The Great Conqueror – Chapter 101

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Translator: Dongdong

Editor: wisehelm99

Translator Notes: Guess the ending of this chapter isn’t too much of a cliffhanger since everyone more or less knows who’s getting their ass whooped. Hope you guys enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 101: Little Leopard Bastard

Zou Liang was not aware of what happened with the superiors’ decision above. After all, the greater the expectations, the greater the disappointments. Hence, he decided to just focus on himself.

Lately, even though his training haven’t slowed down, it had been long since he visited the beast spirit world. Upon thinking that tomorrow will be the day where he restarted his familiar school life, Zou Liang was in a good mood and his hands were starting to itch.

Beast Spirit World

Even though every cities’ spring festival was more or less nearing the end, the number of people did not show any decrease due to the appearance of Asura (nickname for Zou Liang) which led to larger influx of highly-skilled martial artists, who hoped that they can challenge the legendary warrior. Even though ultimately the Asura had not turned up, this did not stop fights from breaking out. Battling was like an addiction similar to gambling. Those who won simply wanted to stay to earn more points while those who lost wanted to earn back the points they lost. Hence, there was no end to the fights.

Lan Di had been the happiest man alive so far and had become quite complacent. After all, his 2~6 small circular shield was too overpowered in this battlefield filled with the amateurs. In order for equipment to rise in rank, just having quantity was not sufficient, the quality of the beast spirit must increase to bronze grade before it is sufficient. An average beastmen will only manage to fulfil this criteria when he turned 30. Even those with better innate talent will have be at least 27-28 years old. For there to be any signs of transformation to silver grade, one usually have to wait till they turned 40.

Nei Bei Luo- Sang Qie Si’s name moved the heavens as he was the idol in millions of peoples’ eyes. After all, he was a silver warrior before he even turned 30, breaking countless records in the process.

In the area filled with young warriors, it was hard to find beastmen above 30. After all, once one reached such an age, it will be such a disgrace to lose here and winning will not bring them any sort of gratification or glory either. Every now and then, such beastmen will be spotted here only when they were observing their fellow juniors.

With his 2~6 defensive shield, adding on to his special defensive and dodging techniques, Lan Di was unrivalled in this generation of youngsters. As such, he could not help but keep winning until his hand started to turn jelly.

Even the natural enemy of shadow hunters—Crusaders, had to take a back stand when faced against Lan Di. Every matchup is supposed to have their own strengths and weaknesses. This was not the case for Lan Di. After all, once a shadow hunter like Lan Di did not have to worry about the crazy attacking nature of the Crusaders which supposedly disrupted the shadow hunter’s rhythm, the crusaders could do nothing except having a headache.

As such, Lan Di smugly occupied the combat arena.

As the series of events were unfolding, Zou Liang was quietly watching in the background. Zou Liang was well aware of the character of Lan Di. He knew that Lan Di was a temperamental person who could very easily be happy in this moment and depressed in the next moment. Lately, everything had been too smooth sailing for Lan Di and he seemed to have gotten carried away. This was definitely not a good thing for his growth.

In that moment, Zou Liang just witnessed Lan Di instantly killing another two opponents who were unaware of the capabilities of the shield. He didn’t know how many battles Lan Di had already won beforehand, however, he knew that the current Lan Di was too over reliant on his small circular shield. While Zou Liang was well aware of the abilities these type of equipment could bring him, he did not have the slightest intention of relying on any equipment to obtain victory. After one, once one became too over reliant on a certain object, it will be detrimental to one’s self growth. His thoughts were once again reaffirmed when he saw the actions of Lan Di, who seemingly thinks that his shield was undefeatable.

Without a doubt, it is truly difficult for someone in his plain equipment phase to stop Lan Di.

With the combination of both butterfly knife and his small circular shield, Lan Di was indeed at the apex. He was addicted to such a feeling of superiority. When the beastmen saw him raise his shield, no one had any thoughts of daring to attack him.

Lan Di closed his eyes as his licked his lips and enjoyed hearing the cheers from the surrounding audience. This was indeed a feeling that one can never be sick of experiencing.

Suddenly, the crowd quietened down as the altar suddenly turned quiet.

Surprised, Lan Di opened his eyes. This type of quietness was unbearable for him. He was puzzled by the number of the audience who rushed to the other altar to support the upcoming contestant, treating him as if he is a piece of useless broccoli.

A combatant has entered the altar beside his.

There was only one person in the Beast Spirit World who could have given off such an imposing vibe.


Brilliant rays of light shined in Lan Di’s eyes as his leopard blood started to boil. After all, he knew that his true opponent has arrived. He had been hoping to face off the legendary Asura since a long time ago, as he was confident of wiping out the Asura with his instant kill technique.

An ordinary expert receives various challenges from the various warriors. A top tier expert receives respect and worship from the others.

However, what Asura received was far surpassing the normal standards of respect. Only the strongest of the strongest warriors would have any thoughts of wanting to challenge him.

The news of the appearance of the Asura caused a commotion. Zou Liang stood on the altar as he wanted to teach a lesson to Lan Di, that in this world, there is always someone stronger than you.

Zou Liang had forgotten that only the strongest warriors would dare to challenge him as everyone was afraid of his abilities. Thankfully, Lan Di was filled with confidence as he immediately walked towards the Asura’s altar and stepped onto it.

The man who was unstoppable even by the wind, the shadow hunter who was undefeatable in Yelu Samo, he is none other than Yika Buode— Lan Di.

His dazzling ability to weave a dagger and his undefeatable defense techniques propelled Lan Di to be known within the top 20 most ferocious beastmen in the Beast Spirit World during the spring festival period.

This period of fame has led Lan Di to build up so much confidence such that even when he was facing against Asura, he did not fear him in the slightest.

Even though the Asura’s reputation was widespread for being ferocious, when the surrounding people saw this fellow with not even a single steel (weapon/armour) on him, they couldn’t feel any threat from him.

“The Asura only chooses opponents who are strong, weak opponents are not worthy of his attention.”

“This Lan Di has been on a rampage recently!”

“It doesn’t matter how crazily strong the Asura is rumoured to be. I want to see how the Asura could stand up to a combination of the butterfly knife and the small circular shield!”

“The Asura must definitely have a flaw somewhere. There is no way that anyone in this world could have a flawless technique.”

Lan Di knew that if he could beat this legendary figure in front of everyone, his name would be praised under the heavens. He was very excited as he could finally use his true full strength. Lately, he has been facing weaklings one after another and had been bored out. It has been long since he faced any sort of threats.

Zou Liang stood at the same spot quietly while his heart was raging. This dumbass, how could he be so impulsive? Shouldn’t he at least observe a few battles before deciding to challenge me?

It was apparent that the current Lan Di was nowhere near the Lan Di in the trials. With the surge in his abilities and confidence, there he was standing on the altar, where victory or defeat is awaiting.

In the Beast Spirit World, Zou Liang could be himself. He could choose to be more unscrupulous in this peaceful world which belongs to him.

As the quiet wind blowed, Lan Di was the first to strike. Against someone with no armour and in a daze, all his opponent’s vital points were exposed, hence Lan Di did not spare any mercy.

Ceng… Ceng Ceng Ceng Ceng (onomatopoeia for clinging of daggers)

Lan Di’s training was not in vain. While other shadow hunters had to use their hands to control their daggers, Lan Di could easily control his dagger with his fingers.

This ferocious leopard already found his training path, he was completely different from the past him.

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