The Great Conqueror – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91

Ke Te was so angry that his face had gone black. There was no way around it, for a Shadow Hunter with a shield could practically attack without restraint and was far too disgusting.

“Ke Te, when you have time, exchange some pointers with Lan Di. It only gives an advantage for the Shadow Hunter since it is new, but once you are used to it the advantage will be smaller,” Zou Liang responded, as there was nothing definite in the world.

“Hearing you say it like that, I have calculated that if I had not already finished my Engravings, I would really want to completely redo it,” Ke Te said with a heart full of regret. Why had he not put the creation of his shield last?

“Seriously you guys, does Engraving not take mental strength? Let Ya Se rest a bit,” Ai Wei Er said from the side. An extraordinary creation would cause some fatigue for the Engraving Master, and since he had just finished a frightening 2~6 creation, Ya Se would have to take a break for some time no matter what.

“I’m fine, Ai Wei Er. Is there something good to eat? Ou Nisi Te has come over without eating,” Zou Liang laughed. The meals of Ai Wei Er’s family were much better than the temple’s.

“They have been specially prepared for the two of you,” Ai Wei Er laughed as well; this rascal was sure shameless.

“Ai Wei Er, who is this? ‘Eat’, ‘eat’, ‘eat’, is he from the Pige (Pīgé)[1. Likely the pig tribe] Tribe? Won’t this ruin your meticulously-readied gathering?” Seeing Priest Ya Se’s outfit and this silly large one, the newcomer’s face was full of derision.

Ai Wei Er could not help but tightly frown. “Lan Duofu (Lán Duōfú), why haven’t you left yet?”

“Ai Wei Er, I am your senior brother, so how could you shoo me away? Oh well, we can talk about that later; your examination is under my evaluation this year.” Even with this kind of naked threat, the guy in front of everyone’s eyes could even be pleased with himself after being so direct… this was truly a kind of ability.

“This brat is the child of the Archers Guild President, and his uncle is the vice president of the Archers Guild in Da Luo Si. He has become hopelessly muddled after meeting Ai Wei Er, and if it were not out of consideration for Ai Wei Er’s occupation future, I would really wish to flatten his Si Nai Ke face into a pancake,” Lan Di spoke, as this fellow had come uninvited.

Ai Wei Er’s expression changed as she forcibly endured her anger. “Lan Duofu, they are all my friends, so please keep your respect!”

“Yes, yes, Wei Wei. I listen to you the most. Wouldn’t it be great if we were to go somewhere to drink tea over a conversation?” Saying this, Lan Duofu pulled Ai Wei Er’s hand, but out of nowhere an extra hand stretched out and pulled Ai Wei Er away.

This kind of thing displeased Zou Liang in his life the most. If this could be tolerated, then what couldn’t be?

Lan Duofu’s expression immediately darkened, which increased the ugliness of the Si Nai Ke’s abundant triangular facial characteristics. If it was this young senior brother, then Zou Liang would work to right these wrongs since someone inferior to his own appearance by a hundred times even dared to pursue Ai Wei Er. “Brothers, I must ask, did you guys not forget to examine your reflections in your own piss before leaving home today? Because this Si Nai Ke didn’t considerately stay home. I mean, being ugly is not his fault, but coming out to scare others would be you brothers’ fault.”

When Zou Liang was wound up, he was exceedingly savage. The words on the edge of Lan Duofu’s tongue were all immediately stifled in anger.

“You, you’re seeking death!” Immediately, the snake Beast Spirit Imprint on Lan Duofu’s forehead flashed and a longbow appeared in his hands.

“Ou Nisi Te!”

The two brothers’ hearts had the same intention, and as soon as Zou Liang barked, Ou Nisi Te was like a small tank as he rammed out with a Clasping Avalanche.


Lan Duofu directly flew out ten or so meters and fell to the ground upright. In that moment, the entire scene had quieted down while Lan Duofu’s attendant inspected with a glare, but seeing Ou Nisi Te was like an iron tower, he did not dare be rash; an archer that could melee with a Berserker Warrior had not yet been born.

“You guys are insane! Since you guys dare to wound Master Lan Duofu, it is making an enemy of out of the entire Archers Guild!” a servant hysterically yelled, as though his father had just died.

“Close your dog mouth or come fight me. Go home and tell your lord that the one who hit him is called Ya Se, and also don’t let me see you again! If I see you once, I hit you once!” Zou Liang yelled out while a few frightened followers lifted up Lan Duofu—who was groaning with a henghengyaya—and ran away.

The change was far too fast and even Ai Wei Er could not stop it. To the side, Lan Di also wished that the world would fall into chaos and clapped his hands while voicing out his approval. He wasn’t an archer and naturally would not care about what the Archers Guild thought.

Ke Te shook his head. “You guys sure know how to cause trouble.”

Ai Wei Er’s expression was very calm. Since she was part of a business family, she did not wish to cause trouble but she was not afraid of it either. It didn’t matter what she did, Ya Se was going to help her anyway, though it was still a bit impulsive. “Not a problem. This person deserved to be beaten anyway.”

Zou Liang was astonished. “Ai Wei Er, you’re an Archer?”

“Is it that you are the only one who’s allowed to be an Engraving Priest and War Song Priest as well?” Ai Wei Er glared at him with a concealed begrudging gaze.

Keke, then that’s even more reason to not let that rascal abuse his social status. If he was handsome and had ability then it could be dismissed, but intending to court you while being trash like this…. Next time I meet him, I’ll definitely leave him searching all over the floor for his teeth. Ou Nisi Te, next time you see him, flatten him again!”

“Yes, Big Brother. How many teeth am I supposed to knock out?”

“For a guy this this shameless, you don’t need to leave a single one.”

“You ah, don’t make trouble as soon as you’re angry. The other person is the nurtured focus of the Archers Guild, not to mention he has a deep family heritage and it will affect you,” Ai Wei Er advised.

“Don’t say you can endure, you cannot endure something like this. Relax, if there is anything, get him to come find me; I currently worry that there is nothing to attack, and this kind of heresy must be firmly purified!” Ever since he had become a holy scoundrelman, Zou Liang loved to display the Beast God’s large banner more and more.

Even though there were some small twists and turns, it did not ruin everyone’s interest, as fights were paired with home-meals for beastmen. A not insignificant number of beauties also had a good impression of the brave Ya Se in their hearts, as the women of the beast tribes loved this kind of heroic and direct character that especially had the flavour of a man.

Zou Liang and the rest arrived at the inner chambers in a lone room. “Ai Wei Er, have you Engraved your bow?”

“Not yet, my situation is a bit more special.”

Hehe, Ya Se, you still don’t know it, but Ai Wei Er is the most special existence in the Rui Bo Te tribe. She is the rare Moonlight Rabbit, so she has not done any Engravings up to now,” Lan Di explained.

“Moonlight Rabbit?” Zou Liang questioned as a moon bunny[2. In case you don’t know what this is, it’s an ancient fable that there is a rabbit on the moon pounding rice cakes for us :3] appeared in his mind, followed by this beautiful female warrior.

“Most of the tribes have a few that are favoured by the Beast Tribes. The Rui Bo Te tribe’s favour exists in the Moonlight Rabbit, but they have not yet found any pattern to display this kind of power and the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild does not dare to randomly mess around. Perhaps it can only be done if she goes to Da Luo Si,” Ke Te added.

“Oh, it’s like this. Let me have a think and I definitely can help!”

“That’s right, Ai Wei Er, let Ya Se Engrave for you. His ability is definitely second to none!” Lan Di immediately began to promote.

“You guys, let Ya Se rest a bit. Even the strongest of Spirit Engraving Masters cannot endure this kind of torment.” Although Ai Wei Er shook her head, in truth she was also a bit interested and was only scared that Ya Se’s body would be harmed.

“Leave this to me,” Zou Liang laughed, as his body was robust; it was only to create the nervous atmosphere that he had made such a story, but this was obviously of greater importance.

Chapter 91 – Special-Type Tribe

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