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The Great Conqueror - Chapter 89 - Zenith Novels

The Great Conqueror – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89

Not so long ago, Zou Liang and Ou Nisi Te were on the bottom rung of Ye Lu Samo, huddled up in the corner of the Academy where no eyes gazed upon them. Yet now they could negotiate with the highest echelons of Ye Lu Samo, and those same people needed to seek favours from Zou Liang.

Every hair on Tuo Ma Si was at ease. It was unknown how long it had been since the temple had last held such importance.

“Ya Se, it’s all thanks to you!”

“Master, between the two of us, who is the one following the other? But I urge you to go to the capital immediately and personally report the situation to Lord Shaman.”

Zou Liang knew not to let a small victory rush to his head and muddle him. It did not matter how large a person’s contribution, it was necessary to have a person to back them up.

“Do I need a personal meeting? Is writing a report not enough?” Tuo Ma Si hesitated, as there was far too much that needed to be done and there was finally a chance to form some connections with the supreme powers of Ye Lu Samo.

Zou Liang had seen through Tuo Ma Si’s intentions with a single glance. “Master, you only have me as your sole closing disciple and I only have you, my only master. However, Lord Sibalu is your teacher, but at the same time he has other disciples; for this kind of thing, only if you go personally will it show your sincerity. At the same time, you can take a stroll and make some connections with the people in the capital. You don’t need to worry about the things in the city, as letting them lose a bit of their appetite is a good thing!”

These kinds of social concepts were the basics of Zou Liang’s original world, to say nothing of how the nationality he had originated from was the one most obsessed with the political power struggle. This matter was like child’s play, and even as a research student he knew that it was necessary to curry favour with the instructor.

Tuo Ma Si had been dominated. He had originally felt he should go, but he also was not willing to let go of the benefits that lay in front of his eyes. However, when Ya Se analysed it like this, the weeds blocking his vision were immediately cleared; the better he did on the foundation would definitely end up reflecting on the surface. Sibalu was the crucial card, and as long as his performance was good enough and Sibalu really thought of him as valuable, he would be able to rise up to the position of a Red-Robed Head Priest.

Tuo Ma Si faintly smiled. “I dare to say you have half a Fu Ke Si’s blood in your lineage, kid!”

Zou Liang scratched his head. “Master, I’m an orphan, so it could be true that I have some Fu Ke Si lineage.”

Tuo Ma Si was a bit sad hearing this. “Ya Se ah, since the moment you entered the temple, this was your home.”

Zou Liang nodded, as this was the truth. The more they associated with each other, the less artificial the relationship between them was, and it was only because of their sincerity that they could joke around.

“Master, I suggest that you immediately go on your way and not deal with your tiredness.”

“Brilliant, that will do. I will arrange some things, first; you get Ma Lu to gather all of the High Priests[1. I believe this is a typo. It says all the Head Priests.].”


“That’s right, you come as well,” Tuo Ma Si urged.

Not long after, all nine High Priests from each of the disciplines had gathered. Even though they were not part of the Engraving Priest discipline, they had also gained a lot of limelight recently as people from all places and backgrounds tried to find a method to form connections and worm their way in, and everything had started from the Head Priest’s disciple.

Usually, a temple’s Head Priest would have ten High Priests and the only position that was currently vacant was the Engraving Priest disciple, but it was impossible as the discipline was currently too lacking. The most outstanding—Ma Lu—was not yet sufficient in either age or qualification and was incapable of a breakthrough in ability. This wasn’t only the case in Ye Lu Samo, either, and other places were the same where they would not nominate a High Priest for the Engraving Priests.

Under normal circumstances, if there was a meeting then Priest Ma Lu would also attend, but since his status differed by a rank he could only listen from the side.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure everyone would have guessed that I have hurriedly gathered everyone for a matter. I am going to Da Luo Si to report to Lord Shaman what has happened this time, and I have already entrusted Ya Se with the plans this time around. When I am not here and there is some dispute, go and find him; he will represent my authority.”

Although Tuo Ma Si spoke with indifference, the High Priests’ expressions all immediately subtly changed. Even though Zou Liang had made an unimaginably large contribution to the point he even obtained the Beast God’s Medal of Honour, he was still a Priest in training; in terms of temple seniority, it was still somewhat overstepping one’s authority.

Keke, Head Priest, Ya Se is still a Priest in training. This……” the High Priest in charge of ceremonies said. This old man looked to be around seventy or so, and having a youth[2. Luna Note: I believe this is referring to Tuo Ma Si; don’t forget he’s rather young!] be his superior was already hard enough for him to bear, but he did not think that even a Priest in training would be clambering atop his head.

“High Priest Ke Mu, did I not say he will represent me? Or do you think that other than Ya Se there is someone that can decipher these Engraving Methods?”

The ranks in the temple were strict, thus Ke Mu did not dare to directly refute and instead offered another suggestion, “We could have Senior Priest Ma Lu act on your behalf.”

No one would have imagined that before Tuo Ma Si had even opened his mouth, Ma Lu on the side busily waved his hand. “That won’t do, that definitely won’t do. I’m happy to be Priest Ya Se’s supporter.”

Everyone was stunned. This old rascal……

Ya Se secretly laughed while observing everyone’s expressions at the same time. Out of the nine High Priests, there were only two that had any real intention to oppose while most of them were neutral.

“Priest Ya Se is the Head Priest’s disciple and understands the Head Priest’s intentions and plans the most. Furthermore, Priest Ya Se has used a lot of strength to attain the recent achievements of our temple, and just a moment ago there were another two tribes that paid their debts.”

The one supporting Ya Se now was the High Priest in charge of financial affairs: Ma Nila[3. For those who do not remember, this is the person that invited Ya Se to eat on the day when he came to the temple.]. Originally, the finances had always been his sore spot, but recently High Priest Ma Nila was as though he had blended in with the radiance and even his bald head was shinily gleaming.

Under these kinds of circumstances, the other High Priests began to agree while Ke Mu pouted and did not say another word while no one paid him any attention, as this old man was the most old-fashioned of them all. The whole day was spent on these regulations and restrictions; was it possible to make a living out of these rules and regulations?

It was already far from a hundred years ago, where it had been the era of the temple’s boundless view.

With only a single careless word, Zou Liang could cause the ruin of his revered master’s life. Zou Liang was very clear that his cheap master was returning his favours.

After Tuo Ma Si had finished explaining his arrangements to everyone, he hurriedly went to prepare his luggage and carried the embroidered box along the way. The more he thought on it, the more meaningful he felt Zou Liang’s explanation was.

While Zou Liang and Ma Lu walked, they discussed a few techniques which caused Ma Lu to nod without pause. “Priest Ma Lu, if Master can reach the position of Red-Robed Head Priest, then I think you should become a High Priest.”

Ma Lu in quick succession waved his hand. “Priest Ya Se, I cannot. I really cannot.”

“If I say you can, you definitely can. Relax; isn’t it just the bronze-grade gate? It’s easy to see that the temple needs sincere and diligent people like you!”

Ma Lu nodded his head in gratitude. He had an Engraving Priest’s background, but he had long ago been deterred by Ya Se’s technique. In his eyes, Ya Se was close to a divine figure; whatever Ya Se said he would do, he would accomplish.

“Priest Ya Se, there are too many people outside. What do we do?”

Hehe, continue with normal Engravings. I think you guys will not have an issue.”

“That’s true. Even though we cannot do high-level engravings, normal plain-grade equipment will be no trouble.”

“Then that’s enough. If a Shadow Hunter wants to create a little buckler, then tell them the appointment, and during this time I will explain it to you guys. The dual-type shield failure chance is too high, so starting from the single-layer shield will do.

“That’s because we’re too stupid.” Ma Lu scratched his head in embarrassment.

Seeing this old man over half a century old acting like a student that had done something wrong, Ya Se could not help but give a bitter laugh. At the core of the matter, it wasn’t that Ma Lu was stupid—and in fact Ma Lu’s works were peerlessly solid—but that he was lacking in imagination.

“Ma Lu, a genius is ninety-nine percent diligence and one percent talent. I believe in you!” Zou Liang shamelessly borrowed a famous saying. He knew better than the people of this era how best to encourage others.

Ma Lu really almost had his old eyes well up with tears. In this era of Engraving Masters, Zou Liang was supposed to be a sky-high entity, but he instead treated people like this. Old Ma Lu felt as though Ya Se truly was an envoy come from the Beast God, as who other than that could be as selfless as this?

In Ma Lu’s heart, Zou Liang was the most outstanding Priest.

Chapter 89 – Definition of a Genius

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