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The Great Conqueror - Chapter 95 - Zenith Novels

The Great Conqueror – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95

Before long, the temple’s arrogance was slapped away by the Engraving Masters Guild. It was no wonder Sa Mu Andun was so calm and composed; he had prepared for this a long time ago!

Facing the temple stubbornly raising its prices, the spokesperson of the Engraving Masters Guild expressed disdain and referred to it as a cornered dog jumping over the wall[1. This means to do something desperate.] and that no idiot would be scammed like this.

At this time, the inner portions of the temple were also in fierce argument.

“Head Priest, you can’t continue with these reckless actions. We should decrease the price to increase the convenience for others; this way, we can at least maintain a certain portion of the profits.

“That’s right! We have already roused the fury of the Shadow Hunters, and they are not the only guild that is displeased. If even the warriors are unhappy with us, then it is unfavourable to the temple!”

“Head Priest, Ya Se is too young. Being instinctive is a good thing, but we need to consider things from the current situation and should not be breaking the cauldron and sinking our ships.

The subordinate Priests were all very worried and—except for Ma Lu—all of the Priests held opinions opposing the current state. It was not that they held something against Ya Se, it was just that they were very worried about the opposition. Not only had the temple’s influence dropped, the situation had also displeased the masses.

Tuo Ma Si’s complexion was undisturbed even though he did not know how to solve these troubles from within and aggression from without. It could be said that ever since he had become the Head Priest, he had not faced such challenging times before.

Sibalu’s side had imposed enormous pressure, and the guilds did not have any notion of relaxing, either. This matter had already been brought forth to the Vatican, and Sibalu had already repeatedly gone to the Vatican in order to regain control over the situation, however he had to settle the problem at its roots and bow to the occupational guilds.

Now even the inner portions of the temple wished to negotiate. The pressure was indeed heavy.

Tuo Ma Si wondered when it was his turn while looking at the quiet Ya Se on the side. Without this disciple, even though his life would have been very ordinary, he could have thoughtlessly continued living until he died of old age and left behind a Head Priest occupation. But after having this disciple, his days were no longer tranquil, and neither was his heart.

What did he live for?

The temple, representing the Beast God, but this kind of image and matter was only true in the past. If they were only here for people to wipe their asses with, can they still be called the temple?

Thinking of years in the past, when he was still young and had outstanding Engraving talent, why did he enter the temple?

He had shown a devout faith and was going to revitalise the theocracy. Twenty years later he became the Head Priest and lorded over an area, but the passion was no longer there; the longer he lived, the more it became a thing of the past.

Tuo Ma Si lifted his hands. “Some people live, but are actually just corpses that continue living. The temple represents the Beast God. I, Tuo Ma Si, ever since rising to the position of Head Priest and for each day I am, will defend the Beast God’s dignity! I will not bow to the occupational guilds, and neither are we allowed to!”

Each of Tuo Ma Si’s words was resoundingly powerful. These people had followed Tuo Ma Si for many years, and this was the first time they had seen the domineering aura befitting a Head Priest. Every word that was about to leave their mouths were swallowed back; as Priests, who was willing to bow to the guilds?

No one was willing.

“Ya Se, how are your preparations for the Spring Festival event?”

“Head Priest, after three days it can begin at any time!”

“Very good. What kind of views do you have towards the new Engraving Method of the Engraving Masters Guild?” Tuo Ma Si asked indifferently. This disciple was always very calm, and considering this, he must have had an opinion.

Zou Liang stood up and his mouth revealed a hint of a smile that seemed a bit treacherous. “I wish, I truly wish that the Engraving Masters Guild can make as many Engravings as possible.”

The High Priests’ faces all immediately turned to the colour of a pig’s liver; this brat practically wanted everything under the heavens to fall into chaos! Even though the temple’s recent success was not unrelated to this brat, he now even spoke in favour of the Engraving Masters Guild.

“Your reason!” Tuo Ma Si demanded with greater understanding of Ya Se.

“Master, speaking more is not as convincing as the reality and I think the results will show in a few days. There is a good ancient saying: a person is not afraid of their goods not being recognized, but of being compared!”[2. Luna Note: Specifically, the idiom says that something’s true value is only true understood when it is compared.]

Even though no one present had heard of this ancient saying, it was still very reasonable.

The meeting ended without a definite conclusion, and the High Priests were very anxious. They felt that if they endured and carried on, it would only be a matter of time and sooner or later they would have to bow their heads; the earlier they did so, the more face they could preserve. Perhaps it was that the Head Priest had been affected by the election and resentment in his heart was inevitably pushing him to such extreme measures.

The Priests all lost their smiles and felt that the entire city had become enemies of the temple. The honour of the temple, upheld?

It had been lost a long time ago, and faith was spoken from their lips alone.

Who was at fault?

The temple itself did not resolve for improvement.

Thankfully, the Engraving Priests were still very respectful towards Zou Liang, and the teachings of the little buckler were also underway. Facing the Priests’ doubts and worries, Zou Liang only had one reply: face was what one gives themselves!

Not only could the Spring Festival now be seen on the horizon, Ye Lu Samo had also erupted with a situation so large and with a result so serious that it had immediately shaken the imperial capital.

The Shadow Hunter shield the Ye Lu Samo Engraving Guild had researched had been heavily publicized. It was obvious that the impatient Shadow Hunters would swarm like bees to undergo their Engravings, and since the shield’s size had decreased a lot, the creation was fast and the shape could be formed randomly anyway.

The results, however, were obvious to the Shadow Hunters from some time in the Beast Spirit World and a few trainings: these f*****g shields were useless!

The small, thick shields that the Engraving Masters Guild had created hindered the Shadow Hunters’ liveliness. On the side of defence it was extremely inconvenient, to say nothing of comparing it to how the temple’s little buckler could deflect some of the power of an attack.

The Shadow Hunters were not idiots. Compared to the Shadow Hunters that had already had a little buckler Engraved for them, the difference was even more obvious. They had wasted Beast Spirit to create a useless piece of scrap; the shield not only didn’t meet their expectations when it came to defence, but it even made them more vulnerable. Including those times when they compared it with the people who had the little buckler… either way, it was a whole fold different, and when the Shadow Hunters compared notes it showed the difference was even greater.

This caused the circle of Shadow Hunters to stir with anger.

Gossip was spread all around Ye Lu Samo that in order to suppress the Engraving Priests, the Engraving Masters Guild had churned out numerous low-quality goods. The equipment of the Shadow Hunters had remained unchanged for ten or so years, yet the Engraving Priests were using all of their efforts to create them. All of this lining up was because they were responsible for each and every single one of them, each one striving for the best. The Engraving Masters Guild, on the other hand, had blindly pursued benefits and had randomly Engraved without even authenticating their Engravings; this was irresponsible to every single warrior.

All of a sudden, all of the Shadow Hunters’ anger had turned around and landed squarely on the Engraving Masters Guild, and the fact the Ye Lu Samo Temple had a queue was taken as a demonstration of responsibility, and those long lines seemed to immediately form once again. A few people that did not immediately Engrave rejoiced, whereas the Shadow Hunters that had already done so surrounded the Engraving Masters Guild so tightly that not even a drop of water could escape.

As the president of the Ye Lu Samo Shadow Hunters Guild, Leinuo was also forced to reveal his hand with the Engraving Masters Guild: if the latter did not offer a reasonable way to settle this, he would not hold back the people under his command. If the Shadow Hunters did decide to assault the Engraving Masters Guild, the results would not be pleasant to speak of.

With this disturbance, the image of the temple had become unimaginably magnificent. Because the temple did not make any kind of dispute even while facing the suppression of the Engraving Masters Guild, the citizens distorted the reality. In the hearts of the people, the temple became unimaginably magnificent and the Priests had become peerlessly high figures.

This was what a Priest was. These were the Beast God’s followers, and their compassion was as wide as the heavens.

Head Priest Tuo Ma Si also publicly criticised the irresponsible methods of the Engraving Masters Guild while paying very close attention to the situation at the same time. He had to help the Shadow Hunters make a statement.

Perhaps it was exactly that the temple had been misunderstood, and after it was resolved, the people once again recognised the temple and the Priests. Thinking of those days, a few people that had even insulted the Priests were truly crushed by their guilt.

Chapter 95 – The Sudden Change of Weather

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