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The Great Conqueror - Chapter 87 - Zenith Novels

The Great Conqueror – Chapter 87

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Chapter 87

Zou Liang could clearly see that in terms of knife technique, Lan Di was not at a disadvantage, but the disparity between how Ke Luode controlled the tempo compared to Lan Di was not small, and Ke Luode’s openings were not enough to take advantage of. This could only be obtained through combat experience.

When Ke Luode grew accustomed to Lan Di’s attacks, his dagger suddenly flashed out.


Under normal conditions, a Shadow Hunter under attack could only give up their attacking stance and dodge, and as soon as they gave up the offensive they could be chased down by the opponent. But by having a shield, it was not like this!

As soon as there was contact, Ke Luode knew that it was anything but reassuring. His dagger slipped and Lan Di’s knife hand had already pointed the weapon at this old one’s vitals.

Ke Luode calmly stood up. As a Shadow Hunter, he knew what this kind of change meant, and Lan Di was overjoyed; since birth, this was the first time he had beaten his old man.

“Old Man, you won’t be a sore loser, right? Why are you so emotionally stirred? Hehe, I’m still your son.”

“Lord Ke Luode, the younger generation has surpassed the former[1. Literal. They come from the same origins but one has surpassed the other]. Congratulations.” Zou Liang smiled.

Ke Luode bowed deeply, shocking Ya Se. “Priest Ya Se, you have been virtuous and kind to our Lan Di house. As long as our Lan Di family has one descendant alive, it will be engraved into our memory!”

Zou Liang was caught completely unprepared. He did not anticipate the situation to develop like this, and at this time Ke Luode had already pulled Lan Di over. “If Priest Ya Se doesn’t mind this boy’s slow-wittedness, then let him become a follower. He’ll be of use in the future.”

“Lord Ke Luode, Lan Di and I are friends. If you act like this, it’s treating me too much as an outsider.”

“Old Man, let us deal with our own things, as Ya Se and I are brothers.” Lan Di scratched his head.

“I’m speaking with Priest Ya Se, there’s no room for you to interrupt! If Priest Ya Se doesn’t receive you, then you can roll out of the house for this old man, as you don’t have a use at all!” Ke Luode’s expression was peerlessly focused and it did not seem as though he was joking. Lan Di did not dare to speak another word.

“How about this? Lord Ke Luode, in the future, if I ever need a follower, I will definitely find Lan Di first.”

“Okay. Priest Ya Se is sure straightforward, then this will be how it is. I have already prepared a banquet. Let everyone come, and help Priest Ya Se change and bathe.”

Zou Liang also did not decline as he knew this was Ke Luode’s expression of good faith. Being someone who had been in society, his foresight was vast and distant.

Seeing that Zou Liang had agreed, Ke Luode was very happy.

Naturally, the banquet was one where the hosts and guests were happy. The Lan Di father and son were both so passionate that it made it hard for Zou Liang to do his business. To Zou Liang, it required as much effort as raising his hand, and it was such that he had not made an effort to turn the other into an “advertisement”, but for Lan Di his entire life’s path had been elevated because of this Engraving.

In a scene filled with the sound of people urging him to drink, Zou Liang felt as though he had gone back to his university days drinking with his friends. Zou Liang was also not courteous and drank one cup after another to the point that he had to be sent back home by Lan Di’s family.


For Lan Di, this was clearly going to be a sleepless night. After drinking, Lan Di was even more excited and his instinct surged further. Ke Luode had drunk the most as he was the happiest; to a life of a father, there was nothing more important than hoping his son would soar to become a dragon.

Lan Di entered the Beast Spirit World. The Beast Spirit World was as lively as it had been in the past, and ever since the Beast God Martial Artist had appeared, it had attracted an uncountable number of young beastmen’s notice. They hoped to meet the Asura’s godly might and—without noticing—Lan Di had entered the lively tide of beastmen.

The Meng Jia Empire did not lack young elites, it was just that not everyone was willing to flaunt themselves in the Beast Spirit World. For example, the current most famous Nei Beiluo-Sang Qiesi no longer fought in the Beast Spirit World after he was promoted from the plain-grade warriors, as he believed the Beast Spirit World did not have a single worthy opponent.

Lan Di was a frequent visitor of this place and his accomplishments were very outstanding, but he was still a distance away from being famous amongst tens of thousands.

“A Shadow Hunter that carries a shield, hehe, look everyone! There’s a Shadow Hunter that carries a shield here!”

Although Lan Di was unaware of who laughed, it immediately attracted the attention of a large number of beastmen. It was just too funny to see a Shadow Hunter with a shield, and it was such a strange shield as well!

“Brother, is this shield of yours used to cover your embarrassment?”

“Yeah, with that size, it can only block a hair’s attack. Too unsightly.”

Lan Di was very calm and collected. If it were in the past, he would have been so infuriated that his hairs would tip off his hat and rush up, but ever since he had gained his treasured shield, Master Lan Di had also attained a bit of an expert’s temperament.

Someone finally realised the shield’s attributes. All of a sudden, all of the surrounding people quieted followed by their saliva flowing out with a huahua.

A plain-grade 2~6 attribute had appeared like a thunderclap scaring the heaven!

Lan Di walked towards the battle arena with great confidence and ease. This brother loved being observed since birth, and the more people that paid him attention, the more excited and pleased he would be. This was the first time since he was born that so many looked at him!

The beastmen on the side were all shocked by the shield’s attributes and sighed without end. That silly genius Priest had created such a character-destroying shield… and just had to waste it on a Shadow Hunter who did not need one.

An uncountable number of Crusaders’ eyes had both tears flowing and a wounded heart. If they had such a shield, then……

Lan Di did not have to wait long before a fatty jumped up. “Yo, if it isn’t Lan Di. You sure give the Shadow Hunter face, scared to death to the point that you have even created a shield. What a pity to a shield that good.”

It was impossible for enemies not to meet. Today, Luo Ge had already won a match and—just as he was about to leave—he had heard the rowdiest crowd and found that arena to actually contain Lan Di. The disgrace he had felt in the pub had been carved into his heart and bones; at that time, if he had used his Beast Spirit Transformation then he would not have suffered such a large loss, and he resented this with his life. He did not think that the opponent would send himself to his door.

Lan Di extended three fingers. “I’ll finish you in three moves!”

Luo Ge purposefully stuck out his head, as though to indicate he had not heard properly. “What? Being who you are, it seems more likely I’ll finish you in three moves.”

Hehe, but who knows who it was that was scared by someone to the point they wet their pants, and yet they still dare to be so rampant in such a place.”

Although Luo Ge was not someone easy to provoke, Lan Di targeted the wound in his heart. The fire rose to his head and he pulled out his dagger before rushing over.

Lan Di’s heart shuddered; it seemed as though this Luo Ge had diligently trained after returning. Lan Di knew that his firepower was slightly worse than the opponent’s, so he took the initiative for a faster kill.

Luo Ge completely did not put Lan Di in his eyes. He hated that Priest that had randomly appeared, but this waste Lan Di could be killed with a single hand.

A fierce scorching knife stabbed over and suddenly he found a shield in front of the dagger. Luo Ge was not afraid, however, as with a Shadow Hunter’s heavy blow, even if the opponent had a shield, they would still be forced backwards. What a waste of a shield this good!


After Luo Ge attacked the middle of the shield, he found that something was not quite right. His knife did not display a forward attack like he had thought, and his knife had slipped out at the same time his balanced shifted forward.


Lan Di’s knife had already entered Luo Ge’s body: a vital attack!

One attack certain kill!

This was the use of the shield. When Lan Di had fought with his father, he had understood the use of this shield with its thick center and thin rim. This time, Lan Di had purposefully controlled it and when the shield resisted the knife, he used his strength to swipe outwardly to directly push the opponent’s attack aside. A Shadow Hunter with their knife parried away would undoubtedly have their chest wide open without any obstruction.


Luo Ge facing death’s door did not even understand the surface of what had happened!!!


This moment, an unpleasant air had been released from Lan Di’s heart. The last time Luo Ge was miserable, he was also not in a good state either since the person that defeated Luo Ge was not him. But now, the opponent that he could not surpass in the past even when he put his life at stake was instead relaxedly defeated at his feet. The heroic feeling in his heart was bottomless.

A Shadow Hunter was different from a warrior: the more excited he became, the more callous he would be. Lan Di pulled out his thumb and sliced it across his neck; he would no longer care about the loser any longer.

This night, Lan Di had crazily won ten consecutive victories in a row and shook the entire Beast Spirit World. Ten consecutive victories were easy, but ten in a single night as a Shadow Hunter was extremely rare. Yet there was no other outcome, as Lan Di did not even need over three blows before killing one, and the physical power it used up was not much.

Most people who met the strange shield were all at a loss. It was not merely the frightening 2~6 Defense attribute, but after meeting the shield, everyone would lose their rhythm. For someone to reveal a hole in front of a Shadow Hunter was to send themselves to their own death.

Attack and defence together in a Shadow Hunter shook the Shadow Hunters Guild. This undermined common sense!

All the warriors were dumbstruck. Admittedly, they knew that Lan Di’s skill was pretty good, but the most crucial point was the strange shield that was unheard of that he had.

Zou Liang had long ago told him, but this guy was so excited by battle that he had already forgotten. After preparing to leave after ten consecutive victories, innumerous warriors one after another inquired about which Engraving Masters Guild had Engraved it.

Lan Di gave his answer.

Chapter 87 – Giving an Answer!

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