The Great Conqueror – Chapter 100

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Translator: Dongdong

Editor: wisehelm99

Translator Note: Here’s the second translated chapter! Hope you guys don’t get bored out by this chapter cos it’s pretty much just all convo(I got very bored out translating this chapter tbh it’s just politics haha)

Chapter 100: Distribution of Rewards

“Your Majesty, as the sacred song is of great importance, we definitely need to be careful in dealing with it. Having personally witnessed the ability of this song and influence on Yelu Samo’s citizens, the merits it provides is indisputable. Along with the progression of time, people are losing faith in the Beast God. I say this not to offend anyone, but if we want to revolutionize, we need courage, and personally I believe that in order to so, we need to publicize the sacred song.” said Sibalu.

“Hehe, courage,something which we lacked for a long time, having lived too comfortable of a life these past years. Don’t be afraid to offend anyone, for we are fellow disciples of the Beast God!”

“Your Majesty, what Sibalu said isn’t wrong, however the contents of the ‘War Song of Faith’ is not clear enough. If we are to make it our sacred song, we definitely need to make a series of changes to it.”

“That is correct. Your Majesty, since the song did not mention anything about your majesty’s great glory, this song is not suitable.”

Sibalu’s expression turned stiff. Would these group of scumbags die if they did not pick on every detail?

“Sibalu, what are your opinions on this matter?” questioned the Pope. On the surface, his expression remained unchanged, however, Suo Luo Si was uncertain whether the Pope actually minds.
“Your highness, the war song is fixed. If we were to make any changes, it will disrupt the score’s complicated arrangement. Instead of changing, I thought of a solution.”

“Oh? Say it.”

“In my opinion, the “War Song of Faith” can be established as an inferior secondary version of the sacred song. We can then test run the effects of the song in the city and observe its effectiveness. As for the name, it can be left up to your highness to personally decide.”

What type of person was Sibalu? He was undoubtedly an experienced man, as shown by how he instantly turned the initially unfavorable situation to his advantage. After the Pope personally announced and officialised the “new” sacred song, the big shots of the various cities who heard of the song would link the song to the Pope and not the Beast God. With that, a strong connection will be established between the Pope and the war song and in the future recordings of history, large recognition will be given to the Pope for his “courageous” actions.

“This plan is not bad. Since that is the case, we shall go with it.” Ben-du-ma (Pope) said delightedly, not giving anyone any opportunity to refute.

If the “War Song of Faith” was to directly be established as the sacred song, the Pope would have nothing to do with the song. However, after establishing it as the inferior version of the temple shrine prayer war song and factoring in the “contribution” of the Pope, after a period of time in which it becomes the official sacred song, the Pope can be said to have played a large part.

After everyone saw the resolute decision of the Pope, they could only start to hit the horse’s butt. (very commonly used Chinese idiom which means sucking up) After all, they were a group of wily old foxes.

“This Ya Se can be regarded as a talent. It has not been half a year since he became a priest, yet he is able to make consecutive large contributions. Come, let’s all discuss how we should reward him.”

After being satisfied by his decision, the Pope began to discuss the rewards.

“Your highness, Ya Se is still a priest-in-training, even though he has only being a priest for a short duration, he is able to contribute twice significantly through soul engraving and the faith war song. His actions not only proves that he is loyal to the beast god, his selfless contributions is something that should be recognized. Hence, may I suggest that we promote him to being an official priest?” Suo Luo Si explained.

The expressions of the other shamans changed instantaneously. Promoting a trainee priest who had served for less than half a year to an official priest??!! Kudos to him for even mentioning of such a thought.

Ben-du-ma smiled as he said “The Bi Er tribe has always been known for their honest and loyal innate nature. Ya Se’s outstanding actions proved that he is selfless and is not wavered by wealth. In addition, he showed his excellent character by remaining resilient and unwavering when faced under the pressure of the occupation guild, thus protecting the honor of the temple. Speaking of courage, he also created an excellent war song, further proving his faith. This is a person with tremendous abilities.”

The Pope pointed out three matters. The second matter in particular, was sending across the message to everyone that he is very satisfied with how this matter was handled. After all, whoever wins the fight will be awarded accordingly.

However, the expressions of the other shamans and priests were ugly-looking. Even if they didn’t want to upset the Pope, some matters must not be left unsaid.

“Your Highness, you definitely cannot do this. Even if it is a groundbreaking contribution, in the entirety of the temple’s history, a minimum of one year is required. In the past 50 years, there was no one promoted to a priest in under five years. Even though Ya Se’s contribution is undoubtedly large, we can’t let a single person break the entire set of rules as it will be difficult to answer to others.”

“It is indeed as he just said, your Highness, regulations are indeed important. To break the rules on behalf of one person, I reckon even Ya Se will feel guilty for it.”

After someone started to lead, everyone else immediately started chattering incessantly to voice their agreement.

Sibalu was so angry that he wanted to die. This group of people were really shameless. It was so obvious that they were just jealous. Guilty? Guilty my ass.

Seeing how the entire group was so roused up, Ben-du-ma could only feel helpless. Just before, he was so pleased. However, after hearing the objections from everyone, he felt annoyed.

“This won’t work. That won’t work. Since you all so fervently voiced your disconsents, you all better tell me how else we should reward him accordingly. You all better not tell me to just forget about it, or else in the future, who in the right mind will still trust the temple?”

“Your Highness, we believe that awarding Ya Se with some gold will suffice.” mentioned the priest from God Light Province.

Right after he barely finished his sentence, the group already knew that this old man was not thinking straight at all,having uttered something that shouldn’t be mentioned. With such a large contribution by Ya Se, if he was to be compensated with amounts that are too meagre, this would just serve as an embarrassment. On the other hand, if he were to be compensated with too large of an amount, how would Pope not be heartbroken when, what this cheap man loves the most is gold?

“Stop spouting bullshit, do you want to use money to taint the purity of the temple?”

“Your highness is indeed correct. To a young man, money is just an earthly possession, what he need is recognition and glory for his actions.” Suo Luo Si quickly mentioned.

Before the group of people could refute, Ben-du-ma’s expression leaked out a smile as he praised “Sibalu, you are indeed more adept at handling these type of matters. Since this child already earned the Beast Glory Medal and continued to make such large contributions, this esteemed Pope shall award him appropriately and not disappoint him. In such a case, I believe that I shall award him with the “Thorny Sacred War Medal”.

Initially, Ben-du-ma did not want to bring this up. However, since this group of old fogeys always liked to put on a show and stir trouble, he had no other choice.

“Your Highness is indeed wise!”

Sibalu decided to quickly settle the matter before others could refute, hence, the group of elderly could only look dazedly at one another helplessly. He knew that if they continued arguing, this would be considered disrespect to the Pope.

“Hehe, your esteemed self wants to convey the message to everyone that as long as anyone renders their service to the temple or to the Beast God, they will receive their appropriate rewards. Sibalu, settle this matter properly.”

“We shall obey your Highness’s instructions.” echoed the rest.

In that instant, all of the priest bowed.

“Sibalu, your province still lack a red-clothed priest right?”

“Yes, your Highness.”

“Hasten the selection process. Bear in mind that for one to qualify as a red-clothed priest, he requires not just prestige, but also sincerity towards the Beast God. Understand?” Ben-du-ma said indifferently.

“May your highness rest assured.”

Sibalu respectfully lowered his head. Without a doubt, he understands the intention of the Pope’s words that conveys the idea that money is the most important.

This is truly an exemplary display of the Pope’s cunning character. With this, he single-handedly amassed all the benefits.

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