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The Great Conqueror - Chapter 96 - Zenith Novels

The Great Conqueror – Chapter 96

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Chapter 96

Some people had already come to the temple to beg for forgiveness, and the priests responded with magnanimity. Since everyone was the Beast God’s people, as long as the misunderstanding was cleared then it was good, and the radiance of God would shine on his people forever.

In the inner temple, the High Priests’ faces were gleaming with smiles now that the suffocating atmosphere from the past few days had suddenly been alleviated. It further made it so that the High Priests couldn’t help but to view Ya Se in a new light, as this kid had said the situation would unfold in this manner just a few days ago and it was clear he had predicted this situation. It was no wonder he had said that the more the opposition Engraved, the better it would be for them.

Tuo Ma Si could also finally have a breath of fresh air. Even though the Shadow Hunters Guild had not yet come to a compromise with the temple, with how the situation was progressing it was only a matter of time. Now the only thing he was worried about was the attitude the Vatican would have towards this.

This was how people were, and the more they worried about something, the more they would draw it to them. A messenger hurriedly arrived, and it seemed as though The Pope’s orders had come with him. Tuo Ma Si brought all of the Priests to hastily welcome the messenger, and everyone’s happiness could no longer be seen. Venting their frustrations had its place, but it was necessary to put up a false front.

The messenger was The Pope’s Esteemed Priest, and even though his grade was not high, the difference between him and the others was that he belonged to The Pope, which made others not neglect him in the slightest.

“Head Priest Tuo Ma Si and Priests, there’s no need to adhere to ceremony. His Majesty The Pope has said that you can listen while standing.

“Under the boundless and limitless glory of the Beast God of the Meng Jia Empire………… follower Tuo Ma Si has been dutiful and has spread the teachings of the Beast God, protected the interests of the people of the Beast God, and has protected the order of society. As the Beast God’s glory is sacred, all who have violated the glory of the Beast God will face punishment!”

The Esteemed Priest’s face was full of smiles. In fact, the orders in his hands did not really say anything except for polite speech, but the main point was at the end. The High Priests heard it with their hearts pounding; nanny of bears, what kind of luck was this kid! Who would have thought that His Majesty would approach them with his support!

This was completely different from the attitude of trying to maintain the balance between the powers.

“Head Priest Tuo Ma Si is young and promising, and The Pope is very favourable towards you. His Majesty The Pope has understood everything that has happened in Ye Lu Samo, and you have done very well; keep on striving hard. We have also heard that you are holding a special Spring Festival for the temple, which is a very good idea, as the Spring Festival is the Beast God’s celebratory days and should be enjoyed by everyone. It is very meaningful, and Shaman Sibalu is already on his way to attend this event personally.”

Tuo Ma Si’s heart was sweating with emotion, but he still kept a gentle smile glued to his face. “Many thanks, Esteemed Priest Mi Xiusi (Mǐ Xiūsī).”

Hehe, Head Priest is too polite. You really do have boundless potential, so in the future please don’t forget to take care of my humble self.”

“Esteemed Priest is too polite. Please, come inside.”

Hehe, Ye Lu Samo’s reputation is currently without limit, and I often hear of it from inside the Vatican. His Majesty The Pope has allowed me to stay until the end of the Spring Festival event.”

Mi Xiusi laughed as his gaze met with each of the Head Priests’ in the back, clearly seeing the ecstasy in each and every one of their eyes. Being noticed by The Pope was a sky-high amount of face, and within the eight large provinces, it was unknown how many cities like Ye Lu Samo could draw His Majesty The Pope’s interest. For Shaman Sibalu to personally participate was clearly The Pope’s doing. But why would The Pope suddenly act so out of character?

Even Sibalu had been wrong in his expectations…… but Ya Se had guessed correctly. Tuo Ma Si had a belly full of doubt, but he could not reveal this in front of Mi Xiusi.

Such a thing as this did not concern Priest Ya Se much, as he did not even have the qualifications to attend the welcoming. Not long after Ma Lu entered, however, “Priest Ya Se, world-breaking news! World-breaking news!”

“Ma Lu, you’re already this age. Can’t you walk slower? There’s no need to hurry, say it slowly.”

It was difficult for Ma Lu’s old face to restrain his excitement. “It really was as you predicted. His Majesty The Pope indeed not only didn’t punish us, but also has intentions of supporting us. Hehe, this would definitely raise one’s eyebrows and allow for a fresh breath of air.”

Zou Liang nodded, and the news also stabilised his mood. Even though he had truly already anticipated this outcome by judging Ma Lu’s expression, hearing it aloud was still a different matter.

“How is everyone’s training?”

“There’s nothing to do these days so they have all been practicing. Another two Priests can Engrave the little buckler.”

Hehe, causing a commotion is pretty good. You should go and attend to your matters now.”

Ma Lu immediately got off his rear and left. As soon as the internal struggles and external aggression had reversed, the Priests all thought that the Beast God had opened his eyes.

After Ma Lu left, Zou Liang let out a mighty breath of relief and fell onto his chair. Nanny of bears, this certainly tightened the heart and tensed the muscles.

Odds of success?

The odds of success had been as thin as a hair. All of Zou Liang’s calmness had been an act; in reality, he had already prepared to take Ou Nisi Te and run, but this era only had things that hadn’t been considered yet, not impossibilities. Only the devil would know how The Pope thought. Even though the shield from the Engraving Masters Guild wasn’t any good, who could predict with certainty that the Shadow Hunters would dislike it?

If the little buckler didn’t exist, it could definitely be passable.

Sweat had even flowed and Zou Liang let out an involuntary laugh. It seemed that his mind still needed tempering; in order to become a big shot, one needed to be able to have such ability to shoulder the burden, such that even if Mount Tai were to collapse, they would stay motionless and watch.

With this time’s performance, Zou Liang rated himself eight out of ten.

Only when night fell did Tuo Ma Si manage to see Zou Liang. There were no topics that were taboo between them.

“Speak, how did you know that The Pope would stand by our side?” Tuo Ma Si asked as he lit a cigar. Although he smoked very rarely, today he really could not resist and his hands were trembling slightly even now. He had shouldered too much pressure these past few days, and being under unending feelings of apprehension was not easy to endure. “Ya Se, did you know? I had already made my preparations to be excused from priesthood.”

Zou Liang felt a surge of warmth. For him, it was as simple as patting his butt and leaving, but Tuo Ma Si was not able to do this; where could a Head Priest go? The amount of pressure Zou Liang had endured these past few days could only be understood by Tuo Ma Si, yet Tuo Ma Si did not speak a single sentence of blame.

“Master, if you were The Pope and life was going good for you, then the occupational guilds suddenly come and knock on your door saying some Priest is suppressing them and it turned out to be a trivial thing on the level of a small city. Would you be comfortable that something like this could already climb its way to your ears?” ✓

Tuo Ma Si stared blankly. “That’s true. Things between us and the occupational guilds don’t count for anything to His Majesty The Pope.”

“That’s right, the occupational guilds even dare to push this kind of nonsense up to the Vatican. What do they take the Vatican for? Even though the tactics of the Vatican are to keep equilibrium, that is only because the temple’s current influence is weak. However, deep in their bones, what Pope wouldn’t want to recover the past hundred years of glory? Even though The Pope does not say so himself, in reality he wishes for someone to display the might of the temple. Let’s not consider that we have a point; even if we did not have a point, he would support us as long as we can truly be on the winning end of the battle and not bring shame upon him. Speaking practically, winning is a requirement and losing is not permitted!”

Tuo Ma Si believed this was assuredly correct and thus did not stop nodding his head. “Then who knew whether it would be victory or defeat?”

Hehe, I suspect that the follower and the Shaman coming this time had both prepared two measures. If we had lost the battle, then we would become the sacrificial lambs, but if we won, then we would be set up as role models. The Pope has probably thoroughly thought this through to tell the temples they have to strengthen. As long as they can win the fight, then he will support them!”

Tuo Ma Si fiercely slapped the table. “Good kid, this really could be how it is! When I received the orders, I did see another one in the case!”

Hehe, Master, congratulations. Since this matter is already known to The Pope, the competition for the Red-Robed Head Priest position will probably have to restart. Things such as a predetermined selection are as meaningless as fleeting clouds!” Zou Liang laughed.

Tuo Ma Si also nodded in excitement. “You brat, don’t speak of The Pope so much; you need to show some respect. If other people heard this, they would probably think you were an illiterate peasant.”

“Master, my sincerity and respect is kept in my heart,” Zou Liang said as he imitated the appearance of an honest country bumpkin, but this farce couldn’t be helped. Who was it that let him be a Bi Er tribe member, the tribe that was born with a sign stapled on them for honesty and reliability?

Chapter 96 – To Settle Fairly

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