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The Great Conqueror - Chapter 98 - Zenith Novels

The Great Conqueror – Chapter 98

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Chapter :3, I’m still alive guys, exams are over, and will be picking up the pass as my cold gets better (just exam stress is over then the cold welcomes itself in things :(). About Qidian, they have not reached out to me in anyway, so you can expect me to remain translating at Zenith unless something happens.

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Chapter 98


This was the sound of drums, and Ou Nisi Te made his appearance as he exerted his astonishing strength to beat them. The Bear Tribe was the one widely known to be heroic and fierce, and his appearance gave the others an impression of ferocity.

But what was this……?

After a wave of hurried and brief war drumming, Ou Nisi Te’s movements abruptly stopped, followed by a low and deep voice resounding out.

“War song?” Sibalu had his uncertainties. Frankly speaking, war songs were only used for combat, but hearing this it did not really seem like that was the case. This was probably everyone’s reaction to it, and not even Tuo Ma Si himself was very clear.

Ya Se appeared, dressed very religiously.

“In the past there have been many trips along the road. In the past, there have been many times where the wings were snapped.

“But now I no longer feel hesitation.

“I wish to transcend this ordinary life and pray for the Beast God’s glory.

“As though flying in the vast sky, as though traversing a wilderness without bounds and with the strength to shake off anything.

“In the past, there were many times that the sense of direction was lost. In the past, there were many times that dreams were extinguished.

“But now I no longer feel confusion. I wish for my life to obtain liberation.

“I offer my life in full bloom.

“As though flying in the vast sky. As though traversing a wilderness without boundaries.

“With the strength to shake off anything, I believe in the Beast God’s strength.

“Just like standing upright at the top of a rainbow. Just like traversing through a resplendent river of stars.

“With strength exceeding the ordinary~~~~~”


The beastmen in the plaza were at first doubtful of these strange arrangements, but everyone very quickly forgot the reason why. The lyrics of the “War Song of Faith” had left everyone shaken.

Everyone has fallen before. Everyone has experienced setbacks, and this war song had incited a great sympathetic response, so much that even Sibalu thought back to the point where he was young and in the process of struggling.

Step by step, until now.


The faith of the Beast God, this was the strength to overcome anything!

Following the sound of the song, the rumbling of Ou Nisi Te’s drum caused the Beastmen’s hearts to heavily shake. There wasn’t any doubt the Beastmen were hot-blooded, as the war song had fired them up.

Ke Te and Lan Di could no longer control their bodies and danced to the stunning spirit of the war song. This was what a real war dance was, and it demonstrated the dance of a Lai Yin and a Lai Bote in the wild.


With each loud sky-shaking and earth-trembling word, the beast tribes’ followers burst into an uproar. It stirred every Beastman’s heart again and again.

The faith of the Beast God would be unobstructed by any thorns or brambles on the way!

A few Priests were moved to the point of brimming tears. They had invested everything into their faith and had never wavered before, with a firm belief in the Beast God’s guidance. This war song penetrated their inner hearts and reverberated into their spirits.

The Priests had never heard this song before, but gradually—although it was unknown who started the lead—they instinctively followed each rift to the end. The war song directly penetrated the clouds and echoed throughout all of Ye Lu Samo City.

It could be perhaps that the Beast God had felt their devotion. It had originally been a cloudy sky, yet suddenly fair skies pervaded for thousands of miles and the temple in front emitted a radiance.

A miracle had appeared!

The devout prayed to the Beast God as their hearts followed along with the War Song of Faith.

It didn’t matter whether they were noble tribes, normal citizens, or even if they were slaves and servants. It didn’t matter whether they were righteous or whether they were wicked, they could never sway one thing——Faith!

This was the origin of the Beastmen!

Everyone followed the cues of that Priest on the dance stage, and the tides of sound washed by wave after wave; this craziness was uncontainable.

Even Sa La and each of the occupational guild presidents with stable minds could not help but to have their emotions stirred. The effect on the crowd was too frightening and the resonance only grew stronger. This meant that in the future, Ye Lu Samo City would under the temple’s control for a very long time.

This war song had reawakened the people’s faith completely.

Ai Wei Er saw everything, and it was as though the whole world existed for this person, to the point that she even wondered whether this reality had all been built for this moment. As she gazed over the heated crowd, the temple had thoroughly taken control over Ye Lu Samo City.

They were the center of the world, and that flamboyant voice of his was completely for himself. This was the strength of nature, and this kind of life was predetermined to have an abnormal future.

She recalled the words that Ya Se had unconsciously said before, that he would obtain the hearts of every person under the heavens.

Was this the way he was going to receive all of the citizens’ hearts?

Well, he had succeeded.

Even though she had the status of a Moonlight Rabbit, she was still unable to pacify the stirring of her emotions, to say nothing of what it would be like for a normal person.

This was a night without rest.

Even though the war song had ended, everyone’s passion continued for a long time. The Beast God had always existed and was always caring for his people.

An event that was originally going to end in a day continued on for another two, and all of the pots and bowls of the temple had been filled with money this time. In these three days, they had earned five thousand gold in contribution, and the Priests knew that this was called “power comes in numbers”: if so many people contributed even one silver, it would be incomparable.

Mi Xiusi was more pleased than possible. What did The Pope care for the most? It was undoubtedly loyalty! It was undoubtedly the increase of the Beast God’s influence and for his glory to shine upon each corner. Furthermore, all of the youths had done their part, as did the Ye Lu Samo Temple.

This was more than those small victories from political struggles. Seeing each subject’s devotion, what was more important than this?

One song—the War Song of Faith—had conquered countless people.

Zou Liang had used another method to appear in everyone’s eyes.

His Spirit Engraving was admittedly strong, but to the entire temple and empire, this was only a to make a living. Battle ability was the greatest show of faith and was seen as the path of utmost importance.

Sibalu once again received this Priest in training for a private talk. The entire Meng Jia Empire had never had such a Priest in training that had received such attention, and only now did the Lord Shaman remember that this Priest in training had already received the Beast God’s Medal of Honour. However, this time’s War Song of Faith had undoubtedly gained more of an influence than the Engraving of the past; it settled the matter that The Pope had wanted to settle most.

To increase the devotion of his subjects!

If this War Song of Faith was to become a hymn of the Vatican, then this child’s contribution would pierce the heavens.

Right now, they had to nurture talent.

Sibalu also could not help but envy Tuo Ma Si’s good luck to be able to come back from the dead. As long as the matter of contributions did not meet any problems, then the position of Red-Robed Head Priest might not be able to escape from his grasp.

Nothing could please The Pope more than increasing the people’s faith.

Sibalu was not idle and let Ya Se write down the War Song of Faith’s lyrics and melody. Although the messenger had already returned to report, this thing had happened in the Holy Province and as a person with one of the highest positions—as a Shaman—he had to be more proactive.

This would also undoubtedly leave a favourable influence on the Conclave.


This caused Sa La and Sa Mu Andun to laugh with bitterness during such excitement and festivities. It was rumored that hundreds of people had kneeled that night at the temple’s entrance in repentance; the war song had awakened the spirits, causing them to request that the Beast God forgive their sins.

This was strength.

Coupled with the Engraving incident that had occurred a while back, the temple’s attitude had shown and proven through their own selfless devotion that they really cared for each and every one of the Beast God’s people.

Ye Lu Samo had a change of weather.

Standing at the window of the prayer chambers which served as the highest point in Ye Lu Samo, a figure quietly and calmly gazed over the night of the city……

Chapter 98 – The Strength of Faith

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