The Great Conqueror – Chapter 88

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Chapter 88

That night, Zou Liang slept especially soundly and only woke late in the morning. When he did get up, it felt as though his head was buzzing…… no, it wasn’t his head that was buzzing, but the outside.

After opening the door, he found that there wasn’t a single person in sight. Where did everyone run off to as though they’d met a living devil?

“My nanny, this is the Beast God’s domain, so why are people making such a large racket outside!” Zou Liang muttered under his breath. Although he played the part of the fox to exploit the tiger’s might, he was searching for some water since he was thirsty.

“Priest Ya Se! Priest Ya Se! The Head Priest has said to make sure you absolutely do not go outside!” Priest Ma Lu rushed over at his fastest speed that made Zou Liang very concerned that he would trip on his aged arms and legs.

“What is it? What has happened? This temple is so noisy!”

Ma Lu gave a bitter laugh; hadn’t this situation been caused by Ya Se? “Priest Ya Se, the 2~6 shield that you made yesterday has come to be known by everyone and everybody in the Holy Province. Because of all of the bubbling and gurgling, even the Shadow Hunter Guild President has come, and the people outside are all people that have come to our temple to create the shield.”

“Oh, is that so? Then it’s good news, hehe,” Zou Liang laughed, pleased. It seemed as though that kid Lan Di was very reliable.

“But, but, there are not enough hands in the temple…… not to mention, we cannot currently create it, so the Head Priest is currently having a headache.”

Hehe, you go tell Master that I’ll be over there soon.”

“Yes, yes!” Ma Lu admired Ya Se too much, as it seemed as though before Ya Se’s eyes, nothing in this world was a problem.

Zou Liang changed his clothes and tidied up his appearance. When he arrived at the Head Priest’s parlor, the number of people inside were not many, but they were all people that were the heads and face of Ye Lu Samo.

“Master, you were searching for me?” In front of others, Zou Liang wanted to give Tuo Ma Si an abundance of face and saluted him respectfully as a sincere disciple.

Seeing Ya Se, Tuo Ma Si also smiled. The head Priest was also an old fox, and although he had not yet learned how to be the ultimate advertiser, he had also played out the scene well. He knew that this kid Ya Se definitely had a method of dealing with this matter.

“This must be Priest Ya Se, indeed an appearance of talent!”

“Young and promising!”

“That’s right, he is practically our Ye Lu Samo’s future!”

In only a moment, the entire room was flooded with flattery, and there was so much as to leave Zou Liang dizzy despite him preparing a speech beforehand. This technique was certainly ruthless.

“Ya Se, come here. Ai, to research the method of design, this disciple and I have spat out our hearts and spilled blood. As a result, my Beast Spirit had gone out of control and I cannot use my knife for a while, but my disciple’s state is a bit better.” Tuo Ma Si very cleverly avoided the truth and wove a lie in its place.

“Master, you need to look after your body. You stand for the temple and are the pillar of our Holy Province,” Zou Liang perfectly responded and showcased his concern.

“Priest Ya Se, I hear the shield used by the kid from the Lan Di family was made by you.”

“Priest Ya Se[2. Typo here, as the author wrote Lan Di], my house’s child is also a Shadow Hunter. Could I bother you to……”

“That’s enough, that kid from your household is worthless so it’s better not to waste it! Did you not hear from the Head Priest that this is very taxing on their heart and blood!”

Every person here was an influential figure of Ye Lu Samo and at this moment they had almost begun to fight. After finding out this kind of creation method placed a large burden on the Spirit Engraving Master’s life, everybody knew that the quota was limited, and to fight for their own places they no longer cared about each other’s prestige.

Keke, ladies and gentlemen, please quiet down. I know the reason why everyone has come. My master has things he must deal with, so this disciple will serve everyone in his place. Everyone, do not worry about my comfort, as for the temple this disciple will exhaust every last drop in his body until his death,” Zou Liang said in a very focused manner while offering himself up in Tuo Ma Si’s place. These people looked at his cheap master with twinkling gazes.

Immediately, the calls of bootlicking sounded out proclaiming that a devout Engraving Priest like this would be number one in the empire.

“Ya Se, this master knows your heart, but this master cannot help but look after your body. This time, you have contributed greatly to the design, but you cannot cause this much more harm to yourself.” As soon as Tuo Ma Si shook his head, it had caused half the hearts of the others to cool.

“Master, everyone here is a pillar of our Ye Lu Samo, the elites of our empire. This disciple will attend to them with his full strength, but to keep the current guarantee of success there can only be a person a month.”

One a month……

Someone immediately stood up. “Head Priest Tuo Ma Si, this year, our Luosi Mi (Luó​sī Mǐ) Association’s contributions will double!”

“That’s enough, how great are your contributions? Our family hands over five thousand gold a year!”


Ya Se maintained his sincere appearance while gloomily scolding them in his heart. Nanny of bears, that wealthy ball of oil contributed so little? If Ya Se didn’t properly extract some of its value this time, he would disappoint the Beast God as well as himself. Ya Se was already not very pleased with the situation of the temple since long ago; many places needed maintenance, and although this place was very clean, the days were spent no differently than as ascetic monks. This wouldn’t do, as Zou Liang loved pleasure and loved luxury, and for a person to live in abundance[4. In Chinese they use the analogy “to live amongst vegetables in autumn”, meaning to be swimming in abundance.], they could not let themselves down.

“Ladies and gentlemen, how about this? To complete this kind of design would require a long period of training and preparation, but as Priests we need to sacrifice our own interest for others; servicing others comes first. The only thing is that the quota is limited, so let us just decide based on the contributions to the Beast God. Like this, since this year’s offerings have just arrived, the first place can select a person to undergo Spirit Engraving. Ya Se, how much certainty do you have?” Head Priest Tuo Ma Si had also delved into this before. He knew that the taste had to be sweet enough before the fish would take the bait.

“Master, as long as the preparations are adequate, this disciple has a hundred percent certainty and will definitely not throw your face away!”

A Bi Er Priest’s sincere and honest face would not be doubted by anyone, not to mention the person had already forged such an item.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m really sorry, but currently only my disciple and I can make something to such a high degree, but the other Priests in the temple are also on the verge of being able to create this new design and the quality is at least seventy or eighty percent. Since we are limited in hands and everyone has been friends for multiple years, when we formally release it, I will contact everyone a day in advance to make appointments,” Tuo Ma Si said. The audience could only be said to be satisfied, and Zou Liang surreptitiously stuck his thumb up in approval.

The first place would definitely obtain the best, and they were not to belittle the other Priests. With the limited number of hands Tuo Ma Si had and with the stream of people surging forward, to be able to make an appointment was already a favor from the heavens. Furthermore, today it was only in Ye Lu Samo City, but in two days the people from other cities in the Holy Province that came would perhaps……

Every dumbass that had managed to mess around in order to obtain a position all gave their courteous goodbyes before leaving. At a time like this, superfluous words would not have any effect, and people had to be realistic. What was contributing to the Beast God? It would naturally be paying taxes; the more they paid, the greater their contribution would be.

At the end, there was still one person left: the Ye Lu Samo Shadow Hunters Guild President. “Old Friend Tuo Ma Si, you are far too kind. By not telling me earlier, you caused me to be scolded by the Head President.”

“Old Friend Leinuo (Léi​nuò), I personally do not have a large certainty, but then I suddenly had this kind of thought. You know, these years the Engraving Masters Guild has been too rampant,” Tuo Ma Si dimly spoke. “They seem to have forgotten that this world exists under the blessing of the Beast God.”

“True, true, our Head President has already called upon Shaman Sibalu. Our Shadow Hunters Guild has always had an unwavering faith towards the Beast God.”

“Old Friend Leinuo, I also know how you think. The amount of elites you guys have in the Shadow Hunters Guild is not small, so how about this: I’ll think about it and see if I can open a road for you guys, but this kind of thing I cannot lord over and will have to have a talk with Lord Shaman.”

Hehe, old friend, if you have these intentions that is enough. I will relay your intentions to the Head President.”

At the moment of departure, Leinuo also firmly praised Zou Liang a little, and for Zou Liang who was not quite good at receiving praise, he had received enough to satisfy his craving for the day.

Chapter 88 – Seeing a Tide Again

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