The Great Conqueror – Chapter 92

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Chapter 92

Ai Wei Er declined to comment, as she did not wish to force someone to do something and knew her situation was far too unique. Even if she went to Da Luo Si, there wouldn’t be a definite result.

To be able to achieve Engraving for a unique constitution would bring glory, and normal Spirit Engraving Masters would not lightly take on this task.

“The Spring Festival has reached its climax. I plan to organise a large-scale event to thank the old man Beast God and want to invite you guys to help me.” Zou Liang smiled.

“There’s no need to be polite between us, just speak.” Lan Di patted his chest, with an expression that said justice did not allow one to glance back.

“Large-scale event? Did the temple not have such a thing before?”

“Is it not to increase our influence? My master is competing for the Red-Robed Head Priest and the temple must show results for this to be possible, but only relying on Spirit Engraving will not be enough. The contributions must be enough and at the same time the influence within Ye Lu Samo must become strong, so I have prepared for such an event. I plan to prepare some customary performance, a contest of martial might, and a War Song performance in order to make it lively.”

Zou Liang bent his fingers as he brought up each point. This was something he thought up after watching shopping mall performances. If one wanted to increase their influence, they could not neglect the normal beast tribes, as the vast normal tribes were their foundation and their contribution was also very important; small amounts can collect together into great numbers.

“…… Why are you guys looking at me like this?”

“Ya Se, if you don’t go into business, it really is a waste of talent,” Ai Wei Er said as her slender eyelashes blinked with charm.

“Ke Te and I can do a war dance as it’s not the first time doing it anyway, and the larger the dance stage is, the more lively it’ll be.”

Ke Te was a bit depressed, as it seemed that he was going to be playing a supporting role.

Zou Liang nodded. “Ai Wei Er, I’m afraid that this will need your help to invite some dancers and other similar groups. Of course, we won’t let you guys use up your money, and the temple will help your family stores prepare a special place. At that time, you guys can also advertise and even sell some special goods. I would suggest that you guys make a special discount event, as everyone has a habitual mentality and loves to join in on the liveliness, and I’m sure you’re more clear than I am about small profit but rapid turnover!”

This first-call concept exceeded the current era and caused the listeners to be stunned after hearing it.

“Discount?” Ke Te asked full of doubt.

“It should mean to cut the prices,” Ai Wei Er explained as her beautiful eyes rippled with pleasant surprise. Ke Te and Lan Di were a bit muddled, but it seemed that Ai Wei Er had grasped the idea.

“Cutting the prices, ah, isn’t that making a loss? The more you sell, the more you lose.” Lan Di was stupefied; how was this considered helping? Either way, it would be a loss.

“You two amateurs. Ai Wei Er, what do you think?”

Ai Wei Er closed her eyes and thought on it. “This is a strange way of thinking. There are just a few details that I have to consider, and whether it’s possible will still need to be talked over internally by the family.”

“Not a problem. I can’t always be taking advantage of your help,” Zou Liang responded with self-awareness.

Ai Wei Er’s face flushed red. When this person talked, he took on a solemn expression and sometimes did not change even depending on the situation. Was it really that easy to receive so many favours from a girl?

“Ya Se, what program have you prepared? From what it seems, this is to become a big event of the Spring Festival,” Ke Te asked; his sensitivity for politics was far more acute than Lan Di’s.

“I’ll obviously be singing the leading role and you guys will know when the time comes. It will definitely resound throughout the whole city.”

Hermits always had a good method.

Seeing how Zou Liang was playing a game at being mysterious, the other people did not pursue. Most of the time was passed with Lan Di inflating his own ego, as this guy had been too crazy recently. With his butterfly knife and 2~6 little buckler, his publicity was not much different from those youths in the large cities that stood out amongst the masses.

The Lan Di who was full of confidence really wished to fight a round with the Asura, and of course he was not lacking Ke Te tipping a few pails of cold water over him. The Asura was a frightening existence that could even kill a Bi Meng warrior in a wink; with Lan Di’s level of speed, going up would cause him to be completely suppressed.

Ke Te and Lan Di, and even Ai Wei Er were all researching this Asura. Truthfully, all of the guilds were researching it, as every fight he took part in would break common sense and even a Bi Meng warrior had fallen under his fist. Many people believed that the Beast God Martial Artists Era had come.

Only in the strongest beastmen era would the Asura appear.

It was rumored that if someone could gain victory over the Asura, they would obtain the blessing of the Beast God!

Every occupation was researching the Asura’s weakness so they could use their occupation’s characteristics to defeat him. It had become clear that relying only on martial might was not enough, so they would definitely need to pair martial might with technique. If they could also have an occupational advantage at the same time, that would be for the best.

That afternoon, Zou Liang had spent his time with the others’ “discussion”, as evidently the Asura had become the target of multiple people.

The following few days, Zou Liang also became extremely busy, and Ma Lu did not understand what Zou Liang was stirring up by saying he was going to do some special temple’s Spring Festival. A kind of dance stage had to be constructed, and doing something so grand would require money to be spent!

Although Ma Nila supported Ya Se, when it came to spending money, the latter couldn’t lord over it as he pleased, but Ya Se didn’t care that there were such rules and operated on the principle of acting before speaking. Other than this, there was that Lan Duofu who could not calm down, and the Ye Lu Samo’s Archers Guild President had sent people over demanding an explanation. Since Tuo Ma Si was not here, they were able to temporarily suppress the matter.

For these reasons, the inner portions of the temple had begun to create disharmonious noises, as they believed that Ya Se was too rampant; the temple was currently in a crucial point, so how could they antagonise people!

Zou Liang did not pay attention to external matters, and this time when he went for a stroll, he took Ou Nisi Te to beat up Lan Duofu again. The one known to be an Archer genius was beaten down every time by Ou Nisi Te when he formed his bow and had to leave with his bum swaying from side to side.

This caused even the self-restrained branch of the Archers Guild to be unable to not be angry, and they were just waiting for Tuo Ma Si to come back to give their complaints.

Zou Liang completely did not care. He just wanted the opposition to point the spearhead at him to spare difficulties being caused for Ai Wei Er.

Five days passed and Head Priest Tuo Ma Si had returned. Just by judging from Tuo Ma Si’s expression, Zou Liang knew that the matter had not gone as smoothly as imagined.

“Master, what has happened?”

Tuo Ma Si laid back onto the backrest and deeply sighed, perhaps from over-exhaustion. The colour of his face had made great changes. “After this time, perhaps there is no more chance.”

Zou Liang’s own face colour did not change. “Did Lord Shaman say this?”

“Our achievements are confirmed, but the superiors have applied pressure and apparently someone has already won the Conclave’s favour, so it has pretty much been predetermined.”

Tuo Ma Si really was not willing. If he had not given an outstanding display then it could have been dismissed, but they had already gotten to this stage and were instead forced aside by another. Truthfully speaking, Tuo Ma Si was unconvinced, and Sibalu could only advise him to put importance in the present. What could he do?

Hehe, Master, since it has not been officially announced, there is still a chance!” Zou Liang slapped his chest. “Until the last minute, to whose hand the game will fall is still undetermined!”

As for this disciple’s unwavering disposition, Tuo  Ma Si was already accustomed to it. “You little brat, don’t be sad for me. Apparently you have hit Si Tanfu’s (Sī​ Tǎn​fú) son, and even hit him twice?”

“That brat is asking to be beaten; he harassed Ai Wei Er and even dared to tattle. He better not let me see him in the future, and if I meet him once, I’ll hit him once!” Zou Liang said, planning on actually going through with it.

“You ah, the hot-bloodedness of youth. The temple has to combine all of the powers. Tomorrow, I will go and find Si Tanfu, and if you go and apologise it should be fine.” Tuo Ma Si kneaded his forehead. He had originally left for Da Luo Si in high spirits, but who would have thought there would be this kind of result?

“Master, we definitely cannot go and apologise!”

Wo? Speak.”

“Master, I purposefully beat this kid. Who are we? We are the Ye Lu Samo Temple, and we represent the Beast God. If we want to increase the temple’s influence, we not only have to let them see our benefits, but also need them to be afraid, or else why would they not climb on top of our heads? Besides, for that kid Lan Duofu to be beaten means he does not have the abilities on par with an ordinary person. I have used this chance to make an enemy to tell everyone in Ye Lu Samo that the temple is the boss!” Zou Liang said, though naturally he had beaten Lan Duofu for personal grudges.

Tuo Ma Si’s heart also endured a belly of fire. Everyone wanted to bully him and make him endure everything, and he had already endured for half of his expected lifespan. If he did so any longer, it would go with him to the grave.

“Ya Se, speak, what plans do you have!”

“Master, this Red-Robed Head Priest is as good as ours. The public selection is still a certain time away, and this year we have sent out two super Engraving Techniques, their influence needless to say. I have an idea that we separate it into three steps: first step is to keep increasing our Spirit Engraving influence; second step is that our temple’s contributions this year must thoroughly exceed any other temple; and the third step is to thoroughly increase the support for our temple. If these three things all exceed the other temples, our influence will directly flow to the Vatican without obstruction. If at that time they don’t pick you as the Red-Robed Head Priest, it would be impossible to explain!”

Zou Liang reasoned. He had already considered the difficulties, but he had not thought they would arrive so fast and directly. His cheap master’s ability to engage in influential propaganda was indeed very poor and he spent his entire day watching Ye Lu Samo.

“Speak then, what do you want to do!” With such a restless disciple, Tuo Ma Si had changed as well. People were like naturally like this; if they had not thought about it, they would not be disappointed, but as soon as they had ideas there would be disappointment. When facing unfair treatment, it was very hard to endure.

The two as Master and Disciple conspired for a long time, clearly under Zou Liang’s instigation while Head Priest Tuo Ma Si was completely on the same track.

Chapter 92 – Definitely Unconvinced

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