The Great Conqueror – Chapter 86

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Chapter 86

The normal attributes for a Shadow Hunter’s plain-grade gear was 1~3 Virtue, 1~3 Speed, 1~3 Agility, and 1~5 Defence from the armour, and 1~5 Attack from the weapon. This was the limit that plain-grade gear could reach, and even if there was surplus Beast Spirit, a Spirit Engraving Master would be unable to keep extracting more attributes. An equip without attribute values would be too much of a waste and very few people would do this. Naturally, Shadow Hunters also needed the talent to use two daggers, and one of them would have full attributes while the other would have low values. Alternatively, both daggers would have low values, but this would still require someone with above-average talent.

People with good talent would also need to preserve their Beast Spirit. During a battle, their equipment would be damaged and could even shatter, and they needed Beast Spirit to mend or completely remake it.

It was fine to waste anything except for Beast Spirit.

With this, it was no wonder than Lan Di was so solemn. This affected a warrior’s destiny.

Suddenly, Lan Di lifted his head. “I’ll do it. I currently still have ten points of Beast Spirit left over, so we’ll see what you can do!”

By his nanny, this excess was more than everything this ancestor had! The Beast God guy was sure stingy, and Zou Liang could not help but mutter in the depths of his heart.

“You sure are daring. Are you willing to bet this much?” Zou Liang laughed as he had still not explained.

Lan Di confidently flung his head. “What one needs in this world is to be quick-willed in gratitude and revenge, and to pass their days in a straightforward and frank manner. Being straightforward is all that one needs to be; I believe you, and I believe in my friend.”

“That’s good. Find a quiet place and then we can start,” Zou Liang said.

Keke, when you start, could you be a bit more focused? This will affect your brother’s life,” Lan Di miserably said.

“Get lost and quickly get ready! If I were here to ruin you, you would just have to live with it!” Zou Liang laughed; this guy sure enjoyed amusing others.

Lan Di nervously went to prepare. Truthfully, if it were not Ya Se, even if it was the Head Priest he would still not consider it. He didn’t know why, but after learning and seeing Zou Liang show his specialty, Lan Di was full of expectation, and in his bones from head to tail was an adventurer who found fun in things that were exciting and without certainty.

Naturally, this was also because he was developing an understanding of Ya Se’s behavior. Thinking of the butterfly knife technique that Ya Se had passed onto him, if this failed then it could just be considered as him paying teaching fees from before.

Therefore, Lan Di did not question it at all.

Lan Di was also a straightforward person, and he immediately told his servants to prepare. There was literally nothing lacking, and he had even prepared some demon beasts’ Beast Spirit as a supplement.

By the time Zou Liang and Lan Di were about to start, a servant had already secretly reported to the old man.

Ke Luode-Lan Di was also an influential noble of Ye Lu Samo with high hopes for his son that Lan Di Junior did not fall short of. When Ke Luode suddenly heard that this son of his was going to create a shield, he had almost fainted in his anger.

This rascal’s head had been burned through; what Shadow Hunter needed a shield!

Baron Ke Luode hastily rushed over ablaze in fire and began to howl as soon as he entered the door.

At this time, Lan Di had already gotten ready and his expression slightly changed. “It must be those guys that gossip unnecessarily. Start quickly or else if my old man is here, it won’t be possible to do it anymore.”

“You’ve got guts.”

“Of course. Who doesn’t know that I, Lan Di’s guts are famous?”

“Old Man, I have already started, so if you enter now you will ruin a whole enterprise for a single basketful![1. Luna Note: You will destroy something big (the enterprise, a business) for something small/petty (a basketful, some loose change).]” Lan Di howled at the door that separated them.

“You bastard, you’re asking for a beating! Hurry up and roll out, don’t think I won’t beat you to the point that you have to search the ground for your teeth!” Baron Ke Luode was infuriated to the point that his beard had even started to float.

“Old Man, keep quiet. If my Beast Spirit becomes unstable, it’ll all be over.” In the room, Lan Di indicated that Zou Liang could start.

As expected, although Ke Luode had almost been angered to death, he did not dare to intrude; if he made the situation go up in flames and enticed the devil’s magic, if Lan Di’s Beast Spirit shattered then he would not even have a place to cry.

“You group of blockheads, why did you not tell me of such an important event earlier!”

“Lord, no one thought the young lord would really go ahead with it after saying and didn’t even go to the Engraving Masters Guild.”

“What? Who? Who? Who is the Engraving Master? If someone wanted to cheat money, this isn’t a good scam! I will definitely find Sa Mu Andun and invite him over for a good talk!”

“Lord, it doesn’t seem to be from the Engraving Masters Guild. The person was very young and wore a Priest-in-training robe,” the servant carefully, cautiously said.

Priest in training???

Ke Luode felt as though the sky was revolving and the earth was spinning. Crazy, crazy…… Priest in training???

A young face appeared in Ke Luode’s head. Was it him?

The Daoge (Dào Gé) [2. Probably Dog not sure.] tribe’s servants carefully and prudently waited to serve. They did not understand why the furious lord had suddenly calmed down and made everyone be quiet, even telling them to ready a banquet. Naturally, they did not have to solve profound issues; the Daoge tribe was on the lowest level of society and being responsible and diligent were their main traits, but it was because of this that the tribe would never have to worry about losing their job. Just like the Fu Ke Si produced stewards, the Daoge tribe produced servants in abundance.

Time passed by in minutes and seconds. Ke Luode was very anxious after calming down, though he knew that his son was not an idiot and decided this would definitely have a reason. After seeing Ya Se’s godlike technique from before, he was also expectant, but why was it a shield?

It had already begun, so the only thing he could do was wait.

Four hours had passed. A dual-type design incorporated with the streamlined model and curvature was also an enormous project for Zou Liang, and especially since it was advertising material it had to be even more perfect. Lan Di was also someone very much to his tastes as well, and this was the reason he had given him the most beneficial deal under the heavens..

In the room, Lan Di looked at his shield dumbstruck and had already stared blankly at it for ten or so minutes. The only thing he had not done yet was lick it with his tongue.

“Ya Se, from today onwards, you are my second parent!”

“Get lost! Do I look that old to you?”

“Yes, that is correct! Priest Ya Se is like a wise martial god, and I’ll definitely stay with you in the future!” This kind of talk was flattery, but it was also the truth of Lan Di’s inner heart.

As a Shadow Hunter with future prospects, when Lan Di first saw the shield, he felt an indescribable feeling of agreement. Amidst a battle, sometimes he would really wish there was something that could help defend against a few crucial attacks. It didn’t have to be too large, and it being just the right size would be enough, and this shield’s size was the same as the ones in his dreams; it thoroughly satisfied his needs.

When he saw the 2~6 attributes, it was like a thunderclap splitting the ground. He was as shocked as though he had been struck by a bolt of lightning.

Unrivaled in the Meng Jia Empire: the super-strong, invincible small buckler!

The most frightening was that Ya Se only consumed close to six points of Beast Spirit since the shield was a lot smaller than the standard shield. Although the structure was a bit complicated, it had left behind an amount of Beast Spirit that wasn’t small. Everyone knew that the limit of Defence was five and only outstanding Engraving Masters surpassing the norm could increase it by another point, yet he had chanced upon this kind of treasure.

The joy that Lan Di felt in his heart was not one that he could express with words. He already prostrated himself in admiration.

However, in the future, even if he didn’t want to mingle with Zou Liang it was not possible. He would be afraid that not a single person could be able to perform this kind of Engraving Method except for Zou Liang, and that is without even factoring in how much excess consumption would be used otherwise.

The more complex the design, the greater the odds of failure. Only those who were knowledgeable found it easy, and those who were not knowledgeable found it hard. This kind of concept would never change throughout all of eternity.

“That’s enough. Stop looking at it, find someone to test it and see if it is fitting.”

This was what Zou Liang placed at a higher importance.

At this time, Lan Di released a hysterical howl that shook the entire manor to the point that chickens flew and the dogs jumped.

Ke Luode was frightened into a jump. “Lan Di, what is it?”

“Old Man, fight me! Today I’ll definitely defeat you!”

Hearing Lan Di’s excited voice, Ke Luode put away half his worries.

After entering, he saw Lan Di’s shield and—being rich in knowledge after participating in all types of battles—Ke Luode was also stunned. His heart was unable to stop pounding with a pengpengpeng sound, as though it were about to leap out.

Ke Luode was a genuine bronze-grade warrior. His son’s talent was greater than his, but Lan Di needed to become a silver-grade warrior to bring honour to his ancestors.

Heihei, come! Fight me!”

Ke Luode stabilized his mood, as he was someone who had traversed many battlefields. “Don’t let Priest Ya Se become a laughingstock! Priest Ya Se, large favours are not returned with only words; if there is anything you want, then you only need to say it!”

To a beastman, what was more important than cultivating the next generation? When they were Ke Luode’s age, the thing they wanted most was for the son to become famous among tens of thousands in order to illuminate the family’s status.

“Lord Ke Luode is too courteous. Lan Di is my friend, and if it’s convenient for you, you can try as I would also like to see the combat effects.”

“Please!” Seeing that Ya Se also had a reason for it, Ke Luode no longer declined.

Going outside, Ke Luode did not enter Beast Transformation, as he was a warrior that had gone through hundreds of battles. Even if he didn’t transform, the state of his body was similar to plain-grade, and at least in the past Lan Di had never beaten him.

Ke Luode also only brought his his 1~8 Attack dagger. Both of these two were impetuous people, and especially Lan Di immediately went for the kill. The butterfly knife flew into reverse and it clearly seemed to be the first time Ke Luode had seen such a knife technique; he was frightened into a jump, but since his strength was strong and powerful, the knife squarely blocked it: one attack to replace his defence.

Chapter 86 – 2~6 Defence

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Thanks For The Chapter 😀


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