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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 106 - Zenith Novels

The Great Conqueror – Chapter 106

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Translator: Dongdong

Editor: Wisehelm99

Translator Note: Long-assed chapter to make up for the previous short chapter. Wasn’t an easy chapter to translate but managed to force myself to get it done in the end! Hoping the progress of the story will pick up as the past few chapters (this included) has been REALLY SLOW. Nevertheless, hope you guys enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 106 Title: Importance of Attitude

As the school term just restarted, the school was very crowded as it was filled with many people from various occupation guilds sparring to hone their abilities. After Ou Ni Si Te squashed 8 opponents in a single day, he earned himself the nickname of the “Explosive Bear”. Even though Ou Ni Si Te had a modest and friendly character, his character changes by a full three sixty the moment he steps onto the battlefield, as his fierceness knows no bound. His defensive abilities was similar to that of an impregnable fortress while his offensive attacks could not be blocked by anybody.

This caused him to be a very scary opponent to face, as those who attempted to defend lost the matches while those who didn’t attempt to defend wound up with severe injuries.

In order to gain respect from the beast tribes, one must display true strength and not rely on other people for protection. As Ou Ni Si Te did not enjoy hearing people badmouth his brother Ya Se, he trained hard to get to where he was today where he could make a standing by himself.

Yelu Samo War Academy’s male students were all very excited this year as the number of fights were significantly larger than the numbers in the past. The reason for this was because of the four great beauties in the school.

The pharmacist duo: Rui Bo Te Rabbit Tribe’s Ai Wei Er and Kai Te Cat Tribe’s Lu Yao. (She was introduced earlier as Senior Sister Yao Yao. I shall refer to her as Lu Yao from now on)

The pearl of the War Guild: Lai Yin Tribe’s Ai Ma

As Ai Wei Er was always surrounded by her two strong ‘bodyguards’: Ke Te and Lan Di, people could only choose to stay away from her out of respect. As for Lu Yao who was recognised as the Pharmaceutical Division’s most talented pharmacist, she left a cold impression behind to everyone as she was seemingly disinterested in any type of affairs, except the studying of medicine which she was fervently passionate in. She was different from the usual group of passionate Cat Tribe members.

What about Ai Ma? She was reputable for being a pampered girl and having the princess syndrome. People who did not have any strong family background or ability could not even come close to her. Apart from these poor group of people, there were a large group of people pursuing Ai Ma, hoping to earn her love in return.

However, what made everyone excited this year, was not these three famed beauties, but the arrival of the fourth beauty, who was none other than Ji Nuo from Sheng Di Ya City, which was a city which was slightly bigger than Yelu Samo City.

Born from a distinguished family, even though her home was located far away, the influence of her father’s position as the magistrate did not decrease. In addition to her amazing background, she was also very friendly and treated the other students generously, hence, she quickly became the female goddess in everyone’s eyes.

Rumours had it that Ai Ma and Ji Nuo already had a fight with each other. This was without question as in the past, Ai Ma was used to obtaining all the love for herself since Ai Wei Er and Lu Yao were not the type of people who sought attention. Now that Ji Nuo had joined the scene, this led to the clash of not just the two beauties, but also fighting between the two fan groups.

As both sides’ strength was equally formidable, this led to a deadlock. On Ji Nuo’s side, she had the strong supporter Lan Di. On the other hand, as Ai Ma was heavily favoured by the Lai Yin tribe, she garnered strong support from the armoured warriors. This inevitably led to an indirect battle between the Shadow Hunters and Armoured Warriors. In the past, the shadow hunters were always suppressed by the armoured warriors. That was until the small circular shield was created. This caused the situation to turn around as Lan Di started slaying countless Armoured Warriors and earning himself the nickname of the ‘Armoured Warrior Slayer’. This incident caused the Armoured Warrior Division in the school to be very unhappy.

As such, during this period of time, everyone was very active and busy, with violent fights breaking out every day.

Under the lead of Lu Yao, the outstanding students were busy following their teacher’s instructions every day, not paying any attention to the fights at all. Principal An Qi Luo also chose to practice the new policy of encouraging competition to incite improvement, thus, the fights were not banned. Instead, he was low-key encouraging the students to fight.

In the past, as Ai Ma bathed alone in the spotlight, the school was relatively peaceful. That was not the case nowadays as Ji Nuo was not inferior to Ai Ma in any aspect, thus gaining a large army of followers. Since the best way to confess to a girl in the Beast World was through expressing of one’s strength, this caused many males to fight passionately in hopes of obtaining their dream girls.

Unlike those passionate lovesick male students, Zou Liang was busy burying himself in the stash of documents as he was preoccupied with trying to memorise as much information as possible. Having experienced the danger of being trapped in the second floor of the underworld, he realised that he could not afford to be careless anymore or he might just lose his second life just like that. Back then, if he had not met Ball Ball (the pet who helped him by finding food for him back when he was stuck), he would have either died of hunger due to lack of food or poison from lack of knowledge, as his knowledge from the previous life was not applicable in this world. One example was mushroom. In his previous life, the mushrooms that were fresher tend to be poisonous. However, the opposite was true in this world.

As Lu Yao happened to pass by the Resources Room, she was surprised to find someone inside. Her shock quelled when she recalled that she previously instructed Ya Se to finish reading all the documents inside.

…. However, with Bi Er Tribe’s lack of patience, is that even a possible task?

She had completely forgotten about this matter during the past two days. As the door was unlocked, she could peep in through the small gap and see a Bi Er tribe member diligently flipping through the documents. The documents that he had already finished reading were neatly stacked on his left side while his right side was filled with handwritten notes personally jotted down by himself.

Even though the Pharmaceutical division was not short of males, they were mostly from tribes that didn’t specialise in combat. Moreover, these males generally do not enjoy reading through these documents as many of them were in charge of the physical activities involved with first-aid saving missions.

Hence, Lu Yao was surprised to see a male in front of her studying with such focus and diligence which was not lesser than hers. Even though both Lu Yao and Ai Wei Er walked different paths, they did share a few similarities, with one of them being their diligence in studying. As Lu Yao enjoyed the process of indulging herself wholeheartedly in her studies, she slowly realised one day that she developed the interest of watching other people studying diligently. This was a secret that only she and Ai Wei Er knew.

Lu Yao did not disturb as she left quietly. She did not trust Ya Se’s ability to memorise. This was not because she looked down on him, but because members of the Bi Er Tribe generally tend to lack in this particular trait. However, that does not change the fact that she was still greatly satisfied with Ya Se’s attitude towards studying. Even if he did not end up successful, at least he was hard at work and was not messing around. With that, she simply viewed Ya Se’s arrival at the pharmaceutical division as a form of exchange programme.

Zou Liang did not bother himself with the matters happening outside at all. At the moment, he was busily preoccupying himself with studying the medical documents as well as researching Ai Wei Er’s soul engraving bow.

Even though he had already finished the designs for the crossbow, he met with a problem when he was experimenting with the Demon Beast Soul; the crossbow was not able to materialise.

One of the possible reason was due to the inferior quality of the demon beast materials. With the complex nature of the crossbow, he was only able to succeed one time after all his experiments. With such a low chance of success, how could he risk the soul engraving progress for Ai Wei Er?

It was either he ensure a 100% success rate, or he would rather not help Ai Wei Er.

Ma Lu did not have any choice either as the prices of the high quality demon beast soul were shockingly expensive despite the fact that the tier was just different by one. At the moment, Tuo Ma Si was busy racking his brains to rake in more money as well. Even though the Yelu Samo Temple have been on a roll recently, the gap between the high-end temples and Yelu Samo Temple was still far too wide. During this urgent period, Tuo Ma Si could not rely on Ma Ni La for help either as that guy was a ‘money protector demon’.

In the end, it is all up to Ya Se to think of a solution once again.

As Zou Liang was well aware of the temple’s current situation, he was contemplating whether to personally make a risky trip to the trade union to see if he could find any solutions.

Lu Yao was disappointed to find the room empty when she passed by the resources room a second time. She reckoned that Zou Liang probably ran out of patience midway.

She walked into the room out of curiosity as she looked around at the stash of documents, seemingly refusing to believe her eyes once again. Her gaze eventually fell on a book which was on the table, seemingly containing Ya Se’s handwriting.

She was caught off guard once again when she saw the words. After all, how could someone from the Bi Er Tribe have such a nice handwriting and write out such advanced words?

Even though she knew that looking at other people’s stuff without permission was impolite, she could not hold in her curiosity at the time. After all, the greatest problem with the Cat Tribe was their curiosity, which was how the saying “With great curiosity comes the life of Kai Te”. (Not sure why the name Kai Te/Kate is used here instead of cat but you guys should more or less understand the idiom)

Lu Yao flipped through the book as she started to engross herself into the book. The book contained the details of important herbs with notes at the side. For instance, the Ke Lan grass was one of the ingredients used in brewing the antidote. At the back, there was an additional note “Can be used to dissipate heat”

Similar notes could be found on many of the recordings of the various herbs although the notes were seemingly deductions and not confirmed facts.

With such a detailed recording, this did not seem like a work of a Bi Er member at all. The city was filled with countless number of rumours about this priest, both good rumours and bad rumours. Even though his character could not be determined through the rumours, everyone knew that this fellow was a person of a miracle, from how he single-handedly altered the political situation in the city, elevating the temple’s status to a whole new level.

After placing the book back at original spot, Lu Yao quickly closed the door and made it see as if nobody came by.

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