The Great Conqueror – Chapter 104

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Translator: Dongdong

Editor: Wisehelm99

Translator Note: I am aware that the term “pharmaceutical” may not be too appropriate for the setting of this story, hence I am open to suggestions for change. Do leave in the comment if you all have any suggestions! Was thinking doctor/druggist/pharmacist but they don’t seem really suitable either. Hope you guys enjoy this chapter!

The release got a bit delayed, but we have decided the release schedule as Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays! 4 per week! 🙂

Chapter 104 Title: Ji Nuo’s Change of School *SPOILER ALERT* (Highlight the Empty Space to see the title)

“Ya Se, even though the principal personally arranged for you to enter the pharmaceutical division, in the past you were a warrior and specialised in being a priest of some sorts, which has no correlation to what you are about to learn now. Hence, you must pick up the pace and work hard.”

Senior Sis Yao Yao’s tone turned gentler as she completed Ya Se’s administrative procedures. “You should try to be more like Ai Wei Er and be more open-minded in studying.”

“Don’t worry, Senior Sister.” Zou Liang had always been patient when dealing with pretty women. This Senior Sis Yao Yao has a great figure and also generously displayed her impressive chest. As such, Zou Liang was optimistic about his future school life in the pharmaceutical division.

After the two people left, Ai Wei Er explained “As our school’s pharmaceutical division and War Guild Academy are separated, your condition is really unique. Despite being impressive in the other sectors, you’re actually entering the pharmaceutical division directly without examination and moreover directly into the second year despite having no proper knowledge or skills. Hence, you should be understanding to Senior Sis Yao Yao who has to display some attitude as she is after all, in charge of the students as a whole.”

“Hehe, I have always been open towards pretty woman. After hearing your explanation, it just make me feel that Senior Sis Yao Yao is an even better woman than I previously expected.”

Ai Wei Er shook her head as she thought that this guy was really full of surprises as he did not exhibit the slightest bit of the Bi Er Tribe’s modesty. “The female students take up approximately 70% of the cohort. As for the Bi Er Tribe, they are really hard to find in the pharmaceutical division.”
“Well, I have always been more similar to the other tribes. Ai Wei Er, looks like you have to give me some tuition so that I won’t throw your face away. (Embarrassment)

“Actually, the primary goal of the first year pharmaceutical students is just to recognise the various herbs and understand a little of the basic medical concepts. After all, the role of pharmaceuticals is to treat all sorts of injuries, detoxify any sorts of poison and lastly, to create poison.”

“Creation… of poison? This actually is legal here?” Zou Liang asked as he realised that this occupation seemingly had a hidden dangerous side to it.

Ai Wei Er stuck out her tongue. “That’s why, you better not offend or break any girl’s heart.”

“Hehe, have you forgotten that your esteemed self actually possesses a Ichthyosaur Pellet (In case you guys forgotten, he actually obtained this pellet from the sea creature when he was stuck in the cave back then, which is capable of curing any poison) and am not afraid of any violent poison.”

Zou Liang let out an unrestrained laughter as Ai Wei Er looked at him and simply shook her head. She had forgotten the fact that Zou Liang actually had such a pellet at hand. Well, he was not wrong that by using the pellet, it would definitely help him in learning.

Since it is the first day of school, Ai Wei Er naturally had a lot of matters to attend to. After bringing Zou Liang around the pharmaceutical division to familiarise with the environment, she had to go off to help out.

As such, Zou Liang decided to take a stroll around the school’s courtyard and enjoy the scenery. He was very fond of such an environment as this reminded him of his youth, when he was still brimming with energy. However, he had no choice but to cut his stroll short halfway as he indeed did have quite a lot of lesson contents to catch up on. If he didn’t start preparing now when he was still free, he may not have the chance to do so in the future. For being given such a wonderful opportunity, he would really have to thank principal An Qi Luo!

The school was really awesome in many ways! The view was so magnificent, the architecture was so unique, even the students themselves were filled with expressions of vigour and dream. Zou Liang could not help but recall his school’s first day back in the university in his previous life. Pretty girls, This was the fantasy of every student which kept them motivated as they studied hard for the gloomy university enrollment examinations. It was unfortunate that Zou Liang wasted a lot of time after he entered, as he lacked initiative in pursuing girls. He could still recall the famous saying quoted by his friend who was the self-proclaimed “Love Sage”. “Every pretty girl in this world is lonely, as every swan’s greatest desire is to be pursued by ugly toads.”


Ya Se accidentally collided intimately with a soft body of an approaching figure, except for the fact that the other party did not collide into his body.

“Sorry, I didn’t…” Zou Liang explained at ease as he thought that it was just a mere collision. Since it was such a trivial issue, how bad could it be?

When he saw the rapturing beautiful legs, he instantly recognised the owner of the legs.
“Ji Nuo… Why are you here?” Zou Liang’s eyes opened widely as he remembered that Ji Nuo was not a citizen of Yelu Samo.

“Ya Se, I have changed school just recently. Now that we are classmates, you should take good care of me, especially since I am not familiar with the people around here!” Ji Nuo said enthusiastically as she held onto Zou Liang’s arm, causing Zou Liang’s head to spin in all directions.

Ya Se immediately broke out of his trance and shifted his arm away. “Well, we are not really that close, are we? I am more surprised that you actually managed to enter this school, I mean aren’t there any sorts of school regulations?”

“Hehe, you’re not wrong that the school indeed has its own sets of regulations. However, my father is none other than the magistrate, if he did not have even this little bit of ability, won’t he be just a useless magistrate?” Ji Nuo explained without concealing any facts.

“Haha, it just happened that Lan Di was actually talking about you just two days ago. You two can swap some pointers in the days to come.” Zou Liang attempted to change the topic. Even though his debating skills have showed improvement, he was still far from the apex. When faced against this spicy and passionate Leopard Tribe lady, his true character was starting to be exposed.

“Then, did you think about me?” Ji Nuo said charmingly.

“Of course! I did think about you many times…. in your dreams!” Zou Liang replied as he started to lean closer to Ji Nuo. He knew that he should not drag this conversation any longer. (Editor Note: I cannot help but read that first line in a sarcastic tone lol.)

As expected, Ji Nuo moved away to increase the distance between the two.

“Hmph, that’s what you say but probably not what you truly feel. You probably didn’t even spare a second to think about me.”

Zou Liang did not bother to continue the conversation. “Once again, welcome to Yelu Samo! Let’s keep in contact in the future. Since I have some matters to attend to, I got to run first.”

Zou Liang did not have any intentions of provoking Ji Nuo. Since the matters with Aoli Xiya (the name of the young cheeky girl priest who likes Zou Liang in case u guys forgotten), he did not want to risk worsening the relationship with that little brat who gets jealous easily.

Ji Nuo lips formed a slight smile as she stared at Zou Liang hurrying off in a flurry.

In the afternoon, Ke Te and Ou Ni Si Te was the first two to reach. With Ke Te bringing him, Ou Ni Si Te was able to familiarise himself with the environment pretty quickly. No one dared to find trouble for the newbie second year as Ou Ni Si Te now carried a different reputation as compared to the past. In the past, he was known as the useless handicapped Bi Er warrior. However, the current him could cause even the third-year Ke Te some headache in combat, hence, no one dared to look down on him.

Not long after, Ya Se arrived as well to join them for lunch.

“Ya Se, you need to think of some solution to solve Ai Wei Er’s problem.” Ke Te muttered after hesitating for a while.

“Hmm? What happen?”

“Initially, she was supposed to undergo her soul engraving during the spring festival. However, the Soul Engraving Guild refused to help out, causing her enrollment into the Archery Guild to be delayed.”

“Huh? Didn’t I already tell her that I will help her settle her soul engraving progress? She did not tell me anything about this.”

“You were so busy during that period of time. Moreover, she’s the type of person who is okay with helping others but refuses to trouble others when it comes to herself.” Ke Te explained as he was well-acquainted with Ai Wei Er’s temperament.

“Don’t worry, it is better that we don’t leave her soul engraving to the Soul Engraving Guild, or else the matters would be a lot worse if those vegetable birds (mocking them) messed around. I already more or less came up with the concept for the new object, I just need to rectify a few details before completely finishing it.”

This was indeed his own mistake. After promising Ai Wei Er, he was so busy that he delayed the matter for so long and had forgotten that the various occupation guilds required the weapons so they could check its authenticity. Even though the Archery Guild would not find trouble with Ai Wei Er, it was still impossible for Ai Wei Er to enter the guild through her connections when she did not even have a proper bow.

Ke Te nodded his head as he could already visualise that Ya Se would create yet another monstrous object.

At that moment, Lan Di hurriedly barged in. “Did you all hear?! Ji Nuo has transferred to our Shadow Hunter Division!” (Editor Note: Poor guy lol,)

“Don’t be so happy. She didn’t go there for your sake.” Ke Te destroyed the imaginary fairy tale in Lan Di’s heart. (Editor Note: OOF, that had to hurt.)

“Hmph. As long as there are pretty women to look out for, all is good. In addition, there would always br opportunities, right, Ya Se?” Lan Di said with a glimmer of hope.

“Well, love is up to one’s choice, if you want to chase her, just go for it.” Zou Liang was a big fan of pretty girls and enjoys admiring them. Maybe because he was still young, but he had yet to meet a true flirt who would flatter and pursue every girl they see.

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