The Great Conqueror – Chapter 103

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Translator: Dongdong

Editor: Wisehelm99

Translator Notes: 5th chapter fresh from the oven! This was a surprisingly long chapter to translate even though the story barely progresses throughout this chapter. Guess some light-hearted chapters every now and then won’t do any harm. Hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter 103: The Pharmaceutical Division

As Zou Liang returned to his room, he took a sip of water after completing what he felt was a meritorious task. Fortunately for Lan Di, Zou Liang exited the Beast Spirit world before he could obtain the Beast Spirit from Lan Di. Hence, this equates to Zou Liang giving up his rewards for victory and earning nothing in the process. This was an extreme act of generosity, considering that Zou Liang is as good as a poor peasant when it comes to Beast Spirit points. If Lan Di wasn’t the first opponent to step up, Zou Liang was already mentally prepared to fight a couple of battles and rack up some decent points in the process. However, since Zou Liang is a busy man, he was in no mood to play around, hence simply exiting the battlefield after his single victory.

Beast Spirit World

The surroundings continued to remain silent as Lan Di was fuming with rage. Just how much did this bastard (referring to Zou Liang/Asura) undermine me? He did not even bother collecting his beast spirit points and simply left. For f**k sake, this guy did not even play along the rules!

With that, the Asura continued to remain undefeated. Even when equipped with armours and weapons, no one stood a chance against the Asura. This meant that the shadow hunters, whose body was already frail to begin with, would stand even lesser of a chance unequipped against him.

The warriors could only stand there in reverence as they recalled the Asura’s earth-shaking kicks which destroyed Lan Di. This was an eye-opening new way of battling for all the beastmen warriors out there.

Back in the Normal World

During the next morning, group of people were gathered at the temple, preparing to set off for school. As the news of Lan Di’s battle spread, some people were worried while others were feeling disappointed for Lan Di, as they did not expect Lan Di to arrive at the gathering so early despite his upsetting defeat the day before.

“Lan Di, are you okay?” Ai Wei Er asked worriedly as she looked at Lan Di, whose whole body was filled with vigour and bursting with energy.

“Of course I am fine!”

“Is your brain filled with horse fart? Don’t tell me that your brain got kicked till it became destroyed yesterday? How could you lose and still be so happy?” Ke Te snorted.

“Screw off! You know jack sh*t. Yesterday, I could not sleep after the battle and after some proper thinking, I realised that the Asura was actually helping me!”

“Help you?” This got even the quiet Pate Lisi curious.

“Really! Yesterday, do you even know how many kicks he gave me? In his third rally of kicks, that bastard actually kicked me 25 times, he really is inhumane! However, every one of his 25 kicks were directed at the exact same spot on the small circular shield. You guys just think about it, if he simply changed the spot which he kicked, I would have lost my life long ago. As such, I feel that he just want to teach me the fact that the weakness of the small circular shield will be exposed sooner or later by other people.” As Lan Di was recalling his memories, he found it strange that regardless how hard he tried, he just simply could not decipher his opponent’s movement.

“F**k, do you think you are best friends with the Asura? Why would he bother helping you? The rumours has it that the Asura is the type of warrior from hell who would slay all his opponents without even blinking his eyes.” Ke Te disapproved of Lan Di’s logic although he too, like others, could not help but felt that there may be a small probability Lan Di was actually right.

“Dumbass! This is not as simple as it seems. It has to be the fact that my incomparable potential impressed him and as such, he chose to give me a few pointers. Moreover, he did not even take a single one of my beast spirit points!”

As Lan Di spoke narcissistically, Zou Liang who was standing at the side almost vomited blood. Who in the right mind will spend so much effort just to prove his potential?

Everyone else was taken aback by this news. “What did you say? He did not take your beast soul?”

“Nope! When my Beast Spirit was able to come out, the Asura left the Beast Spirit World.” Lan Di smiled smugly as he recalled about the number of things he learnt in the battle yesterday while losing nothing.

“F**k, your little life is really too good, isn’t it? This works as well. The next time, I will find the Asura and challenge him to a duel! He may decide to give me a few pointers as well.” Ke Te said agitatedly. It is the basic rules for the victor to obtain the Beast Spirit. If he could experience this sort of lucky opportunity as well, won’t it be too good to be true?

“Someone like you who cares so much about his honour and prestige actually want to ask for a beating?” Lan Di laughed as he mocked.

“Do you believe I will also give you a painstaking lesson about failure for free?”

“Hmph! I’m not afraid of you. Someone like you should taste my dual wielding dagger technique before you even think of speaking!”

Lan Di’s confidence did not take a backseat. In fact, even though he lost the battle, his dual wielding dagger technique did achieved its effect of ‘forcing’ the Asura to use his unorthodox kicks. Moreover, since his opponent was the invincible Asura, defeat was of no shame. It was said that only the elite warriors would be able to force the Asura to display his martial prowess, and Lan Di actually succeeded in doing so.

After seeing Lan Di gloating, Zou Liang could only sigh as he realised that not only did his hard work had gone to waste, he also missed out on his chance to get some Beast Spirit. If he knew that Lan Di would misinterpreted his intentions, he would have taken his beast spirit and made him learn a life lesson.

“Ya Se, what’s wrong?”

“Ahh, I am always very soft-hearted…No, what I meant was, like what I mentioned in the past, the small circular shield and the butterfly knife is not invincible, so you shouldn’t rely on them too much.” Zou Liang reminded as he hoped that this bastard would grasp this point at least.

“Ya Se, I understand. As such, I will train my left hand properly as well. You would not understand how I feel. After all, every time I display my elegant dagger wielding techniques and witness my opponents’ shocked expressions, I would feel so pleasured haha”

Ya Se wanted to bang his head into the wall as he still tried to convince Lan Di. “You dummy, what if you meet an opponent like the Asura again? Do you think he will be afraid of your butterfly knife?”
“Well, there is only one Asura in this world.” Lan Di said immediately without even thinking. At this point, he was just too occupied with thoughts of increasing the mastery of his elegant dagger techniques.

From Lan Di’s response, one could reckon that Lan Di is the type of person who is contended even if he is only the second best in this world. The problem was that other people actually had the same opinion in mind! After all, with such a flawless dagger technique, how could it have any weakness? The Asura was an exception.

Zou Liang could only feel helpless as he consoled himself that he would drill some lessons into Lan Di once again in the future.

“Okay, since everyone has arrived, let’s set off! It won’t be nice to be late on the first day.” Ai Wei Er mentioned. Seeing that Lan Di was fine, everyone was rest assured. His defeat was not entirely a good thing for the group. After all, they had to listen to Lan Di’s endless boasting about his abilities every day in the past. Now that he lost to the Asura, he will at least make lesser noise.

“Alright! We, the six leaders of the War Academy, shall head off to school!” Lan Di shouted as he rushed up the carriage.

After hearing his narcissistic comments which deserve a slap on the face, the other well-cultured people knew immediately that they should draw a line and not be associated with him.

Every year, the War Academy’s opening day would be filled with many students. After all, the War Academy is the best location to hone their combat skills. Even if the students ended up studying for just a year, they could be very certain they would pick up some abilities at the very least.

When it comes to the second-years, the number of students showed a drastic decrease, it would be remarkable for even one in five students to remain in the academy. Fortunately, for Ou Ni Si Te, there was no problem. Likewise, Ya Se successfully transferred to the pharmaceutics division. The principal An Qi Luo also bestowed Ya Se with the special privilege of attending any of the other divisions in the school should he wish to at any time. To a soul engraving priest, understanding the detailed features of the war division is also equally important as this may incite inspiration.

As for Ya Se’s choice to enroll in the pharmaceutics division, this came as a shock to An Qi Luo as well. In actual fact, the war song and soul engraving divisions of the school could not provide any assistance to Ya Se who is already well ahead in terms of both sectors. Hence, Ya Se had no need to continue attending school. However, he actually decided to still attend the school under the pharmaceutics division, which helps to add prestige to the Yalu Samo War Academy. Regarding this point, An Qi Luo could only return his good favours with another.

The students were vehemently against Lan Di’s vulgar self-proclaimed nickname. Nevertheless, Lan Di was in love with the nicknames he created. As the entrance of the school courtyard was filled with many carriages, he knew that he could not waste this opportunity to show off.

The six students who arrived caught the attention of everyone, especially Ya Se and Lan Di. After all, these two’s reputation was well-known by everyone. This led to Ke Te feeling a bit defeated, as the balance between the two rivals was lost, for he could only be in Lan Di’s shadow nowadays.

Having being the person who possessed the one and only 2~6 small circular shield, he was a figure that could not be overlooked.

In the Beast Spirit world, it is without a doubt that the warriors gain the most recognition. Even though Ya Se could also be said to be a distinguished figure, the warriors were not fervently impressed with him as they only looked at him with some glances of envy.

It did not take long before a group of shadow hunters who were acquainted with Lan Di gathered around him, inquiring regarding the situation of the small circular shield and the experience of challenging the famous Asura.

Everyone did not dare to look down on Lan Di despite his loss to the Asura. On the contrary, they were actually curious about Lan Di’s actual strength, as he was daring enough to challenge Asura without proper strength.

With that, Lan Di began to recite his stories fervently in an exaggerated manner. The kick of the Asura was no different from that of an untamed violent horse… Lan Di was in cloud nine as he depicted the story about how courageous he was and how resilient his defence was. He was able to parry away uncountable number of furious and fast kicks, and still remain alive!

Seeing how this Lan Di was getting carried away, he seemingly forgotten what he even came to school for.

“Forgot it, let’s not wait for him. Let’s go in first.” Ke Te said helplessly.

“Lan Di had always liked to bullsh*t. Let’s leave it to him, on the bright side, he is not depressed.”

“This guy was naturally not the type of person to be easily upset. The Asura had been too lenient.”

The group of people could only sigh as only today they learnt that failure was something one could actually boast about.

As they entered the courtyard, they split up as they all went their own ways. As for Zou Liang and Ai Wei Er, they reported to the pharmaceutical division.

The senior sister in charge of attendance couldn’t move her eyes off Zou Liang, which caused Zou Liang to be unhappy.

“Senior sister, stop looking at him like that.” Ai Wei Er smiled as she tugged Zou Liang away to prevent him from giving a lashing at the Leopard Tribe pretty girl.

“This esteemed self is Senior Sister Yao Yao, she is the head of the woman division for the pharmaceutical division. Ya Se, shouldn’t you pay your senior sister her greetings?”

“Senior Sis Yao Yao, you are really pretty.” Zou Liang put up a serious expression as he said that. As an experienced man, he knew that when dealing with girls who like to establish their territory, it is best to just give her what she want.

Yao Yao did not expect someone from the dumb Bi Er tribe to utter such a statement. She could only swallow the words which she had initially prepared to say to make matters difficult for Zou Liang and smile at Zou Liang since he had already complimented her.

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