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The Great Conqueror - Chapter 102 - Zenith Novels

The Great Conqueror – Chapter 102

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Translator: Dongdong

Editor: wisehelm99

Translator Note: Here’s the fourth chapter of my translating adventure! This is the first chapter translated where there was an actual full-fledged fighting scene. I apologise in advance if my vocabulary for fighting scenes are lacking which you will be able to tell as you continue to read! Hopefully that will be remedied with time! Hope you guys enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 102: Some Lessons Need to be Taught

As the nimble Zou Liang continued to retreat and dodge, he realised that he did not have many opportunities. If it was just any ordinary dagger attack, Zou Liang could have easily found the opportunity to snatch it away. However, when up against an opponent who could agilely and freely control his dagger, attempting to snatch the dagger away is akin to seeking death.

With Zou Liang’s ability, finding an opportunity was easy as he was not afraid of any close combat fights. As he casually dodged the swing of the dagger, he swung his knee and rammed it towards Lan Di. Lan Di, seemingly having predicted the action, immediately shifted his small circular shield downwards, to his knee, yet was unable to fully neutralise Zou Liang’s body. At the same time, as the dagger he previously swung barely scraped past Zou Liang’s scald, Lan Di immediately rotated the dagger, using his fingers to control the dagger as it swerved towards Zou Liang’s head.

Zou Liang was caught off guard. The cold wind swept past with the lightning-quick swinging of the dagger. As Zou Liang abruptly tilted his head to dodge the incoming attack, Lan Di had already swung his leg across. In response, Zou Liang skilfully tilted his body backwards, swinging both his hands fiercely backwards, making use of the momentum to leap away.

With his lightning fast actions, Zou Liang managed to narrowly escape from the dangerous moment.

As the cheers from the viewers surrounding the altar continue to resound louder and louder, it became more apparent that a larger majority of the people were cheering for Lan Di. After all, the Asura came from an unknown background and could have said to ‘declare war against all the Beast Tribes’, hence people rather cheer for Lan Di to overcome this challenge.

As Zou Liang felt his cheeks, he realised he had a cut. He smiled slightly to himself as he realised that he had underestimated Lan Di a little too much. This little brat actually managed to gain a small portion of the true enlightenment regarding the usage of the butterfly knife technique and continued to increase his destructive power during the intense matches by switching up the variation of his techniques.

It was at that moment, Zou Liang realised that he had to be more serious.

Lan Di licked his dagger as he thought, “Remember this name, Yika Bode—Lan Di, for today will be the day he shall slay the Asura!”

His body suddenly leapt out like an arrow launched from a bow as he concentrated the entirety of his bloodthirstiness and focus on his attack. It was evident that Lan Di did not become arrogant and conceited just because of his small circular shield, but also because of the increase in his abilities and not just simply due to facing opponents who are too weak.

This little brat actually managed to pick up the concealment technique, it is truly unbelievable!

As the dagger struck out, Zou Liang responded at the same time by striking out with his leg. The audience was so surprised that they could not utter a single word when they witnessed this exchange, as they all had the same idea in mind. Was the Asura tired of living?

It turned out this kick was actually directed towards Lan Di’s wrist.


The distance between the two combatants closed up as the dagger fell to the floor. The audience’s hearts were frozen. After all, how could a Shadow Hunter without his dagger face up to the Asura in close combat?

In that particular moment, Lan Di suddenly picked up the falling dagger with his left hand and swung it towards Zou Liang with a speed that surpassed his previous speed. It turned out that the dropping of the dagger was all planned and calculated. This was none other than Lan Di’s finishing move!

After realising that his left hand is better at controlling the dagger than his right hand, Lan Di has put in endless hours of hard work and time into training solely on his left hand. He did not bother mentioning this to anyone as he knew that in order for a warrior to gain glory, he had to do it through actions and not words.

The light reflected by the dagger in the left hand enveloped the entirety of the Asura’s head as everyone knew that the Asura’s defeat was imminent.

Till this day, no one could have expected that Lan Di’s usage of his left hand actually surpassed his right hand as he never showed it in his previous battles.

What the crowd didn’t know was, the opponent up against this butterfly knife was none other than the “Ancestor” of the butterfly knife. (Recap: In case you guys forgotten, Zou Liang was the one who gave Lan Di pointers on the techniques of weaving the dagger in the earlier chapters.) Against this nifty trick, against this dazzling gleam of light and mastery of the dagger, it was nothing surprising to Zou Liang as he remained expressionless.


Everyone’s eyes opened so wide that their eyeballs almost rolled out, Lan Di was no exception. He could not believe that, after everything he had prepared, his strongest finishing move was stopped as his dagger was simply grabbed by Zou Liang.

Indeed, this technique of using the dagger was too familiar to Zou Liang. By simply grabbing the back of the dagger between his thumb and his finger, the killing intent in that moment was instantly nullified. In actual fact, it didn’t matter to Zou Liang what type of technique was used. When it comes to the butterfly knife, it was like second nature to him. Hence, throughout the entire process, he was calm and did not experience any danger at all.

The altar was filled with silence in that moment.

The butterfly knife was actually destroyed!

Against the bone-chilling sharpness of the dagger, Zou Liang actually dared to use his naked hand to stop the dagger. Isn’t he afraid that his fingers will be cut off?

Well, the answer to the question was that, he succeeded.

Lan Di was distraught as well. All the days spent training tirelessly, yet his mind-shocking finishing move was stopped so easily.

Zou Liang knew that this will be a great hit to Lan Di’s confidence. Nevertheless, he did not expect that Lan Di would have improved so much, hence, since the matters have already escalated so far, he had no choice but to instil a sense of overwhelming defeat in Lan Di’s memory. It seemed that after his previous defeat to Luo Ge, Lan Di actually put in a lot more effort in his training. Hence, Zou Liang hoped that through this second setback, Lan Di will be incentivised to put in even more effort.

Suddenly, Zou Liang withdrew both of his hands and placed it behind his back. This action of his caused everyone around to be shocked and the dumbfounded Lan Di to regain himself as his sorrow turned into anger.

Arrogance! Is it possible to find anyone in this world that can be more arrogant than the Asura?

Against such an elite shadow hunter, this guy actually decided not to use his hands?

Lan Di’s anger replaced his disappointment as he consolidated the remaining willpower of his. His leopard eyes opened so widely such that it seemed as if they were just two round balls. He wanted to see how the Asura could break through his defense without using his hands.


With a loud scream, Lan Di ferociously pounced onto Zou Liang with an explosive speed that surpassed his previous self as the dagger continuously bounced between his two hands.

Right hand? Left Hand? No one could predict which hand he will end up using.

Had the opponent been anyone else, they would have been so traumatised by such a scene till the point where they drop their defence, and that moment would have been their last moment before their death.

However, the opponent was none other than the Asura. He simply stood there without moving.

Finally, Lan Di stopped switching his dagger. He launched out with his right hand as his confidence in his heart surged once again. He was relieved knowing that he still had the shield on his left arm that could protect him.

That was until Lan Di suddenly lost vision of his opponent’s figure.

Suddenly, a leg swept past with violent speed!

As warriors of the Beast Tribes seldom witness an attack using the legs, they had very little expertise regarding kicking actions.

As the kick was so fast and precise, Lan Di could only feel helpless as both of his legs turned numb.

Zou Liang did not spare a moment before twisting his body and as he lifted his leg like a ballerina, preparing for a second kick.


Lan Di’s body took flight as he was biting tightly onto his teeth mid-air. He saw that the Asura already lifted his right leg. He was not aware what that action was supposed to be, however, he could only retreat as he held the shield closer to his left hand.

He knew that even if he cannot win, he must definitely hold on and defend!

Zou Liang knew that Lan Di placed limitless confidence in his 2~6 small circular shield. Hence, if he did not change Lan Di’s way of thinking, even if he won, the victory was meaningless.


The butterfly knife was met with a series of consecutive explosive kicks.

As Lan Di was struggling to defend and was about to slip away from his opponent’s attack, he realised that the Asura’s kicks were all targeted at the centre of his shield. Even though the shield managed to block the attack, Lan Di’s body still continued to suffer large pounding from the kicks. It did not matter how much power he tried to generate as he just simply could not dodge the attacks.

Eventually, his hands turned numb as well. The small circular shield could block the attacks, but it could not defend him from losing.

What came after the explosive kick (I assume this are all names of the technique of the kicks), was the number five attack: the Air Slicing Kick!


Lan Di’s body had already lost control of his defense as he could not even raise his arms.  Zou Liang did a 360 degree revolution as he completed his sixth attack: Roundhouse kick!


If this attack was directed at the chest, the armour could still mitigate some of the damage dealt and Lan Di could still have a chance of surviving. However, since the opponent was none other than the Asura, his attack was directed at the head.

It was without a question that Lan Di was killed immediately.

The arena was filled with dead silence once again as the audience were dumbfounded. Since when were legs used in such a manner?

Translator Note: (In case you all are curious, those kicks were legitimate kicks derived from Shaolin (Chinese martial arts) and UFC fighting moves). Hence, the otaku Zou Liang was the only one that knew about these actions while the beastmens were seemingly from the Stone Age and have no idea, hence their lack of knowledge.)


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Thanks man, and it was a good translation, better than some people I know. (Sounds of frustration caused by memories).

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