably sleeping a good nap, Zou Liang promptly awoke early in the morning and returned to the temple. The Head Priest had opened up a special training area to keep Zou Liang from being disturbed, and he became more familiar with it as he used it. Naturally, to stop Ou Nisi Te from knocking down all of the trees in the temple, he had also prepared a special stone pillar for slamming into for Ou Nisi Te to slowly hit.

The horse stance, push-ups, and ramming of the stone pillar were Ou Nisi Te’s core training methods. They were easy and direct which was the most suitable for him, and Zou Liang realised that Ou Nisi Te was beginning to feel the thing called rhythm.

Zou Liang expressed his utmost satisfaction. He also could not relax, and he groaned and husked with a henghengyaya as though he was losing his voice. This was not his own creation, but was learned from Tuo Ma Si, as Zou Liang was a priest and still needed to learn the essential war songs. After finishing his practice for war songs, he still needed to practice his fists; this was all according to Zou Liang’s plans.

Against high-defence opponents, Zou Liang’s killing technique was the One-Inch Explosion, as once it was properly displayed it could bypass defence and cause internal wounds directly. This opportunity seldom came up, however, and for the One-Inch Explosion, training strength was of the utmost importance. All of the normal combo skills, Zou Liang only needed to familiarise himself a bit, yet this kind of strength-reliant techniques required more than a single day of work.

One fist was followed by another, and if someone carefully paid attention they would realise that the duvet was being shaken wildly flying, but in reality Zou Liang’s fist did not actually come into contact with it.

After the morning exercise finished, the sweat on Zou Liang’s body was even greater than Ou Nisi Te’s.

Chapter 83 – The ItineraryBehind The Scenes

  1. Luna Note: Effectively meaning “Share the same fate”.
  2. Note in Chinese actually say 灵魂祭司 which is Spirit Priest that I have named Engraving Priest as the other Spirit Priest is 灵祭司 which is also Spirit Priest therefore to make the distinction the other one was named after their job.

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